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January 4, 2012     The Adams County Record
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January 4, 2012

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Page 2 Wednesday, January 4, 2012 The Adams County Record Note from the 00ePUblisher A new year always the positive changes County Record brings changes, and our have seen at the newspa- for 18 years. Fisk has Please voice your opinions, even if you disagree with me Dear Editor, I would like to thank Shane Ogden for his let- ter to the editor in last week&apos;s paper, in which he defends and supports the sheriff. I do not agree with his opinions, but I would hope that we can agree to disagree, and I applaud him for exercising his first amendment right of free speech. I encourage others who have an opinion about this subject, critical or positive, to use this forum to voice those opinions. After all, an open and transparent discussion is not only healthy but may serve to inform and enlighten us all. Public comment should be restricted to local issues To the Editor, In the 10/19/11 issue of The Record was a front- page article tiffed, "More trails emerge on massive forest service project." A public meeting was to be held on 10/22/11 at 7:00 PM with the forest service and county per- sonnel present to answer questions and discuss what would be done in the future. It also stated that "silence is viewed as acceptance." I am assum- ing this means that the U. S. F. S. is viewing not coming to the meeting as acceptance by the gen- eral public. I went to this meeting and not one soul from the county or the U. S. F. S. was there. No notice was posted on the door stating why the meeting was canceled. Consequently, I'll bet yes, the forest service will do as they always have by defying common sense and proven facts. Why? To prove they can for money, jobs, payday, quitting time, benefits and retirement for the employees and to H with what the local pub- lic thinks. The U.S.F.S. has destroyed more big game habitat than anyone, and the D.E.Q. has killed more fish than anyone. Why? Could it be because people from anywhere in the continental United Stated can e-mail them their thoughts about what should be done? Most e-mailers probably don't have a clue as to what should be done and don't care because they haven't any idea as to what it takes to man- age a forest or game pre- serve in the proper way. They just like the sound of a forest that is being preserved for the future generations to hike and camp in. No clueT A for- est must be managed or it will just be a big overgrown mess that fire can destroy and then it becomes overgrown with brush and dead trees, with down falls that can't be gotten through. I would vote for wolves in Central Park if I got the chance, even though this would show poor com- mon sense on my part. No public in put should come from the general public over a 100-mile radius from the project and then only by letters so the letters can be iden- tiffed as being from this area by the post mark. As of this date I have not read where a new meeting has been held or even planned to allow the general public to have their say in what should be done in this "Massive forest service project." Another of the forest ser- vice's sneaky ways of get- ting done what they want and to H with what the local people want. I.ov,ard M. vVaLLa, Ne, w Mad0w A Letter to Charles Pfenninger Dear Charles: I am going to miss your articles sooo much. Thank you for all of your humor and wisdom over the years. You were one of my inspirations to start writing for The Record. I keep waiting for my writ- ing to get as funny as yours, but anytime I try to say how silly my hus- band is, he gets insulted. How about giving les- sons to spouses to enjoy public humiliation? Then writers who are too seri- ous like me could have a better shot at entertain- ing our readers. I would try to be fair, and poke fun at myself as well, should I ever do anything silly. I tried to train my hus- band three weeks ago to tell me when I am being funny, so I could write it in my column. Every day I ask him, did you remember to tell me when I'm being funny, and he says yes I remembered. And then he doesn't say anything. What does it mean? Be well, Charles. Have a happy retirement. Know that you are loved and missed. Your loyal fan, b wLLo, C,ovLL Thank You Dear Editor, The. Meadows VaUey Cemetery District greatly appreciates a very gen- erous donation toward its building fund. It was received after the paper went to press last week, from The Little Salmon River Water Users, Inc. (LSRWU) of Meadows Valley. It was the big- gest donation we have received: $4846.991 The shareholders of the LSRWU are as follows: Vic & Charlotte Armacost, Gordon Ball, Cliff & Debbie Barnett, 111 Becker, Michael Bolopue, Stanley Branstetter, Melvin Branstetter, William Branstetter, Nita Branstetter, Mark Butler, Steve Campbell, Charles Campbell, Darrell Campbell, David Campbell, Lorraine Carl-, Dick Clay, Robert .... Cruickshank, Dan & Colleen Cummins, Linda DeMoss, Dryden & Son, Micki Ross Eby, William Fairfield, Tim Farrell, Carolyn Farrell, Dauna Fausett, Alvin Hall, Dan & Colleen Hearn, George & Helen Heath, Gene Hemminger, Carol Hibb, Sarah Hubbard, Brown's Industries, Inc., Rod & Darla Johnson, David Johnson, Audrey Karpi, Tana Kerby, Will E. Kerby, A.R. Krigbaum, Morris Krigbaum, M&C Properties, LLC, Lowell Madison, Bill McCarty, Inez Morris, Irene Owens, Joy Palmer, Alice Pangman, Sue Peterson, Kenneth Purdom, Ed Raney, Emie Robinson, Douglas Roe, Paul Rose, David Siebert, Gary D. Smith, Gary Solberg, Jack Steiner, J. Derle Thorpe, Marion Vance, George Whitney, Forrest Williams, John Williamson. Fifteen chairs were also donated by Bob Connnor of the Kahili Club in New Meadows. Dear Editor, Ed and Shirley Garver would like to thank the community of Council for all their prayers, cards, phone calls and con- cern over the past few months. They especially want to thank their fam- ily (Darcie, Sandra and Krista) for being there and transporting Shirley to her appointments. Shirley looks forward to getting back into all her community activities as her health allows. Think of us when filling your prescriptions. Your hometown pharmacy. ACHC Pharmacy Inside Adams County Health Clinic 205 N. Berkley, Council, Id. 253-4957 Specializing in your health needs ...... Specializing in you THE ADAMS COUNTY RECORD USPS: 005-120 Copyright 2012 The Adams County Record is published weekly at 100 Illinois Ave., Council, Idaho 83612-000R by Adams County Record Publishing Co LLC., Ly!e Sail, Publisher. Periodical postage is paid at Council, Idaho. Busmsss Hos Open Monday -Friday 9:00a.m. to 5:00p.m. 100 Illinois Ave. Council, ID 83612 CONTACT US (208) 253-6961 Fax: (208) 253-6801 Send submissions as e-mall text (plus JPEG attachments) to: record@ctcweb. net. I I I LetTERS PoucY The Adams County Record welcomes letters to the editor. Letters must meet the standards of good taste and truthful- ness, be original, and contain the address and phone number of the author. Letters should be kept as short as possible (400 word maximum). We will print a maxi- mum of one letter every other week per individual. We welcome Thank You letters from individuals and non-profit communi- ty groups. Thank you letters from other groups or letters over 200 words will be billed. Call for rates. GUEST OPINIONS Publication of guest opinions is at the discretion of the editor. We will print a maximum of one guest opinion per month by any single author. SUBSCRIPTION RATE8 Subscriptions are $30/I yr. $55/2 yrs. $75/3 yrs. in Idaho and $35/ 1 yr. $65/2 yrs. $90/3 yrs. in the rest of the Continental U.S. Single copy rate is 75. Special rates apply to Alaska, Hawaii and IIIII operations at the Adams County Record are also changing. Our long-time Editor, Cody Cahill, has stepped down for per- sonal reasons and we miss him from our crew. He was responsible for implementing many of Editor's Notebook per this past three years. We wish him the best of luck and have appreci- ated working with him. Dale Fisk of Fruitvale has written several books about the history of the area, and has written a historical column for The agreed to join our edito- rial team as the Editor of the newspaper. We are looking forward to adding his ideas and his style of writing to our paper. Welcome aboard Dalel There's a new editor in town This will be my first official week as editor of the Record, although I've been acting editor for the past couple weeks. I want- ed to take this opportunity to say howdy and mention a few things. First of all, I consid- er this Job one of sig- nificant responsibility to the people in our area. A small town newspaper is an important part of the glue that holds a commu- nity together. It informs people about things they need to know. It's a place for public discussion of issues that affect us all. Letters to the editor are an Important part of that public discus- slon. I encourage people to express their opinions in the Record. I will be making one change in this exchange of Ideas. In the past, there have been letters in which writers have not only expressed a point of view, but have belittled and attacked oth- ers for express- ing opposing views. Anyone is welcome to express their opinions on an issue, but per- sonal attacks have no place in letters to the editor. There is a little more leeway when it comes to public officials, especially elected ones. But even then, there is a line between pointing out an official's wrongdoing or failure to do the job, and just venting anger. Although I am a self- confessed liberal on social matters, and more con- servative fiscally, I will do my best to draw a clear line between my opin- ions and the position of the paper. The paper will remain neutral on politi- cal issues, while working to inform the public on important issues. When it comes to gath- ering the news and infor- mation that people need, the few of us who put out this newspaper can't be everywhere at once. To a large extent we depend on our readers to send us information. As nearly as I can tell from my very limited experience so far, the main job of editor is to gather information, and then organlze/edit it, or put that information into words. And that's some- thing I've been doing for many years. (Three books and 18 years of writing my History Corner col- umn.) My point is that what you give us doesn't necessarily need to be in finished form in order for that information to get into the paper. Send it inl The best method is via Email at record@ctcweb. net. AS we all start a new year, and I start a new leg of my checkered career, let's all pull together to make the Adams County community the best place we can make it! Idaho Power Done Installing "Smart Meters" as a footnote with this article. It gives a little background on whowhat Idaho Power is.} IDACORP, Inc. (NYSE: IDA), Boise, Idaho-based and formed in 1998, is a holding company com- prised of Idaho Power Company, a regulated electric utility; IDACORP Financial, a holder of affordable housing proj- ects and other real estate investments; and Ida- West Energy, an opera- tor of small hydroelec- tric generation projects that satisfy the require- ments of the Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act of 1978. IDACORP's origins lie with Idaho Power and operations beginning in 1916. Today, Idaho Power employs approximate- ly 2,000 people to serve a 24,000 square-mile service area in south- ern Idaho and eastern Oregon. With 17 low-cost hydroelectric projects as the core of its generation portfolio, Idaho Power's 492,000 residential, busi- ness and agricultural customers pay some of the nation's lowest prices for electricity. To leam more about Idaho Power or IDACORP, visit www. from the Idaho Power Company Following the 2003 request by the Idaho Public Utilities Commission, Idaho Power has com- pleted the installation of approximately 500,000 "smart" electric meters for customers throughout its service area, wrapping up a three-year project that enables customers to have more information about their energy use. The new meters are part of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and the overall Smart Grid project. They're smart because they send usage data automatically for billing. Information is sent via power lines so manual meter reading is no longer required. "This has real- ly improved our ser- vice to customers," said Project Manager Mark Heintzelman. "We're not going into customers' yards or disturbing their dogs; and it's extremely accurate. Meters are read remotely and the data goes directly from a cus- tomer's meter to our bill- ing system." Communication between each meter and the customer information system is automated and precise. Before the smart meter installation, Idaho Power collected 6 million meter reads per year. The company now collects 13 million meter reads per day or 14 billion reads per year. Heintzelman said, "Usage data is sent securely over the power lines--that means no radio frequency or wire- less transmission, which has been a concern with other utilities." In addition to cost-sav- ings that benefl the cus- tomer and the company, other benefits include: --eliminating 80 vehi- cles from the Idaho Power fleet; --saving on fuel and maintenance costs because employees are no longer driving 1.6 mil- lion miles per year to read meters; and --eliminating access issues like locked gates and protective dogs. Customers are encour- aged to learn more about their home or business's energy usage by becom- ing an Account Manager <https: //www.idahopow- ister.cfm> on the Idaho Power website. (Editor's note: The fol- lowing info was included Need denture service00? :. We'll come to 9ou[ Need repairs? Do it b9 mail, we'll PubiicD00nture '214 Blaine St Caldwell, ID $3605 '208-4o4-0311 pa00j shipping FOR OVER TI41RTY YEAR PUBLIC DENTURE PROVIDED II:JOR DENTURE AND OUTANDING CU"roMI IIRVIL OUR MOTTO IS TO TREAT OUR PATIENT LIKE ONE OF OUR FAMILY MEMBER! all other locations outside the Continental U.S. Postmaster, send address changes to: The Adams County Record P.O. BoxR, Council ID 83612-000R ADvnsmo PoucY The Adams County Record assumes no financial responsibility for errors of omis- sion or commission which may appear in advertisements. But in cases where this paper is at fault, it will print a correction of that part of an advertisement in which the typographical error occurs. Any recur- ring errors are the responsibility of the advertisers and corrections must be made by Tuesdays at 4:30 p.m. Further, The Adams County Record reserves the right to correctly classify, edit or delete objection- able wording or reject any advertisement in its entirety in the event it determines the advertisement is contrary to its general standards of acceptance. UN Deadline for general submissions is Monday at 12:00 p.m. Except for Display Advertising & Community Bulletin Notices which have a Friday at 4:30 pm deadline. Exceptions will be at the sole discretion of the Record Staff. IBUC Sp-awcE ANNOUNCrrs All schedules of events are public ser- vice announcements unless listed as advertisements. Editor/Photoimpher Dale Plsk Advertising Representative Laura Perkins Publisher Lyle SaU Production/Layout Circulation Gamaliel Masters Front Desk Accounts Receivable Vickl Berks