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January 19, 2012     The Adams County Record
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January 19, 2012

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Page 2 Wednesday, January 18, 2012 The Adams County Record From The Editor's Notebook 004,4 Lotsofinterestingcoverage Always ask to see the radar gun. Dear Editor, I recently had an eye opening experience with the Washington County Law Enforcement. I thought all those in Adams County should be aware of what is going on in Washington County as we travel through that county to go to Boise or Ontario. On Sunday I went down to a movie and to visit friends. On the way back I was pulled over at the Mann Creek store, I had had a car behind me for several miles and as I approached the Mann Creek Store the vehicle in front of me turned around and came back towards me. About that time the car behind me sped up and got right on me and flipped on his lights to pull me over, The car that turned around was also an offi- cer and pulled in with the other officer. I pulled over in the store park- ing lot. When the officer approached and asked me ff I knew why I was being pulled over I said no. I had my cruise con- trol set at about 68 to 70. Yes, I will admit I do speed a bit but I never go over 70 except maybe to pass. So when the offi- cer told me I had been going 75 and speeds up to 80 miles per hour I was shocked to say the least[ I in fact told him NO I was not going that fast and he was going to have to prove it to me...I wanted to see it on the radar gun, Plus I had not turned off my vehicle and my cruise was set and he could get in and drive my car and see what the speed was set at. Also on the way down I had passed a Washington Patrol car going north arid 'I was going south' with my cruise set at 70 and he did nothing. You would think ff my speed- ometer was off by that much he would have given me a ticket at that time. Long story short I gave him my "papers" and when he returned them to me he indicated that they would not be giving me a ticket but I needed to slow down. Now I have really debat- ed writing this letter but it was wrong what they did. They lied! I checked my speedometer on the way home and there was nothing wrong with it. A few years ago when coming out of Weiser I got caught in the same kind of trap. Again I was pulled over and told I was going 45 in a 35. I had no way to prove different- ly and tried to fight it in court and of course lost. It was the judge himself who asked me if I had asked to see the speed on the radar gun. I didn't know you could ask to see the speed on the gun. I learned my lesson and asked this time. I don't know ff it was that or also the cruise still being set but I didn't get the ticket this time. How can they just pull you over and lie like that? What if I had Just said oh, I'm sorry and believed what they sald? I would have a ticket right now. One that was totally unjusti- fied. Please be aware as you go through there and ff you get pulled over ask to see the radar gunI I hope this helps someone and that they don't tar- get me because I told on theml obb;. x>avL CovLL, tz Garden Conzer a "Ray of Sunshine" Dear Editor, Myma Weikal cracks me up. Funny thing is, she also teaches me something 'most every week. Her Garden Comer is like a little ray of sun- shine, even in the bleak midwinter. Always infor- mative and very well writ- ten, her column usually includes a dose of humor and a dash of philoso- phy. If we were handing out the equivalent of gold stars for newspaper writ- ing, I'd ,give Myrna five artichokes for excellence! we ree ILa vaLl We need to stand up for our laws Dear Editor, Recently I read in the paper that the new Forest Plan was helped by the Payette Coalition Partners. Having never heard of them I went to the Forest Service and asked about them. Mr. Perry gave me a llst of their members. I see that three fourths of them are environmental groups and people belonging to them. What the h do they have to do with making our forest deci- sions? [Editor's note: see list Doris provided, printed separately.] These organizations seem to have noth- ing better to do than to harass the people. It took them 2 1& years to put their plan together, and then the FS gave the public two months to read all the gibberish and respond to them. The FS holds meet- ings, divides all the areas, and have the people go around and talk to them. Have you ever heard of "divide and conquer?" Half the time, the FS peo- ple don't show up. Funny too, they seem to always want to hold their meet- ings when school starts and during the holidays. The meetings are usually after the E.I.S. plans are in place or have already gone into the government registry. Congress passed a law on coordination, which states that an agency (FS) shall, before mak- ing any plans and clos- ing any roads, meet with local governments and all agencies with concerns that affect the local peo- ple and the economy of the region--which means cattlemen, sheepmen, loggers, campers, our motels, restaurants, gro- cery stores, water users, hunters, etc. Many of the roads they are talking about obliter- ating are "grandfathered" in, which means any road in existence for 50 years or more cannot be obliterated. We need to stand up for our laws and-our righf, s, as tile orntnt is slowly and sneakily trying to take themaway from us. This is our land, public land, and does not belong to the Forest Service or the environ- mentalists. The Forest Service was established to be stewards of the land and use it for the benefit of the people, not the elitists. os a}.er fndL vLLI C.oa LLt/.os Gro.s Thank You Dear Editor, Many thanks to those in my community who supported me this year for my Polar Bear Dip on January I, 2012 at Lucky Peak Reservoir. It was a balmy 38 degrees and the sun was shining. This was my 2 "d year of participating in the Make A Wish Foundation's Great Polar Bear Challenge. Our team, The Pimentel's Polar Bears, came in 2 nd, by raising $2,500. Thank you again for supporting me. Laurie Bankhead, Indian Valley Think of us when filling your prescriptions. Your hometown pharmacy. ACHC Pharmacy Inside Adams County Health Clinic 205 N. Berkley, Council, Id. 253-4957 Specializing in your health needs ...... Specializing in you Ill i i i in the near future Waste to Energy When I attend- ed the biomass / gasification conference in New Meadows last week, I was already very inter- ested in the pos- sibilities for a biomass plant to give our area an economic shot in the arm. But listening to the rep- resentative from Dynamis Energy talk about what is possible with current cut- ting edge technology was truly exciting. The people around here have every reason to wonder if any of this is legitimate or practi- cal. As Bill Brown said, "Nobody is more skeptical than we are." He and Pete Johnston have been all over this issue for years. And I don't mean to leave out anybody else who has worked on this, includ- ing commissioners Mike Paradis and Joe Holmes who were at the confer- ence as well. These guys have studied this thing from every angle, done every feasibility study, Sheriff's race The coming election to choose a new Adams County Sheriff is certainly becoming interesting. Of course the Record will be doing its best to keep our readers informed. We have every intention of being evenhanded, giving each candidate economic study, environmental study--and taken their "dog & pony show" {Bill's words, not mine) to a multitude of poli- ticians and paper pushers, including the governor. They've turned over every rock they could think of to find a way to bring jobs here. As Bill said, the goal is not necessarily to gener- ate electricity; the goal is to create jobs. And as you will read in my article on the conference, there are a number of things a bio- mass / gasification plant can produce besides electrical power. The other huge factor is that it could solve the area's sticky (pun intended) gar- bage problem. What the Woody Biomass Utilization Partnership has always been looking for is a way to use a natural resource we have in abundance here: trees. AS you will read in my article, the waste burning plant at equal coverage, when we featured Walt Okamoto in the Community Spotlight a couple weeks ago, we did not know he was going to run for sheriff. For now, as people announce their intention to run, we will feature a short introduction. After all Barrow, Alaska has been in operation since 1996, burning just about any- thing imaginable. Of course we don't have as many whale, walrus and seal carcasses to burn as those folks do, but we certainly have trash, and we have a heck of a lot more trees. (They have absolutely none.) Every year the piles of logging slash--the tree tops, limbs, etc. that, for now, have no commer- cial value---are set ablaze in the woods. Anyone who has ever watched one of those piles burn may have marveled at the incredible amount of energy they give off. And it's just being wasted. Plus it's putting CO2 and lung-irritating smoke into the air by the ton. I intend to stay on top of this story and inform our readers. I think it's one of the most important and intriguing prospects our community has had since the decline of the timber industry. of them have actually filed to run (which is a legal requirement before officially announcing one's candidacy) we will offer a more complete coverage of the people and issues involved. Coalition Groups Below are the groups listed as Payette Forest Coalition members. Editor's note: Of the 35 groups, as nearly as I can tell, only five could be construed as environmental groups. I have marked those with an aster- isk (*). Just about anything you could want to know about the coalition, including meeting notes and schedules, can be found here: http://www. Adams Co. Commission, Adams Co. Natural Resource Committee, Backcountry Hunters and Angler.s/ Trout Unlimited, Back Country Recreation Club, Blue Ribbon Coalition, Cabin Creek Enterprises, Council School Dist #13,Gem Co. Commission, Heartland Back Country Horsemen, Idaho ATV Association, *Idaho Conservation League, Idaho Department of Commerce, Idaho Dept. of Lands, Idaho Fish and Game, Idaho Forest Group, Ikola Logging, Mahon Logging, Payette Land Trust, Payette National Forest, Payette River Green Energy, Representative Walt Minnick's Office, Rocky Mt. Elk Foundation, Sage Community Resources,*Secesh Wildlands Coalition, Senator Mike Crapo's Office, Senator Risch's Office, Spatial Interest, *The Nature Conservancy, *The Wilderness Society, Valley County Commission, West Central Highlands RC&D, West Central Sage-grouse working Group, *Western Watersheds, Woody Biomass Utilization Partnership. 9 Years of Quality Dental Care for the Community We Live In 0053-607 N!ii!? THE ADAMS COUNTY RECORD USPS: 005-120 Copyright 2012 The Adams County Record is published weekly at I00 Illinois Ave., Council, Idaho 83612-000R by Adams County Record Publishing Co LLC., Lyle Sail, Publisher. 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