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February 9, 2012     The Adams County Record
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February 9, 2012

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Page 2 Question Both Political and Commercial Advertiseznents Dear Editor, One of my interests is Old Time Radio-- Dragnet, Suspense, com- edies, etc. Many of these radio shows have the original commercials; I listen to those carefully. These comz~ercials have me thinking about truth. Fifty years ago cig- arette commercials praised the quality and flavor of their products. This of course is done for every product then or today. In one commercial they reported a medical study that said smok- ing does not hurt the mouth, nose or throat; they did not report any- thing out lung damage or long term dangers. There were endorsements by Hollywood idols for soap, coal and other products just like today. I have been called a cynic by many people, and I accept that judg- ment. For me being a cynic means, step- ping back and looking at things with less pas- sion and more care. If a basketball player implies a particular brand of sport shoes is why he is great, my ilrst question is, "How does he benefit from the endorsement?" The answer is of course millions of dollars. My second question is would they tell an untruth for those millions? This is disturbing to me, as it says, "Money is the most important thing in llfe," and that the public is little more then mindless sheep. Today our commercials are slicker and care- fully crafted to insure there will be no liabil- ity incurred by sellers and maximum public 'acceptance of products. I am possibly incor- rect, but I read that the medical industry spends 9500 billion on adver- tising each year. Look and listen carefully to those commercials; half of the commercial is some "cute" theme, the other half is designed to eliminate law suits if the product does damage. Would the medical com- panies lie or omit impor- tant information about a product to make a profit? We are entering an election year, we are about to be deluged by a tsunami of lies, half truths and meaningless knee-jerking rhetoric. Join me in being a cynic for a bit this elec- tion year ff you are not one today, or continue as you are. Who knows, you may select a great and good politician to lead our nation, or maybe you will buy a pair of tennis shoes and become the next NBA superstar. Don't Harass Volunteers, Talk to Me Dear Editor, As announced a couple of weeks ago, I intend to run for the office of Sheriff of this wonder- ful county (no candidate can actually file until February 27th) because I feel I have the expe- rience and training to take on the challenges of the job, and I have a solution to the issue of meeting the budget as provided by the County Commissioners. That being said, I have been fortunate to have several campaign workers who are volunteering their time and efforts towards my election. However, this week, "someone," who chose to remain unidentified, began harassing one of our most dedicated workers with questions which I have instructed them not to answer and to direct the inquirer directly to me. I have yet to receive a phone call, e-mail, or other form of communi- cation from that person, and I feel that the tactic used by that person is nothing short of "thug- gery." Therefore, I am openly asking anyone who has a question about my plans of action, if elected, to come directly to me and leave my campaign work- ers alone. They did not sign up for such harass- ment, and they do not deserve it. They spend a lot of hours and fuel try- ing to reach the citizens of this county, but they are not ,the ones running for office, so please keep your discourses with them civil I welcome the opportunity to meet with any one of you, or any group, to answer your questions. And, if we still disagree, let us agree to disagree and keep our tongues civil. Rumor- mongering is not the way for candidates to win elections or to serve the people. You may also read of my positions on my website: www.okamoto- or at my Facebook page: "Walter S. Okamoto for Sheriff," or you may write to me at my email address, set up for this campaign: Izlandrover 1 @ hotmail. com. If you want to con- tact me by phone, please so indicate in an email Wednesday, February 8, 2012 to me, with your phone number, and I will get back to you as soon as I can. I check my e-malls several times a day, so there might a short time delay, especially with the spotty cell phone cover- age in parts of our coun- ty, but, I will get back to you. Thanks to all of you who are working so dil- igently on my behalf... it might not earn you a *Get-Out-Of-Jail Free" card, if I am elected, but you will have my deepest gratitude for your trou- bles. WaL~r 5• ol~wa~Lo Vote for Ron Paul Dear Editor, Ron Paul is the only candidate who is honest about what is happening in our govemment. The media tries to seU you that he is "unelectable." He is electable and has been elected to Congress 12 times~ His campaign is growing exponential- ly as other candidates surge then fall. The media doesn't want you to know that. Ron Paul is dedicated to the military and free- dom. He receives over three times more cam- paign donations from enlisted military and veterans than all the other candidates com- bined, including Obamal Military personnel under- stand that he is the only candidate offering a real solution for peace and national security. It is these troops who have been on the ground over- seas that have the real insight on the situation in the Middle East--not a bunch of know-nothing Washington insidersl If Americans want true national security then we must stop spend- ing billions overseas! Our national debt is unsustainable. It leaves our country vulnerable to hostile nations who would manipulate our government by owning our debt and spreads our military resources thinly around the globe. America would strength- en its national security by bring home those billions of dollars spent overseas in foreign aid and pointless military conflicts. Let's bring our troops home to defend our borders and our citi- zens here! Let's protect our national security by ensuring the continu- ance of Medicare and Social Security for our elderly population by being fiscally responsi- ble so that we can fund these programs. Ron Paul is not seek- Your hometown Pharmacy Chgck out our FREE vitamin program for Seniors, Adults, and Children! ACHC PHARMACY Inside Adams County Health Clinic 2o5 N. Berkley, Council Idaho zo8-z53-4957 Where you are treated like family! ing austerity on the American people. Rather, he proposes deep, real cuts to bloated govern- mental agencies and wasteful spending. He vows to bring many of our troops home from 900+ bases in over 130+ countries. Ron Paul is the only candidate with a structured plan to reduce our national debt by $1 trillion in the first year, while his "conser- vative" opponents all propose to cut future spending, which is not a cut at all in reality! Help save America from the brink of eco- nomic ruin and endless wars. Let's vote against the establishment cor- ruption in Washington and replaced it with an inspired, constitutional- ly-sound message by the people and for the peo- ple of this great country! Let's take back the reins from the crony capital- ists and retum them to the people of America. It's time for true change - it is time for Ron Paul• Don't let the media decide for you--decide for yourself. Google Ron Paul to learn more for yourself. O, ow.w,~i,L The Least Ugly Dog in an Ugly Dog Contest Dear Editor, Is it possible that all the economic entropy now festering in Europe will escort the entire world into a global depression? There are some learned economic scholars and financial professionals who warn of that possibility. About twenty years ago, the Japanese Nikkei 225 Stock Market Index was at its record high near 40,000! Today the Nikkei 225 stands at 8160--about 20% of its all time high. Twenty years and a 70% loss of their real estate values describes classic self- perpetuating economic deflation. The wheels came off of Japan. and now the European Union is showing signs of disas- sembling. China has also recently entered a period of declining real-estate values, where property equity drops of 30%-50°/o are presently on record. The "relativism" advan- tage to America is the following: Japanese, Chinese and Europeans with money are practic- ing emergency capital preservation by deposit- ing their wealth here in the forms of US Treasury Bonds and "Blue-Chip" US stocks• We have, by default, emerged as the least ugly dog in an ugly dog contest. Numbers don't lie; the world sees our US Treasury Bonds as a much safer capital preservation instrument than anything their own mother countries can provide them. Their faith in our nation has driven the US Treasury yields to all-time record lows• That's goodl In spite of our obvious political leadership vac- uum, foreigners unques- tionably trust this country with their life- savings more than they trust their own coun- try This foreign invest- ment is adding billions to the US Treasury and essentially is equivalent to creating the financial environment for America to borrow money at all- time record low interest rates. Here's why: US ten year treasury yields are @ 1.95%. Greece ten year treasury yields are @ 30% because Greece is seen as extreme- ly risky. A credit risky nation pays higher inter- est rates when borrow- ing. Remember: A gov- emment treasury bond is merely a paper record showing that you lent money to a country and how much interest (yield) you receive, yearly. Bonds are loans, it's that simple. Question: In view of the record "cheap money" environment existing here in the US, isn't it a perfect scenario for this government to borrow funding for the $2.5 tril- lion infrastructure proj- ects, as per estimates by the American Society of Civil Engineers; and to put people to work as promised? bWew Mea~ow~ No Grizzlies in Bear Area Dear Editor; Having read various articles and letters con- cerning the wolf popula- tion in our area, I would like to add a few facts of my own. My ancestors moved to this area in the 1880's. They kept a diary from before they settled here until 2011. I have read the entire diary and have found no reference to sighting of wolves or wolf tracks at all until they were brought here in the 1990's. I have lived here for over 66 years and in all of that time, neither myself or any of the people I have talked to, including the previous generation, has anyone Breckenridge Cedar siding panels on sale now starting at $15 per #x8 sheet. Vinyl lap siding just $35 per 100 SO. feet! AFFORDABLE FULL SIZED LUMBER YARD Famil Owned since 19]'2 1454 South Main Street Payette, Idaho 208-642-4792 8am to 6pm Monday thru Saturday The Adams County Record seen a grizzly bear except for one who was travel- ing through the area. When my ancestors moved to the area there were no fish in Bear Creek or Lick Creek because of the Bear Creek Falls. The Warner boys of that time went below the falls, caught fish, packed them up and planted them in Bear and Lick Creek• No one had caught a Bull Trout in this area until the 1990's, and in fact I still have not caught one. .Jo~ War~u~r ~av Forest Service is Bound by Mandates Dear Editor, Thanks Dale for the good article, and remind- ing folks that the Forest Service must abide by a number of Federal laws in implementing any land management activ- ity. For better or worse, that is the way it is. Concerning that, folks should become familiar with the standards and guidelines in the Payette National Forest Land and Resource Management Plan. Many are absolute requirements• Granted, it would take time, but the increase in under- standing is worth it. One of the absolute requirements is that a management activ- ity must demonstrate an improvement in water quality over the long term. The Payette and Boise National Forests use the computer model BOISED. The mechanics and results of the model are based on research conducted mainly by the Intermountain Forest and Range and Experiment Station sci- entists in Boise. Those data show that roads are a perpetual source of sediment until the road prism is reclaimed either naturally or by mechani- cal means. Mitigation can reduce sediment delivery by as much as 90%, but does not eliminate it. Conversely, research data show that sedimentation from the yarding and skidding of logs and from fires diminishes to unmeasur- able amounts In three to five years. Of course, sedimenta- tion amounts and dura- tion from fires depends on fire intensity. Because of the extensive GIS data files on the Payette, BOISED begins with what is presently on the land as a starting point or base for the analy- sis. Various manage- ment strategies are mod- eled to determine the effect on water quality. I know. Computer mod- els are models. Climatic extremes can "upset the apple cart" so to speak. However, BOISED gives standardized, quantita- tive results for compari- son of various manage- ment strategies. During the 1960s, my colleagues and I wanted something better than 'I think so" to make comparisons. I was fortunate to help develop the predecessor of BOISED while I was stationed on the Payette. BOISED is "light years" ahead of the first model• I applaud efforts like the Payette Forest Coalition. It is the way to got ~/.~ -rl, t o .,,.-pso v,. O, ov.v~,,~i,L THE ADAMS COUNTY RECORD USPS: 005-120 Copyright 2012 The Adams County Record is published weekly at I00 Illinois Ave., Council, Idaho 83612-000R by Adams County Record Publishing Co LLC., Lyle Skll, Publisher. 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