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February 9, 2012     The Adams County Record
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February 9, 2012

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The Adams County Record Editor's Notebook Since I plan to keep writing about the wolf ~ssue, I thought ~j would explain ,,my attitude so .that people won't jump ~{o conclusions. +. I don't have a hard- ,~ned position for or against wolf reintro- duction per se. I think we have not yet seen what a reasonable bal- ance might be, as far as wolf numbers and management. Right now I think the pendulum "has swung too far in -the direction of wolf "numbers--there are too *many. According to the "Big Game Forever orga- nization, the wolf popu- lation goals set by U.S. 'Fish & Wildlife under the Endangered Species "Act were met in 2002. "Wolf numbers have rap- iidly expanded since that lime. ' L. David Mech (pro- 'nounced "Meech"), "wolf researcher and renowned expert, sai~l, "You cannot have a wolf recovery program without a wolf control :'program." I've always "thought most things in life have to find a point of balance. For instance, "carrot juice is good for ,you, but too much can kill you. Several of the ilhings we eat and drink contain arsenic, but it ~doesn't harm us until it 'reaches a certain level. 'Neither pure Capitalism ":nor pure Socialism can +[succeed. We can't just "let wolves expand their numbers forever. People "and other animals mat- ~ter too. We need a bal- + 'ante. ' In Yellowstone Park, "wolves have been shown to keep elk from over- ibrowsing riparian '(stream) areas, allow- ' ing willows, etc. to come '~aci~' to: a~ more healthy balanCe.: 13ut ' that's ' inside Yellowstone. :'There are no ranchers ~'there trying to eke out a Cliving and having wolves take a big bite out of >their already-pathetic profit margins. My Bias I was raised on a "cattle ranch and, as an ", I helped manage "that ranch for ten years. That may make me I' prejudiced, but it also : makes me aware of what "ranchers deal with on 'public land. I'm also an elk hunt- er. I killed ray first elk ~'47 years ago. I pretty much don't hunt any other animal, except "deer if I can't bag an - elk each year. Again, that may prejudice me. " In our little pocket of the universe we don't have a lot of cul- tural amenities. To a large extent, our spirits are nour- ished by what is available here: the outdoors. Plus, the pub- lic land around us has traditionally been either our livelihood or a sup- plement to it, and har- vesting meat to feed our families is a big part of that. Right now, wolves don't seem to be wip- ing out our local elk herds. If I understand the Idaho Fish & Game data correctly, the elk populations in units near us are at, or slight- ly above, the goals the department has set. But if wolf numbers contin- ue to climb, that may not last long. In some of the more remote regions farther from us, wolves are certainly contribut- ing to a big decline in elk numbers. Emotional Misinformation Whenever there is an emotional debate, peo- ple on both sides will exaggerate their case. Here is what can be found on the web site "Wolf overpopulation is dramatically damag- ing and even eliminat- ing entire populations of Moose, Rocky Mountain Elk and other large ungulate populations. Wolf predation is eras- ing decades of effort and hundreds of millions invested in rebuilding healthy big game popu- lations." The web site has a video featuring a map showing where "elk populations are below objectives or declin- ing." Adams County, and pretty much every county between Boise and Orofino are indicat- ed. This isvery ~IS~-~akl- 'ing.' They are still:~s~y- ing states are "not able to manage wolf popula- tions, when that is no longer true in Idaho. And then there is the claim from last November of a 300- pound wolf being shot near New Meadows. Responsible people should not take that seriously. The photo of the hunter holding that wolf is similar to others in that it was taken with a short cam- era lens, which is what most cameras have. A short lens exaggerates the largeness of things closer to it and exag- gerates the smallness of things farther away. So the wolf looks big- ger compared to the man behind it. The next time you see a picture Wednesday, February 8, 2012 of someone holding a wolf, look at the rela- tive size of the person's hands. They will look larger than they should because they are closer to the camera lens, just like the wolf. On the other hand, just go to Facebook and do a search for wolf enthusiast groups. You will see emotional gush- ing from people who have absolutely no clue about the reality of the fantasy they envision. For one thing, I don't think they realize that if they push ranchers into bankruptcy, that land will almost certain- ly be bought by private interests with much less concern for nature. Wolves Are Like People (Not[) Humans tend to anthropomorphize ani- mals--give them human qualities. We give them names and see them as having emotions, thoughts and maybe even a conscience. Wolves are Sometimes described as "cruel" or "vicious." No, they are just what they are--an- imals that operate on instinct. They have no sense of right or wrong. The same goes for any sense that they love their pups or have some sense of loyalty to their pack, etc. It just isn't realistic, honest or pro- ductive to assign these human attributes to an animal. We are the ones who make the value judgments; we are the ones feeling what wolves do is right or wrong, helpful or harmful. I have heard from a couple of people now who have seen wolves near here before rein- troduction started, and they sound fairly cred- ible. I'd like to hear from }h0r~e: people 'who ha~e '~a~uaily-~n ~wolve~ i.n the Adams County axea between 1930 and 1995 or so. So, as we continue the dialogue about wolves and public land issues, I'm sure I will make a few misstatements from a lack of the best facts. And when anyone shows me legitimate evidence that I'm wrong I will admit it, apologize and try to correct it. That's especially important in a public forum such as this. I'm usually not in the Record office much, and when I am I'm working on a deadline, so please email, mail or call me at home with your contri- butions to this dialogue. or 253-4582. Page 3 COHHUNffY HU OH ;EP.,VR2E ; ;CHE )ULE St. Jude's Catholk: Church * Council 1st & 3rd Sunday of the Month - 3:30 pm * Friday Mass - noon. Church of the Nazarene * 102 S. Exeter Discipleship 10 a.m. * Morning Worship 11 a.m. * Sunday Fellowship 12:00 p.m. Children's Church 11:15 a.m. Contact: Pastor John Schaffer * 208-566-4264 Indian C t unlty Church Pastor: Brian Gladhart 355-2020 * Associate Pastor: Isaac Ward 257-3812 Sunday School 10:00 a.m. * Worship Service 11:15 a.m. * Wed. Bible Study 7:00 p.m. Church of Jesus Q~rlst of ~ Day Bishop: Douglas Linford * 253-4330 * S Fairfield, Council Morning Worship 9:30 a.m. Coundl Bible Church * 253-6923 * 190 4th Ave. Interim Pastor Roger Hayden * Worship Services at 7:00 p.m. 1 st Lt erm Church of Council Communion 2nd & 4th Sundays * Information: 253-4486 Worship Service 5:00 p.m. Sunday, St ]udes' on Hvvy 95 * Bible Study Wednesday 7:00 p.m. Eoundl Community Churd~ 253-6461 105 California Ave., Council Co-Pastors: Wayne Freedman 8t: Les Sheneberger Morning Worship 10:00 a,m. * Wed. Bible Studies 7:00 and 7:30 pm Mon. Women's Bible Study 7:00 pm * Friday Men's Breakfast Bible Study 7:00 am New l~le~ United I~leltlodlst Church * 347-2427 210 N. Heighho Pastor Letha Essinger * Adult Class 9:00 a.m. * Morning Worship 10:30 a.m * Children's Church held during worship C.~undl Va~,,/A.~ of God * 253-6430 * Pastor: Geoff Cole Sunday School 9:45 a.m. * Morning Worship 10:45 a.m. Power & Light Company Tuesday, 7:00 p.m. * Bible Study Thursday, 7:00 p.m. House of Prayer Meeting at 340 Commercial Street, Weiser, Idaho Pastors Stephen and Debbie Blount * 208-318-8660 or 208-549-0669 Sunday School 9:30 AM, Services 10:30 AM & 6:30 P.M * Bible Study Thursday 7:00 PM I:;mllllm For (:~rkt Q~rklian I:e~hlp Meeting Basement of Tater Tots Daycare Pastor: Jon Sorg * 208-741-0410 Services Sunday 11:00 a.m. Pastor's Comer by Les Sheneberger Divorce is painful. It affects lives far beyond the two who sepa- rate. My close relative spoke of going through it in these terms: "It has become part of who I am. When I introduce myself, I tell someone my name and that I am divorced." Sadly, we have come to accept divorce as the norm for our soci- ety. Apparently, it was an issue in Jesus' day as well; He was asked, "Is it lawful for a man to divorce his wife for any and every reason?" Jesus responds with quotes from Genesis: "Haven't you read that at the beginning the Creator made them male and female. For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, ~and+' ]~e: two, 'Will be~m~ 6t~1~~;' ll~gti?~'So they are no longer two, but one. Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate." Jesus demonstrates how many get caught in a God, from the beginning, pattern of making and intended a lifetime bond breaking commitments-- between a man and a they make decisions woman--in which they that break the vows of become a single unit. relationships and then He does so by quot- look to God to justify ing Scripture, showing them? Wouldn't you his own faithfulness to like to go back to the God's word. beginning of your mar- "Why then," they riage or even earlier to asked, "did Moses corn- warn yourself of the con- mand that a man give sequences of breaking his wife a certificate of vows and commitments? divorce and send her Jesus keeps referring away?"(They were hop- back to "the beginning" ing to trap Jesus into because he wants us to saying something con- recognize how our sin- tradictory.) Jesus replied, ful nature has clouded "Moses permitted you the beautiful intention to divorce your wives of what marriage was because your hearts supposed to be. Divorce were hard. But it was is the result of sin talc- not this way from the ing its course, leading to beginning. I tell you that the death of a marriage. anyone who divorces his God says in his Word, "I wife, except for marl- hate divorce." {Malachi tal unfaithfulness, and 2:16) He knows it causes marries another woman heartache. Yet, God, ~s ,a :momrtrits..~ "_,~ ac~uttor~." -god ~ of, forgi~eneas, ,.a~d ~'(MattheW'l~.4-9y;',+, ',-+ restoratio+n. Wilt you Jesus recognized soften your heart today that this Was a diffi- and ask him to heal you cult word to hear and from the painful mis- accept. He knows that takes of the past? Council Senior of the Month by Tifani Holden Our spotlight senior of the month is Mr. Layne Caswell. I just love when I see Layne walk through our center doors. He is a joy to have around. Layne was born in Las Cruses, New Mexico. When he was about four years old his fam- ily moved to Southem California until he was in the 8th grade. The family then moved to Salem, Oregon where he Bamhart. Danna moved by word of mouth. They to Council in 1996 to have published a small be closer to her sister, catalog to inform users After retiring in 2000, he about what the benefits moved to Council to be are in using natural with Danna, his wonder- remedies. It is very inter- ful partner in life and esting to me the large herbs, amount of herbs, ber- Layne has three chil- ries and different types dren from previous mar- of bark that they go out riages, two boys and and hand pick, every- one girl. His oldest son thing is from the Idaho worked for him for sev- area. Layne likes to be outdoors, he likes to be active and use- ful.In his iIdaho Republicans Change ,ito Caucus System , Adams County Caucus Locations Announced ", by Dale Fisk Last summer, the Idaho Republican State Central Committee met .in Moscow and voted to . change State Party Rules. They moved Idaho's ,presidential candi- ~date selection to "Super Tuesday" and chose to conduct the presiden- ~,.tml nominating process ~,l:through a county-by- elementary i~:county caucus system, at Council hold earlier nomina- tion contests: Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina. Republicans in every Idaho county will hold the state party's presi- dential caucus vote on Tuesday, March 6, 2012. For Adams County Republicans, caucus- es will be held at the schools and New Republican National Convention will be apportioned according to the Counties state convention apportion- ment and the voting totals from the County Caucuses with the pro- viso that any candidate who receives more than 50% of the statewide County Caucus dele- gates total will be award- ed all 32 Idaho dele- i~iThe caucus will be forMeadows. The doors will gates for the Republican ,f. the Presidential nomina- open at 5:30 PM, and will ~ National Convention. l~ition only, and will not close promptly at 7:00 i~i change the timing or the PM. To +vote, you must Ik iprocess of the primary be present, as there is t!: election in May. no absentee voting. All aI The May primary has registered Republican I~: always come too late for voters in the county 'J. the state to have any are eligible to vote in i/,iinfluence on the pro-the County Caucuses. lil cess. In previous elec- Voters may register to t),'.ti0n years, presidential vote as Republicans as 'J: nominations have typi- they enter the Caucus II:cally been locked up site. ',i: before Idaho voters have , The voting will be THO*L4.SON 17UNERAL HOME & (REMATC RY lgamilv Owned and Operated ,,,i'had any say. The date conducted by secret ,~.' for Idaho's caucus is the ballot and takes place +r earliest Tuesday allowed in successive rounds. +vby the Republican Each round, low vote- ,vNational Committee. getters are eliminat- ,,'Only four states willed. Delegates for the "Eighteen states have fewer delegates than Idaho, and 10 others have about the same number," said Ron Nate of Rexburg, who chaired the rules subcommittee that submitted the cau- cus proposal . "With our caucus being close to winner-take-all, it will be a pretty good prize." Democrats in Idaho have been holding party caucuses since 1980, and will hold theirs this year on April 14. graduated high school then joined the Navy as a Seabee for four years. After the Navy, Layne attained a job with an engineer- ing firm in Beaverton, Oregon where he earned his surveying license. In 1971 he opened his own surveying firm, serving Oregon, Washington and Idaho. He formed a cor- poration that was one of the first companies to use GPS to survey grades in the Northwest, which helped in map- ping large Arial photog- raphy areas. During his surveying years, he met and worked with Danna LeRoy Strong passed away on February 1 of natural causes. Services will be at the Veteran's Cemetery at Boise on Friday, February 10 at 2:00 PM. eral years. In 2002 Layne and Danna started learn- ing about and collecting herbs out of necessity for Danna. They attend- ed foray expeditions in McCall for 3-4 years. They loved it so much, they continued on their own, which has now become D & L Herbs. D & L Herbs sells their outstanding products at Craft Fairs, Farmers Markets and most of all younger years he enjoyed fly- ing, scuba diving and hunting. The cen- ter wants to thank Layne for his kind- ness and generosity he shows here. He always helps out when he is needed and supports all our functions. He is quite a gentlemen, he always waits for the ladies to be first in line for their lunch. Also, Layne is my photogra- pher when we need pic- tures for our articles in the paper. You are an outstand- ing individual. Thank you Layne Caswell. - Burial S vice - P plannin Options - Cremation Services . Monum 'tts 221 E. Cour St W 4+ r+ 113 83672 (2O8) 414-1234