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February 16, 2012     The Adams County Record
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February 16, 2012

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The Adams County Record Wednesday, February 15, 2012 , ,, p Htston00 s ,)f New Mea00!00)ws Buildings- Part I .... Several years ago, some of the New Meadows folks compiled a drawing and histories of the building lots there. They did all the footwork; I just redrew the map and typed up what they had written. All of the information will take more than one column to include, so this will be part one. The information here was gathered in 2006 and some of it is out of date, as far as the present buildings and/ or usage and owners. The numbers on the map correspond to the numbers below. 1--Kenny Johnson Gas Station. Subsequent owners: Marty McCarty, Vince Barras, Ron Rookstool. The station was torn down, and David Kellogg built a new building, about 1997, called the "Turning Point." As of 2006: gas station, convenience store, A&amp;W drive in. 2--Two apartments that were joined together with two garage spaces in the center. They were torn down when Marty McCarty remodeled the station in the late 1960s--about '66-'68. 3--The Dorsey Warr house. Torn down in the mid 1990s and an office building was built called the Dorsey Warr Building. 4--Gift shop that belonged to Nell Irwin (married Gordon MacGregor). Became a dentist office belonging to Dr. Orr. Torn down or burned. In the mid 1940s it was a restaurant owned by the Gabica t'fimily. Sold to the Brooks family. They sold it to A1 and Una Richards about 1948. 5---About the 1920s a Chinese restaurant sat here, The restaurant burned down. Present site of the Library. built 1996-'97. 6--Blake Hancock built a drug store here. Herb Fitz bought it and was there until about 1967 when Gene LaFay bought it and ran it for about two years. After LaFay, it was owned and operated by Alice Widner. It was remodeled by Dr. Randy Fellman and now is the Meadows Valley Clinic. 7--Earl Watkins' parents built a restaurant here. They sold it, and the Post Office and medical clinic (1950s). The clinic moved across the street in 1959 into a new apartment building (#27) Later remodeled and became the Kahili Club bar. 8--Clarence and Fannle LaFay built a small barbershop here in 1920. They ran it for a short time and lived in the back part of the building. Hazel Wisdom later ran a beauty shop Garden Comer here and also lived in Sterling Bank. late 1950s or early the back. 11--Blake Hancock '60s, Shaver sold it to 9--The original owned a building here the Mormon Church building here was a that was shared by Joe and moved his store restaurant owned by Caha's Creamery and a west across Heigho Bruce McDougal. It was feed store. Ave. In the late 1970s then bought by Ray Bean 11 I&--Between 11 & Bill Brown bought the and called "Ray's Caf6." 12 was also owned by property, tore down the Bean sold it to Lillian Blake Hancock. This front of the building Rogers. There were was a liquor store, (keeping the rest of it several owners, including first operated by Mrs. intact) and made it into Eva Schidlowski. McCulley, and then a convenience store-- The restaurant was by Marg Gilderoy until "Brown's Mountain remodeled and is now she retired in the late Market." Gas pumps "Loyd's Fishing Tackle" 1970s. The liquor store were added a few years shop was moved to Brown's after this. 1 0 -- J a m e s Mt. Market. It is now 13--Blake Hancock Withersppons father had "Strutters"--a barber built a big white building a bar and pool hall here and beauty shop owned here for storage for called "Spoon's." At one by Brad Oreyer. his grocery store. It time was a barbershop. 12--Blake Hancock was also used for this Miles Becker and Noel built and ran a grocery purpose by Shaver's, Thomas were barbers store here. Carl Shaver even after the store there. Present location of later bought it. In the moved across the street. Page 5 When Hancock had it, he also stored caskets that he sold here. He was the caretaker for the cemetery, a job later held by Dorsey Warr and then Boyd Moore. For a short time in the 1930s this building was used as a gym where basketball was played, but it proved to be too small a space. When the show hall (LaFay's, #24) was built, basket ball games were moved there because it was big enough to allow spectators. M--Methodist Church, built not long after the town was established in 1911, and still in use. To be continued next week. .,.t KATHERINE AVE VIGINIA ST / HWY 95  I6789/ 12 mX] 14 115 [ 16 117118 9 10 13, <> m NORA ST O o I,,t00 I .o,., This sketch of New Meadows shows the locations of past and present buildings, and has numbers cor- responding to the descriptions. Getting a Head S i00art by Myra Weikal germination...about 20% In other words, plant It sure feels like will not produce high about twice as many spring is just around quality plants. Cull, out as you think you want the corner. Snow is, the small nd albino in the end. When you melting, blackbirds are lalats. IeriIil e.ll_h; ,tanspthnt, ,ttiem, : put, trilling, robins fitting an all-purpos ' hqmd flim w/iere you " Can fertilizer... Transplant after the danger of frost has passed, but when the seedlings can still receivc i0-12 days of temperatures under 50':!dgrs F, which induces eaxlier budding... After the first year's harvest, remove off- types and less vigorous plants. In late October, cut plants to about 8-10 inches above ground and cover with straw or leaves to keep the stump from freezing. Uncover in early April. Overwinter survival is likely but not certain." and swooping -- winter must be in retreat, not that it was much of a winter anyway. We got off pretty easy this year. So, it is time to think about what seeds to start indoors. According to my Territorial seed catalog, I should have started my artichoke seeds by now. They recommend starting them in late January to early February. Oh, well. Today will do. Here's what the catalog says about artichokes: "Sow seeds i/ inch deep in 4 inch pots...expect 70% Council Valley Free Library_ Book Shelf leave them for a few years, on the off chance that they survive your winter. I did as the catalog suggests last fall, cutting back and mulching, plus covering with several layers of ground cloth. I'll let you know in April how things tum out. This was probably as good a winter for success as any we've had since we moved here. Those of you in lower Washington County can expect spring to arrive at least two weeks ahead of us upper country gardeners, but in any case, even ff you start things a little too early your plants can spend an extra week hardening off or in a cold frame or under a hot cap. You can start your broccoli, kale and leeks indoors now, all cool weather plants. I planted kale in late summer last year. but it was devoured by grasshoppers before I could harvest any of it. New Books at the Council Library Adult leietion: Vigilante by Stephen J. Cannell The Back Door of Midnight by Elizabeth Chandler No Time To Die by Elizabeth Chandler Turn Up The Heat by Jessica Conant-Park by Myrna Weikal mweikal@mtecom, net 355-5829 Hopper gave me one from her garden. It was not like any I'd ever seen before, looking like a cross, between a tttrbaxt::, sqiatlsh' and a banana squash. I asked her what kind it was, and she said, "It's a Hopper squash." They've been saving and replanting seeds for years. The parentage is unknown, but the offspring are delicious. In March you can start cauliflower, peppers and tomatoes, just to give you a "heads up" on it. John of Weiser Garden Club, Brussels Sprout Expert, will you ,please write and tell me how and when to get them started? Glenda Castleberry shared this pest control success story: "I saw that you were still in quest of something to squash the squash bugs. Last year I tried a new approach for me. In the spring JoAnne's had a great sale on tulle, so I bought several yards of it and used it as a floating cover. First I laid down my soaker hoses, planted the squash seed along with Marigolds Problem Dogs by Dale Ftsk domestic or commercial The Record,has been.,purp0sS., ,, :. asked; to,,; rznllad,, t t,, ,2 .... A/:kt, JgerPrh ,, 0/It public that dogs that:are 7,finding arty dog, not oh allowed to run free are in danger of being shot if they are harassing livestock. Here is the relevant Idaho Code: 25-2806 Liability for livestock and poultry killed by dogs. The owner, possessor, or harborer of any dog or animal that kills, worries, or wounds any livestock and poultry which are raised and kept in captivity for domestic or commercial purposes, is liable to the owner of the same for the damages and costs of suit, to be recovered before any court of competent jurisdiction: 1. In the prosecution of actions under the provisions of this section it is not necessary for the plaintiff to show that the owner, possessor, or harborer of such dog or other animal had knowledge of the fact that such dog or other animal would kill or wound livestock or poultry which are raised and kept in captivity for the premises of its owner or possessor, worrying, wounding, or killing any livestock or poultry which are raised and kept in captivity for domestic or commercial purposes, may, at the time of so finding said dog, kill the same, and the owners thereof can sustain no action for damages against any person so killing such dog. Note that "kept in captivity" does necessarily mean inside of a building or pen; it could mean in a large pasture, etc. Some people are more forgiving than others and may contact authorities before taking things into their own hands. But others don't hesitate to shoot a dog that they perceive as having a negative effect on their livestock, so it would be prudent for owners to keep track of their dogs. A similar law applies to dogs who harass or harm wildlife. Taken by Robert Crais I left it in the ground between the seeds and by Elmore Leonard, Witch&Wizard: the Fire by James Patterson and tilled around it. then draped the tulle ::i !,; Adult Non Fiction: We'll see ff anything over wire hardy enough Queens Consort by Lisa Hilton comes back. I've been to hold it up, piled up able to harvest very early soft around the perimeter , ",, ]   .... spinach doing the same to hold the tulle down.  CHRYSLER thing, and turnips have When the squash started IJee P Itl . sometimes overwintered, flowering I removed the , S,,,,,tOHCXSStAntJ,t, but it varies from year tulle. Did not have one IIm-5]b.14]I "Rqmlr,& 1 to year. Remember stinking squash bug last 431  lid tttrmt :Pu,MolorS__ , ] o,= Bill Sorenson's winter year. Now I don't know i "lka Pm Safu &l idea? I need a ff it was the tulle or the i  llll&ol) Insillilikmm'lce q X garden report, Bill, as soon as Marigolds, but maybe - - "Beem Trm Berate_ _    you're ready, both helped." The thing  -,, . ..... ' I've just about used up I like about Glenda's ....... Pans and Service Open On Saturday We service all makes and models Quality Service Award Winning Factory Traine d Technician Big City Selection All At One Location STEVES Phone (208) 549-3310 - Toll Free (800) 658-5080 602 Highway 95 Weiser, Idaho 83672 all my onions, and I put the last two tumips in with the pot roast, but still have lots of carrots and potatoes. My squash didn't last long, but Liz method is that you can see through the tulle, keeping track of the plant's progress. Great idea! Scotch Pines Golf Course[ 106 !0 Scotch Pines Rd. Pyette 208-642-1829 T.. FISK COMPUTERS Complete systems, new and used i Specializing in laptop repair and service Laptop LCD and Motherboard replacement Networking wireless and conventional Vins and spyware removal, data recovery Larry Fisk 208- 253- 6073 ).