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February 29, 2012     The Adams County Record
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February 29, 2012

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Page 2 Wednesday, February 29, 2012 more Ford or Chevrolet trucks or dealerships. Candidates are unit- ed in demanding even more tax breaks for the very wealthy. Candidates will always say the things their audience wants to hear, then change their words when they face a different audience. Candidates do have a great advantage over the President, they can say anything because they know they will not have to do as they say, or face the results. Possibly they may really intend to do those things. We the voters are really in a difficult position. Who and how do we select our next leader? Do we choose one because he pleases us on one single topic, or do we try to evaluate overall positions? Most likely we will choose our next leader based on who has the most effec- tive advertising agency and who has the most money for airing 20-sec- ond knee jerk messages. Fred Trvr, Cov.L We need qualified Assessor candidates Dear Editor, , Are voters aware that on this year's ballot will be the position for Adams County asses- sor? Until yesterday, I was not. In the Record I read under the title "Notice of Candidate Filing Dates" that the first position was Adams County Assessor. Filing dates are Feb. 27, 2012 through March 9, 2012. Then, the other legal notice "To par- ties of Interest," the County Commissioners are requesting letters of interest from indi- viduals desiring to be appointed to the asses- sor position, "to fill the vacancy . . through the second Monday of January, 2013 when the newly elected Assessor will take office." Folks, there is only a short amount of time for those qualified to make two decisions: 1) To apply now for the posi- tion, and 2) To file as a candidate. Only one person can be appoint- ed right now; however, if five gentlemen can file for the position of sheriff, surely a ,like number of highly quali- fied persons can come forward to run for this other x'ery important position. Not only must the assessor be highly skilled at keeping an unimaginable quantity of data on the entire County, but that per- son must also be highly skilled in dealing with the public over a very sensitive and sometimes acrimonious issue (your tax bill). Additionally, Adams County officials, led by the assessor, need to be able to defend how we do things here before the State of Idaho offi- cials who view things differently. Karen Hatfield has done all three of those tasks quite admirably. Now, we need to find some- one else of equal abili- ties. Todd NeLson,, Sheriff needs law enforcement experience Dear Editor, I find it interesting to look at the qualifica- tions offered for some of the prospective candi- dates for Adams County Sheriff. Apparently some have little knowl- edge or respect for the office. Some have stated that they are qualified because they have run businesses before, that the office is primarily an administrative office, so experience in any administrative office provides adequate expe- rience for sheriff. Having been in and around Law Enforcement for many years and majored in it in college I fmd this attitude preposterous. While I agree that there are a lot of administra- GOP presidential candidates are extremists Dear Editor, I would like to offer my sympathies to my Republican friends. For years Democrats have engaged in throwing mud within their own party. Republicans, welcome to Campaign 20121 Mud throwing makes it dif- ficult to decide which is the least offensive candidate. Mud throw- ing shows how desper- ate candidates and the GOP are to gain the Presidency. If it were possible to combine the best points of the Republican positions, and eliminate their radi- cal extremism, then you might have a great can- didate. It does bother me that the candidates are apparently captive to the extreme conserva tive branch of the GOP. What if one of these candidates were to win? Would you then see those extreme positions actually put in place? Adolph Hitler was a rad- ical who had extreme positions and when in power implemented those ideas. This could happen here. One GOP man from Indiana says the Girl Scouts are a radical organization that pro- motes homosexuality and abortion, Another that Obama is a radi- cal Muslim. Another says we should elimi- nate Medicare and gov- ernment agencies that are tasked to protect our food, our drugs, our roads and bridges. Other candidates rant that we have no need for overview of our bank- irgan d financial insti- ttltiQns.. Others wan.t to eliminate collective bargaining. One candi- date has flip-flopped at least three times over the "bailout" of the auto industry. He would have permitted the American auto industry to com- pletely collapse tak- ing with it millions of other jobs. Imagine no Thank You Dear Editor, our mission of "We Council Valley @ Serve", by providing A m b u l a n c e Dear Editor, glasses' and other Service gratefully The Council Lions services to Council acknowledges the Club wants to express folks who need the thoughtful Memorial our thanks to those assistance. Our thanks donation received also to the Record for that donated at from James and Laura Economy Roofing. The publishing our request. Camp, in memory of funds collected will Ron Hornyak. help us in continuing tive duties involved in this position to suggest that any administrative experience is adequate is ludicrous. Some administrative type jobs are somewhat interchangeable, how- ever Law Enforcement is not one of them. You are the #1 Law Enforcement officer in the county and there is a great deal of power and responsibility that goes along with it. Having an under sheriff won't cut it as all deci- sions will be squarely on your head. You can't shirk that responsibility and you cannot make those decisions with- out Law Enforcement training and experience. When you put that uni- form on, then strap on your weapon, you better know what you are doing. Would you want your home built by someone who has never been in construc- tion and can't read and understand a blueprint? I do not know most of the candidates, and I'm sure they are honor- able men. Without Law Enforcement experience how are they going to have any credibility with their Deputies? They are not. Please keep this in mind as you make a decision for this impor- tant office. My personal choice, far and away, is Walt Okamoto. He has a great deal of train- ing and experience. His honesty and integrity are without question. As for this silly flap over the election will be decided by a few Republicans that is why we have primary elec- tions, to select one can- didate to represent the party. If you don't have a candidate[s] in your party then I suggest you start beating the brush for someone to repre- sent your party or views for the office. Otherwise you really don't have a credible argument. And you Republicans get off your butts and vote .... all of you. There is no excuse for not exercis- ing your constitutional responsibility to vote. Noel P.z . w, oLd, Don Allen has my vote Dear Editor, As a resident of Adams County I feel it is my responsibility to speak up about the candidate I endorse for sheriff. I love to call this place home, and I want to see the right people get elected. I have run into Don Allen a few times, and I have also heard him speak, and because Your n P00ww00! Steve's Automotive & Towing Transfer your Rx today! Kelly Ross, CPhT ACHC PHAgMACY Inside Adams County Health Clinic zo5 N. Berkley, Council Idaho zo8-z53-4957 Where you are treated like family! The Adams County Record of this I have come to the conclusion that he is the right man for the job to lead the sheriffs office. He has a plan and the right mix of busi- ness experience to steer the department in the right direction, not to mention his candidate for under sheriff, Rick Wiley, has more than 40 years of law enforce- ment experience. We would be lucky as a county to have these two at the helm. I also want to say how much I have appreci- ated Don's attitude toward his campaign. He is very approach- able, willing to talk about his campaign and the issues with anyone, and those he has work- ing for him have seemed the same .way too. After I saw who announced their intention to run for sheriff and I learned about them, I have cho- sen Don Allen as the candidate that I sup- port. I invite all of Adams County to do the SalTle. Cov[.l Zollman has energy and experience Dear Editor, The Sheriff of any County or State, needs the energy and experi- ence to hold the office. If you need the Sheriff for a public safety matter, you need the assurance that he and his deputies possess the knowledge to address your prob- lem. He also needs the energy and physical fit- ness to react and follow through to a solution to your problem. This position is not just a job. Please con- sider the qualifications of the candidates run- ning for this office in Adams County, Idaho. My candidate, Ryan Zollman, fills those qualifications for me. 'e ciarree, Co.viL Never vote for an incumbent Dear Editor, We The People (WTP), of these United States are in a critical strug- gle for the future of our Republic. Our fore- fathers handed us the blueprints for the con- duct of the governed (WTP), and the governor (The Government). All we had to do was fol- low those specifications. This we have done, how- ever an insidious mala- dy called Socialism has crept into our midst. In my humble opin- ion, this phenomenon has been facilitated, equally, by the career politician and by the dereliction of duty by: you and me in regu- lating the politician's tenure. Our politicians have demonstrated that they are paralyzed, by" choice or by circum- stance we do not know, when it comes to elimi- nating or even imped- ing the drift toward Socialism. We can be certain that they are not going to be of any use in that regard. There fore the job reverts to WTP. But how are we to accomplish so formi- dable a task? My solu- ' tion to this problem is this: never vote for: an incumbent Icc- tive official. This plan- should be applied to all levels of government: City, County, State, and especially Federal. About 200 years ago,, Frederick Bastiat (1801- 1850)wrote that people. live by labor, but that. since people try to avoid the pain of labor, they_ often resort to plun- der-taking the fruit of someone else's labor. Bastiat said: "When, then, does plunder stop? It stops when it becomes more painful and more dan= gerous than labor. It is-, evident, then, that the. proper purpose of law is to use the power of its collective force to stop. this fatal tendency to- plunder instead of to. work. All the measures, of the law should pro- tect property and pun- ish plunder. But, gener- ally, the law is made b3r, one man or one class of men. And since law can- not operate without the" sanction and support of a dominating force, this force must be entrusted" to those who make the laws. This fact, com- bined with the fatal ten- dency that exists in the. heart of man to satisfy- his wants with the least possible effort, explains I the almost universal perversion of the law. Thus it is easy to under- stand how law, instead of checking injustice,' becomes the invincible' weapon of injustice. It is easy to understand why' the law is used by the legislator to destroy, in varying degrees among" the rest of the people," their personal indepen- dence by slavery, their- liberty by oppression, and their property by plunder. This is done. for the benefit of the. person who makes the law, and in proportion to the power that he' holds." I reiterate: never vote for an incumbent! P.L'ph wLo, 00AIIstate. You're in good hands. INSUMANCI CONSULTANTS Insurance surveys show we SAVE you 20% over other tow companies! 208-2500.-0000614 GEICO, , ........ THE ADAMS COUNTY RECORD USPS: 005-120 Copyright 2012 The Adams County Record is published weekly at 100 Illinois Ave., Council, Idaho 83612-000R by Adams County Record Publishing Co LLC., Lyle Sail, Publisher. Periodical postage is paid at Council, Idaho. 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