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April 8, 2009     The Adams County Record
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April 8, 2009

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Page 2 Thursday, April 9, 2009 There are other on the fire and saved our house, including but not limited to those on the fire and those working in support of the effort. Sincerely Kevin MIldsen Council Generous residents help make our programs go Dear Editor Once again generous citizens of Council have stepped up to support their Senior Citizens and the Meals On Wheels pro- gram. We say a great big thank you to George and Donna McCready and an anonymous donor for their support and dona- tions. We would also like to clarify that if a person at least 60 years old has a hard time getting out of the house or cooking, they are eligible to receive our delicious Meals On Wheels. They should call the Council Senior Center At 208-253-4282 to get signed up. It's that easy to get hot meals delivered right to your door! We want to encourage any Senior Citizen that meets those qualifications to take advantage of this great service. Very sincerely, The Council Senior citizens Obama's Presidency is an obvious improvement on the Bush years In response to a request for me to come and speak, I will try to supply answers to the question poised. What did our previ- ous president do in eight years? The answer is very long and not ver)t pretty. The government agencies Our financial sector was left to police itself, with results that have spoken for themselves. Huge tax breaks have been given to the very wealthy in belief of trickle down eco- nomics. The results were unbelievable profits for the wealthy and a 8.5 national unemployment rate for the rest. Personal . religious belief of the past President resulted in sub- stituting religion for sci- ence in a multi-religious society. Our nation was taken to war in Iraq, based on lies. Over 4000 Americans have died for those lies. Our nation has been made to represent evil, by our torture and treatment of prisoners. Our country has bro- ken ties with allies by the cowboy actions of our past Texas president. I must stop this list, but there is more. what has President Obama done in Washington? His most obvious dealings have to do with the economy. I am sure none of the tea party enthusiasts can remember the Great Depression and have probably spent little time studying it. I remember personally some of that depression, and it was not nice. President Obama is trying to prevent a new Depression. The President is attempting to renew our industries. President Obama is trying to restore respect for America and getting us out of Iraq and is strengthening our government's protective agencies. Most important- ly he is trying" to 'unite a nation that has been so split the last eight years. There are many more things President Obama has done in only a few months. I have a big table and lots of room for the tea party planner; ! e ven counties in Idaho besides Ada County Saw in the Statesman the other day that old plywood from the Idaho Capital Building is being given out to various groups in Ada County. Those are state resources that we paid our state taxes on. Why don't other counties have the oppor- tunity to benefit from them? We could i-eally use donated plywood for the new firehouse or other county projects. Heck, I'd volunteer to drive down and pick it up. We have needs for this kind of thing, too. And we deserve it, we helped pay for it as much as folks living in Boise. lrr l.oeh  IndiIln vIllley Local volunteers flrefighters deserve our praise, support I want to say thanks to all the volunteers and the sheriff department for the fire contro effort on North Galena Road, the afternoon to evening of Monday, April 6. I would like to express my appre- ciation to Ken Ward, and Patti Marvin for their fast response and support. I am also indebted to all the volunteers that respond- ed including but not lim- ited to the Council and Indian Valley Volunteer Fire" Departments, plus the First Responders. Three things that I will not soon forget are: I have great neighbors, I should respect fire more, and minutes truly count. I hope all of the Valley residents recognize the value of Volunteer Fire Departments and sup- port them more in the future. If the new fire building was operational that are designed to pro- have tea. You are wel- l-would hav'';=teet  environment, our-eome,to;omeadat been on:istte sooner d food supplies etc. were mz words, if you can.:: minutes count, We weTe gutted for political tea- Fred L,'Turvur Council Final thoughts lucky but it would be a great investment for the community to contribute more to the Volunteer Fire Department and First Responders. Relying on luck alone is foolhar- dy. Please support your local volunteers, as with- out them we all could be homeless in the matter of minutes. Thanks again to all those that helped out on a back-and- forth debate Dear Editor, When an American citi- zen chooses to speak in an open public forum, be it a presentation in the U.S. Senate, a letter to a small town newspaper, or anything in between, they open themselves to public scrutiny and comment. Rusti Schilling chose to make such a statement in the March 5 issue of Adams County Record and I chose to comment. Since that time she has complained repeatedly and accused me of insult- ing her and calling her names. I have reviewed all of the writings, just to be sure, and nowhere did I call her any names. Insults are a state of mind. Nothing that I wrote is any more or less insulting than anything she wrote back. Maybe I just have thicker skin. i Miss Schilling chose, in her last letter, to add fuel to the fire by introducing alleged opinions by neigh- bors. My only response is that neighbors to whom I have spoken (some of whom know Miss Shilling personally) have enjoyed sons. The legal system designed to protect us was perverted, some men hav- ing been imprisoned for seven years without trial or seeing a lawyer. Our mail and telephones have been eavesdropped, with- out just cause. Industries have been dismantled and shipped abroad, with the encourage- ment of the government. the debate and take no offense. The bottom line is that nothing was accomplished by adding opinions by unidentified third parties from either side. If anyone else has a comment, let them make it themselves. I agree with and com- mend Miss Schilling for her wise decision when she said, 'his is over". Denni M. H-all IndiIn vIllley Don't forget the TEA party next week Dear Editor, All Adams County citi- zens are invited to a TEA Party! This party is not for Republicans or Democrats or Conservatives or Liberals. This party is for people who want to see the Constitution of the United States main- tained as written with limited government pow- ers and individual liber- ties protected. Right now we are witnessing a dis- mantling of our economy and the beginning of a government take-over of the banking and auto industries. Where in the Constitution does it say that if some busi- nesses become "too big to fail" they are awarded BILLIONS of your tax dol- lars? Since when does the President have the right to fire the CEO of a company?. And demand another "business plan" within 60 days or that one American company be sold to a French com- pany? Since when can Congressmen,-who voted for .the "stimulus" that contained the bonuses-- then pass another law to take it away from a few priyate individuals? Did they actually read these bills spending TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS before they -rushed to pass them? What kind of government is this? Certainly, a far cry from what was envi- sioned by Washington and Jeffersonl This is tramplinge structure of our basic precepts ofcap- iialisin , and democracy. This is government power b'eing fised to crush any- one who gets in the way. This in NOT Americal So come to the TEA Party and stand UP with citizens all across .America. There are over 1,600 cities participat- ing in this--check it out on www.taxdayteaparty. com. Council is even listed! So far, none of our elected representa- tives has agreed to be in Council for the party and only Judy Boyle has replied to the invitation. But if YOU will come, it 11 be a great suc- cess. Bring a sign, bring a flag, bring a brown bag lunch. We will have a petition for you to sign to send to our Democrat U.S. Representative, Walt Minnick. He is to be thanked for voting against the Stimulus. He is to be thanked for bring- ing his business sense to Washington D.C. We hope to strengthen his determi- nation to stand for what Idaho families want. This Party is for everyone! And will someone please bring tea? All that is needed for EVIL to triumph is for GOOD men to do noth- ing. Please come. clnda Davenpor Council The Adams County Record Crossword Puzzle [ CLUES ACROSS 1.1st plant virus discovered 4. Doctors' group 7. Refers to a female 10. Type of avocado 12. Gilligan actor Denver 13. ate: raise up 14. Tayra genus 15. Cut wood with an instru- ment 17. "Don't Know Why" singer Jones 18. Cacoethes 20. Made lace 22. Tennis champion Arthur 23. Volt-ampere 24. Nomadic Lapps 25. Isaac's mother (Bib.) 27. Bowler or derby 29. Fiedler orchestra 34. Macaws CLUES DOWN 1. One and only 2. Seriously injure 3. Spanish unit of length 4. Lower in esteem 5. Cut the lawn 6. Assist in wrongdoing 7. Blackthorn fruit 8. Group o( cattle 9. Argentinian diva Peron 11. Yemen capital 13. Lure into danger 15. Indian term of respect 16. Philippine seaport 19. Doctrine suffix 21. Small mountain lake 24. Lasts out 25. An infection of the eyelid gland 26. Sir Samuel John Gurney 27. Possesses 35. Express a supposition 36; Feel ill 37. A verdi tall building 42. Beam out 43. More lucid 44. Leer at 47. A partially opened flower 48. Pop 49. Stemmed 52. Rhizopods 55. Composed of men 56. Sodium chlorides 58. Abba __, Israeli politician 60. Plays a role 61. Quilt gathering 62. Draw through holes 63. Boxing deciSion 64. Contribute 65. Atmosphere seen from earth 28. Built by Noah 30. R y: prayer beads 31. Slowly deplete 32. Indian arrowroot 33. Skilled in deception 38. Marten furs 39. English king 994-1035 40. Interprets 41. Boards 45. Global Design Effort 46. Attached for identification 48. Surfeited 49. Chop irregularly 50. Highest male singing voice 51. Aba __ Honeymoon 53. Concert pianist Elisha __ 54. Bulk storage bag 55. Border for a picture 57. Showed the way, 59. BI__.__: Irish stone Advanced Sudoku 62 78 5 8 5 3 59 7 = 24 1 1 847 1 6 3 7 4 9 To solve the puzzle, the numbers 1 through 9 must fill each row, column and box. Each number can appear only once in each row, column and box. You can figure out the order in which the numbers will appear by using'the numeric clues already provided in the boxes. The more numbers you fill in, the easier it gets to solve the puzzlel Weekly Wolf Report Date for official de- listing set The Final Rule to Endangered . Species Establish a Gray Wolf- becomes effect/re May Northern Rocky Mountain 4, 2009. It was pub- Distinct Population lished in the Federal Segment and Remove Register VoL 74, No. 62 it from the Federal List of Threatened and See WOLF REPORT, page 9 Sincere Thanks The Indian Valley Improvement League would like to thank the family of Gordon Copher for their generous donation. The donation will help with our scholarship fund and for future commu- nity improvement projects in and around Indian Valley. 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