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May 3, 2012     The Adams County Record
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May 3, 2012

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Page 4 Wednesday, May 2, 2012 Editor's Mailbox Continued The Adams County Record forward and speak out! It's obvious that Mr. Zollman is part of the problem. Some of Mr. Zollman's supporters have publicly questioned the physical health and fitness of the other 4 candidates, That seems very petty and distracting from the real issues! If we start down that slippery slope where does it end? Should we demand a note from their doctors? I am much more concerned with a candi- date's moral and ethical behavior and even their mental and emotional health. In closing let me just say that Ryan Zollman has some experience and some knowledge but lacks the skills and the desire to effect change. He is a proven follower not a proven leader. I fear that he will have to call his former bosses for advice anytime he has to make a decision. Do we want more of the same or do we want a change? I say its time for a change, a real change. I don't know who I will vote for yet but I do know who I won't vote for. Recommends Zollman Dear Editor, I was quite happy to hear, recently, that Ryan Zollman is running for the office of Sheriff for Adams County. Ryan was a Security Professional, working for the Campus Security Department, under my supervision, while he attended Treasure Valley Community College. He was certified through Department of Public Safety, Standards, and Training (DPSST) (Oregon). Ryan demonstrated an exceptional commitment for completing his-duties to the highest standard. He handled difficult and sometimes volatile matters with a very high level of tact, skill, and sensitivity. In all matters Ryan modeled the highest level of personal integrity and ethics. He proved to be extremely likable and approachable. What distinguished him from many others, however, was his unwavering dedication tO doing the right thing and making the right decisions. These same traits, demonstrated while he was a Security Professional in college, make him an exceptional choice today. His values regarding the importance of family and the rural lifestyle, his lifelong passion for public safety, experience, and the training in law enforcement, that he has obtained since he left TVCC, make him extremely well qualified. Ryan Zollman is the right fit for the Adams County Sheriff position. I recommend him highly and without reservation. rn;e Ba,:,e_ On;,:,, Or%qo, D'ear Editor, There are a lot of things Adams County needs, but not an inexperienced sheriff's department. Would you trust your health to someone who plans to get their medical degree sometime in the next four years? Please, candidates, don't take this personally, as I don't know any of you well enough to make personal attacks. We are being led to believe it is okay to trust the pub- lic safety to someone who has very little or no expe- rience in law enforcement and is depending on "on the job training" to pro- tect and defend the fed- eral and state constitution Experience required and Adams County laws. Are you kidding me!? This is not a popularity contest and does not lend itself to on the job training. Unless things have changed dras- tically, there is a better than 50-50 chance you cannot survive POST certification. This is not a game, this is serious busi- ness that can have life and death consequences. You don't trust your safety and that of your neighbors to someone who doesn't know what they ar e doing. Mr. Riley may be the best thing since buttered bread but if he is that good and cares that much about Adams County why has he not moved up here and run for sheriff on his own rather than ride in on the coattails of Mr. Allen? Not to mention the addi- tional cost to an already stressed budget, This also suggests that Mr. Allen doesn't have confidence in the presently constituted sheriffs department. Can you say "spoils system?" I appreciated the answered questionnaire in the paper a couple weeks ago and it displayed that four of these candidates were good at producing glittering generalities. The only one of the five that had concrete plans for the Sheriffs office was Mr. Continued Elkhorn BB 1327 Hwy 95, Mesa 208-741-2071 www.elkhornbnb.conq Ryan Zollman Candidate for Adams County Sheriff Commmli'ty Picnic. with Ryan Zollman Saturday May 12th from lpm to4pm at the Yeteran's Peace Park (American Legion Hall) Free Food -'o Hamburgers & Hot Dogs Last chance to get your questions answered before you votes Paid for by Ryan Zollman /of Sheriff Okamoto. Bottom line folks, Mr. Okamoto, like it or not, is by far the best candidate to begin trim- ming the fat and creating a professional organiza- tion. Guess what.., he is already POST certified. Explanation of jail church Dear Editor, The only reason there was a lapse in church ser- vices was construction was being performed at the office, and the only room we had for storage for construction materi- als was the multipurpose room where the services are held. Since then there have been a few weekends the church was cancelled due to lack of person- nel to hold services, per jail standards. As of now we are still short handed, but patrol personnel are helping to cover the jail so church service can be held. I hope this helps people lapse understand more about how the jail and religious services are provided. If you have questions please feel free to contact me. I would rather you have the correct answer than an incorrect opinion. dda, Cozzn/ Ja;/ Cozz,'l Okamoto is the right choice Dear Editor, Here are some thoughts on the sheriff's race after Thursday's forum: It is clear that the pri- mary role of our sheriff is law enforcement--not creating a budget. Our sheriff will be called upon daily to make on-the-spot decisions for which only a solid background in the law is adequate prepara- tion. Personally, I am not satisfied with any candi- date who must appoint someone else to essen- tially run the department. Couldn't he later change the appointment? Then what value is our vote? Let's elect up front the candidate who is best prepared for the primary function of the office, and let him seek advice on secondary (budget) mat- ters. Perhaps Don Allen, loyal citizen, would volun- teer his expertise? Then let's not make the same financial mis- take we have made in the past paying our sher- iff salary to a sheriff who is not POST certified! Currently, our two high- est paid sheriffs are office bound because they are legally ineligible to patrol. If we replace them with one POST certified sheriff we will immediately have more police presence and eliminate two big salaries. Plus, we gain the rapport created when the sheriff performs the same duties as his deputies. It was unanimous Thursday evening that our sheriff's department needs fundamental chang- es. The shocking revela- tions in last week's Record put an exclamation point on that! Yet, as the rumor mill will confirm, none of our candidates are angels; all of them are imperfect men. Our job is to choose the one whose strengths best fit our circumstances and whose weaknesses we can accept. If we sificerely want a new attitude and renewed professionalism in the department, then we cannot elect some- one who grew up under the current regime. We need someone with long and wide experience out- side this department to guide them. As much as I like Ryan Zollman per- sonally, his professional experience was gained under Rich Green. Four years from now I believe he will be a wonderful sheriff. But right now, my vote is for Walt Okamoto. His knowledge of the law and professional attitude were clearly on display Thursday evening. His life history includes suf- fering grave injustice at the hands of overzealous federal agents which, in my opinion, makes him uniquely qualified to lead our department through what may be perilous times ahead. Please join me in vot- ing for Walt Okamoto on May 15. Gun confiscation only for Dear Editor, In your article on gun sales, dated April 25, you state, "there is no smoking gun to show that anyone has broken the law" I will agree with you, if the guns sold were from a felony conviction. I also understand that if laws were broken, fines must be paid However, I must disagree that selling guns that were confiscated during a crime other than a felony was wrong. It's not right that someone must pay to get their fire- arm back when no felony was committed. In my copy of The Idaho State Constitution, dated 2007, page 10, Section 11, Right to Keep and Bear felonies Arms, last sentence: "Nor shall any law permit the confiscation of firearm, except those actually used in the commission of a felony:' Doesn't the State of Idaho Constitution super- sede all laws or statutes? State Candidates Soulier for Representative Dear Editor, What does endorsement by the NRA (National Rifle Association) mean, and what process does the NRA use to arrive at an endorsement for a can- didate? When you regis- ter as a candidate for any elected position, state or national, they mail you a questionnaire. The pro- spective candidate fills it out and returns it to the NRA media relations department to score or See FACING ])AGE, IIII1 Get your "GOAT ON"! Chevre Goat Cheese & Milk Presh raw unpasteurized goat milk J.s.b.A. R00g#000