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May 9, 2012     The Adams County Record
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May 9, 2012

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The Adams County Record learned, over the last several years' time. Here's a short version. I have been diag- nosed with "mild to mod- erate" obsessive-compulsive disorder. My long marriage ended: However, it was neither my illness, nor the end of my marriage, that caused me to defer return- ing to law practice for such a long time. Several posi- tive things happened to me. I became interested in the world of medicine, and was hired by the U of Arizona medical school to work on several sleep research proj- ects. I was able to attend Arizona universities for free, and took many Pre-Med and Psychology classes. I made plans to go to medi- cal school and become a Psychiatrist - the fields of Psychology, Psychiatry, and Neurology fascinated me (they still do). I worked on hospital behavioral health units. I finally concluded that I didr't want to hand out pills for a living. I still read about medical research, and I am more certain than ever that medication is often not the best approach for deal- ing with psychological and psychiatric issues. Let me hasten to add, though, that it can be critical that people with certain mental illnesses take medication (e.g. in the case of schizophrenia or bipolar disorder). I was given the rare opportunity to spend about a decade doing a mix of formal education, medical research, and work on inpa- tient mental health units. The downside is that I could State Races Wednesday, May 9, 2012 Incumbents Dear Editor, This is not an easy let- ter for me to write. I enjoy being on a cordial, first- name basis with our state legislators from District 9. For the most part, Senator Pearce and Representative Boyle have responded to my concerns over the years, and I didn't have any huge complaints about the way they were representing us. However, during the" recent legislative session and this current campaign, I've seen another side of the incum- bents that sorely disappoint- ed me. It appears they, like a lot of us, are willing to listen only to people who agree with them. In public meetings and legislative committee hear- ings, Pearce and Boyle extended far more time, attention and respect to paid lobbyists than to concerned citizens from their district. We deserve better from our elected officials. With our do that without worrying that I was taking time away from a wife and children, because I don't have a wife or children. It makes me sad that I do not have a family, but that is how my life has played out. I moved back to Idaho, and then returned to law practice in 2009. I am glad that I did. I would like to be your county prosecut- ing attorney. "Monk" on TV has obses- sive-compulsive disorder. I'm kind of like that, only without the ability to solve murders quickly. If I could do that, maybe I'd be run- ning for Sheriff. M;dTa/Ca/ 'o;,,so,, Cam, g;dage ,'or ,'dam Coz. V Pr,_zc;,,,, 3 don't listen to ordinary people servative values. Both have small business experience and appreciate how hard you work for your money; they'll work to keep your earnings in your pocket, not in the government's coffers. Soulier and Fattlks are hunt- ers, sportsmen and hunter education instructors who treasure your right to keep and bear arms. They care about our kids and will work toward thoughtful, practi- cal improvements to Idaho's education system. When you hold that pri- mary ballot, think about the power you hold in your hands. Think about the power you are about to grant to your representa- tives. Make sure that power comes with a heavy dose of humility and a commit- ment to transparency and accountability. Vote Faulks and Soulier, Republicans for the Idaho legislature. Z,,d;a V'a/// votes, we grant them per- mission and responsibility to represent all the people of District 9, not just the privileged and the powerful. We expect them to protect the property rights and con- stitutional liberty of all the people, not just those who have the ear of the legisla- tors. You've probably seen some of the campaign ads featuring Pearce, Boyle and Speaker Lawerence Denney, running together as a team. To me, that marketing tactic simply illustrates part of the problem. Their loyalty now seems to be to each other and their party, not to the people who elected them. On Tuesday, we have an opportunity to select two Republicans for the state legislature who are commit- ted to being responsive and accountable to their constit- uents. Matthew Faulks for state senate and leri Soulier for representative hold con- Soulier for real change ethics, and refuse to listen to all their constituents. At the very least, I would love to have them explain their reasoning behind such actions, without lofty quotes and constant reminders that we just need to trust them because after all, they love the Constitution. leri Soulier also loves the Constitution, her country, her state, and all the reasons for living in Idaho District 9B. She loves the people of this district and has shown that repeatedly in her volun- teer efforts. For several years, she invested time to sup- port the future hunters of this area by teaching hunter education. She has volun- tarily served on Washington County Planning and Zoning for over 10 years, where she also demonstrates her care and concern by lis- tening carefully and respect- fully to folks and their sides on each issue. She exhaus- tively studies problems and tries to arrive at fair and reasonable conclusions or solutions. She always tries to make sure that those testify- ing feel that they were given a fair hearing, and then pro- vides them with a clear rea- son and codes behind her vote. I believe these foun- dational qualifies of respect, serving others, and unques- tionable integrity are the key qualities that make a great leader, leri is that person and will do her level-best to be a true representative of her District. _ a3arr, Dear Editor, I am proud to give my support and my vote to Jeri Soulier as my next District 9B Representative. Our current District 9 incumbents have openly sponsored and pushed the passage of legislation to take away local citizen's input and local authority. In exchanges for reduction in teachers' salaries, the schools in their own district were prom- ised "new" technologies and improvements that were not delivered. Their proposals to let public utilities become tax-free entities will devas- tate our more rural county tax base. I am personally sickened by "leaders" that take large contributions from special interest groups that will profit from their votes, have questionable Dear Editor, Voters in Idaho's Legislative District 9, please "Ihrow the bums out both State Representatives, who have voted against local protection for our water, change your habit of voting county roads and bridges, for politicians, such as the and property rights, and present State Senator and instead voted for the gas Page 5 drilling companies. Like dirty diapers, these politi- cians need to be changed. a3a/ F//- Soulier is conservative, fair Dear Editor, I am endorsing Jeri Soulier for House of Representatives seat 9 B, Republican. leri Soulier has owned her own business for 19 years so she understands the chal- lenges that small businesses face. She has been a hospice caregiver and domestic vio- lence volunteer. She. served as a member on the Nitrate- Priority Ground Water com- mittee for 2 years. Jeri is an NRA member and a hunter. She strong- ly supports the Second Amendment and the right to bear arms and has dem- onstrated that support by teaching Hunter Education to the next generation of Americans. Her actions speak louder than any rat- ing! Currently Jeri is serving on the Washington County Planning and Zoning Commission. I have seen how she researches an issue, asks tough questions to get necessary information, and then uses that information along with the information from other P&Z members when making a decision. Jeri listens, is approachable and works hard to seek solutions, She will continue that hard work in the legislature when she addresses issues that concern ALL the citizens in District 9. Jeri is conservative, fair, and feels that it is time for transparency in the politi- cal leadership in this district. She is also a land owner and understands, completely, the right to protect personal property - hers and yours! Jeri will respond to you and your concerns and wants to make sure Adams County has a voice at the Legislature. Jeri has strong values - faith, ethics, work and belief in the USA and its Constitution and govern- ment BY the People and FOR the People. I strongly encourage your support for Jeri Soulier, Republican, May 15. A vote for Jeri is a vote for your voice in the legis- lature. l) eJ,e.r / M C-a/I The privilege of voting Dear Editor, When I was a little girl, I got to go vote! Not in real- ity, but when your parents take time out of their busy day and take you to the polling place you know that whatever is going on is a big deal. I remember get- ting to go behind the "fancy curtain" and watching. I was too short to see what they were voting on, so I hung out under the table. The best part was when we left the curtain room there were people announcing that Stanley and Barbara Rasmussen had voted. It didn't hurt that they would take me to lunch as well. I have never missed an election, nor have my chil- dren. The first time I voted in Adams County, the poll- ing place was at the old Grange Hall. I distinctly remember pulling up to the parking lot and seeing a lot of rigs with bumper- stickers which didn't exactly reflect my views at that time. Nevertheless, I took my infant son out of my scout, put him into my green baby backpack and ventured in. Guess what, no fancy cur- tain...just long tables, big paper ballots elbow to elbow and the biggest X a person could make .... I kinda miss that scenario now, and I probably have the same type of bumper stickers. As years passed I contin- ued with my parents tradi- tion of the importance/priv- ilege of voting. I would pull my kids out of school, get a sample ballot and we would ponder the candidates' fate over burgers or grilled cheese. One year we took a whole bunch of old ballots to AI Harrington's class to explain the process. Another year I went to the senior English teacher's room with a pile of voter registration forms. The last election my youngest son, Cash, and I got lunch at Burgers and More...sat on the tailgate of the pickup and pondered the sample ballot. After some deliberating (mostly about fry sauce) we went behind the "fancy curtain" and cast our ballot. Cash hung out under the table, but when we left he heard, "Tobi Rubelt has voted." This election is a big one, and the kid in the green backpack will be able to cast his own vote for the first time. Will he vote the same as me..., don't know..., guess that's why they make the "fancy curtain." I do know that we will both be beam- ing when they say, "Hank Shepard has voted." Exercise your Right and privilege to vote! Whether you are pondering over a sample ballot while enjoy- ing a burger or making your choice after closing the fancy curtain, remember those who made and con- tinue to make that moment possible. Ryan Zollman Candidate for Adams County Sheriff Communl.'ty Picnic mth Ryan Zoilman Saturday May 12th from 1pro to 4pro at the Veteran's Peace Park (American Legion Hall) -'- ]L00ee Food -" Hamburgers & Hot Dogs Last chance to get your questions answered before you vote! Paid for by Ryan Zollman for Sheriff