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July 18, 1984     The Adams County Record
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July 18, 1984

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,i+ THE RECORD-July 18, 1984 Page2 The Record , blished every Wednesday in SUBSCRIPTION RATES Council. Idaho. Second Class Mail Permit, Council, Idaho 83612 -- SECD No. 392990 RECORD STAFF A.J. Longtin . Editor-Publisher Lucille Longtin... Co-publisher Yearly Idaho residents ...... $7.50 Out of State .......... $9.00 6 Months Idaho ............... $3.75 Out of State .......... $4.15 Nancy Lke) ........ Reporter Address all mail to The Record, D. Gardner...ProductionMgr. P.O. Drawer 67, Counc, ID r,r.-tte Harem ..... Ad Layout 83612. Phone 253-6961 Serving Central Idaho Letters to The Record RECORD POLICY FOR LETTERS TO THE EDITOR 'rite Ree  accept and print all letters sn|tted to the editor providing they meet the following requirements: The letters must meet the standards of good taste, trathfulness and All letters must be signed with  true name of the sender and letters  signatures that cmm be verLqed will not he in,ted. The Record takes the position that if if government -- particularly those that cater to special interest groups." And what about Regional Govern- merit? Reagan's adversaries did not point out that he issued an Executive Order over a year ago to repeal Regional Government. Spotlight carried the story. If Reagan is as bad as his dctracto say: tl) Why did he turn back power:to the States and local government that had been taken away by the fed under previous administrations? I Comprehensive Nuclear Test Bzn Treaty  joined only by the UK ... "One hesitates to ask, but what dos the US hope to gain by forthrighti!y refusing to participate in arms control attempts backed by the great majority of the world's governments? Whal is honorable about closing one's heart to peace?" On this Issue of Paramount Impor- tance the United States is as honorable as heart-hardened Pharaoh was with Moses and the Israelites! Hardened hearts against Peace belong to those who serve the Beast. Fear-full hearts lack true faith. Li p-servme to prayer in the schools does not prove a man is serwng God. Nuclear weapons clearly serve the Satanic. God's "peacemakers" are not soldiers with guns-&-bombs (& to call such "Peacemakers" is 1948-ish doubletalk with a smooth politician -- who can act sincerely enough to fool most of America. it seems!+ Take count of the number of letters in each of his Names: Ronald (6) Wilson (6) Reagan (6): re- VIEW Revelations 13:18. The Minion of the Beast speaks with a forked tongue -- & only the Children of Damnation are deceived..Eleeting leaders like this. bow can we truly be a nation "under God" believing in Isaiah 2: 4? WE are the only country in the world outright REFUSING to work towards Is worth writing about -- it is worth signing your name. It should be further understood that any opinions or statements contained in any letter should not he construed as the opiniou of or the .greement with said opinions or statements by the publishers or employees of The Record. DEAR EDITOR: The U.S, State Department should be warned NOT to let Congressman John Seiberling of Ohio travel to any foreign nations to help us become even more hated, John Seiberling is a true example of "The Ugly American." He arrived in MCall by helicopter, supposedly to "listen" to a crowd of people, most of which were in business suits and pretty dresses, John stood in blue jeans with thumbs stuck in his belt. The first man allowed to speak, thanked Mr. Seiberhng for coming and for listmd_g to the people. John im- mediately flew into the man for mispronouncing his name, with a long I instead of a long E. This first im- pression rocked everyone back, that this man from Ohio, a guest of the State of Idaho, could be that conceited and egotistical. Rep. Seiherling pandered to the hippies in the crowd, and put down every working man that was concerned with the economy or the lumber in- dustry. Seiberling's own state of Ohio could not 8ate their state govern- ment on 30 percent d their landmass as a tax base like Idaho does. The fact that Idaho already has 70 percent of its land tied up in U.S.F.S., State and B.L.M. lands, and most of the WORKING PEOPLE do not want more land lucked up, made no impression on Mr. Seiberling, When Gov. John Evans was asked, "Can we afford more land locked up?" Big John replied to the affirmative, even though he is already talking about a big shortfall in Idaho revenue. Seiberling and Evans both seem to forget that even toilet paper is made from lumbering by-preducts. When we areout of lumber and toilet paper, Ohio can send their "Ugly American," with pre-dramm eoncluaions and a closed mind down to Kamas where he can insult the corncob-producing people. This congressman should never be sent alond, we are hated enough in foreign lands already. Lynn A, Pearson Council DEAR EDITOR: I hardly know where to start -- what can oue say in view of all the over- whei_ming evidence presented by the Reagan-haters? I know these things too, but like Tom Anderson said in a ret personal note to me -- '*who else have we got?" We should know that the conspirators d never allow anyone to make it to the White House without their bonafide approval. But has Reagan really been all that cooperative? Regarding the federal budget -- hasn't he pleaded to for a balanced budgst while supporting the efforts of conservative groups to achieve this? Regardless of budget plan. Congress controls the purse strings and as Peter Grace pointed out in Review of the News I May 30, 194), "The quesis really one of who is rurming the government. Tip O'Neill and the Democrat leadership in Congress say that President Reagan is running the government and that the deficits are the result of his refusal to raise taxes. "In the private sector, you need three powers to run anything: First, the ability to determine the organizational structure: second, the ability to establish pay scales and incentives for your employees; third, you need to control capitol spending. The President of theUnited States does not have even one of these powers. Congress has all of them. And remember, the next time you see the media or a political can- didate playing 'Pin the Deficits on the President,' that for 49 of the last 54 years the Uted States Congress has been in the control of the same party very Democrats now complaining about the deficits they themselves have created. "The cause of the present and projected deficits is the uncontrolled growth in the giveaway programs of t2) Why does he support voluntary Peace & limitation of manufacture of prayer in school, presenting beautiful mass-murder arsenals! Hundreds 9f arguments in favor of this concept? thousands even millions, march for (3) Why does he bypass the rotten. controlled, liberal news media to talk dirtily to the people at least once a week via radio satellite to explain hie position on the issues, and end his message with "God bless you"? (4) Why doesn't he support the ERA like all of his predecessors? (5) Why has he hired more women in his administration than all of the ERA "talkers" combined? (6) Why did he ask Peter Grace to investigate waste and excessive spending in in Washington and urge him to get this information out to the people? Bear in mind that this effort is not costing the taxpayers anything. The 2,000 people involved are all volunteer workers. (7) Why does he stand by his preferred appointees like Ann Buford. James Watt, and now Ed Meese -- who one by one are villified, misrepresented and disparaged by the liberals and vicious media hounds? Then. they are replaced by people he can't trust. Believe me, we don't follow anyone blindly. We were infuriated when Reagan picked that traitor Kissinger to head the study of the Central American situation, and when he sanctioned the national holiday for Martin Luther King. Then there was the China trip that would supply more American tax dollars and technology to the most brutal regime in history. I've always held the belief that if a person is not moral in their private life,- they cannot bring morality into their public life. President Reagan and his Nancy are a devoted couple and there has never been a breath of scandal surrounding his private life with her or before her. Frankly, I have often wondered what some of these paragons of virtue would do if they were in the President's place. He has so many people, and factions, and special interest oups to please, It's a wonder any of these leaders have any personal convictions at all. What a thankless task it is to he President. What a price they pay for their am- bition, Notice hew fast they age even after just one term. So, "who else have we got?" Would you prefer Walter Mondale, secular humanist, CFR-Trilateralist -- one- world socialist? Ultra-liberal Gary Hart who doesn't know how old he really is? Maybe Jesse Jackson -- he'd bring back slavery-- for the whites. So, there are the choices; or. if one doesn't vote at all -- one had better not complain! Did you happen to read the nice article in Family Circle magazine for June. by Reagan's son? He said. when his father was. a young man. working summer vbcations as a lifeguard, that over a period of time he saved the lives of 77 people. Just think. Ted Kennedy couldn't save even one'. Yes. we will vote for Reagan -- but will also pray. and pray hard that Lord and not David Rockefeller. et will guide him in the future. These perilous times -- and as Reagan quoted from It Chron. 7:14. my people, which are called by m name, shall humble themselves, pray and seek my face, and turn from; their wicked ways -- then will I hear.: can I say? Fred & Jeaunette Reeae Mendoino. California DEAR EDITOR: Brita Clark reports some facts that should be of Deep Content to ALL of us, "The Reagan administration's voting record on arms control resolutions before the United Nations is a matter of serious concern to people throughout the world, "During the 38th (1983) General Assembly the USA ALONE voted against ALL of the following resolutions: "1 -- Prevention of an arms race in space. "2 -- Prohibition of chemical and bacteriological weapons. "4 -- Prohibitmn of the development and manufacture of new types of weapons of mass destruction. I Other NATO nations except Greece abstained on this one, )... "7 -- Bilateral Nuclear Arms Negotiations. "The USA also voted almost entirely alone against resolutions calling for a Peace in European cities  & even in the USSR). In the United States: 100 people were all who cared-enough in McCall ,on Mother's Day) to Stand-Up for Peace... You reap what you sow. America. If you refuse to sow the seeds of True Peace. you will harvest the desolation of WAR. If you insist on sowing & stock- piling Seeds of Nuclear Destruction. you will reap devastation. Even before they are exploded you are murdering children with every bomb you build. As former President Dwight D. Eisenhower said. "Every gun that is made. every warship that is launched. every rocket that is fired, signifies in the final sense a theft from those who hunger and are not fed. those who are cold and are not clothed.'" ,, Norman E. Masters Council Blood drawing - July 24 The Council Red Cross Chapter is recruiting volunteer blood donors for a Red Cross bloodmobile visit to Council on Tuesday, July 24 from 12 to 3 p.m. According to the blood program chairmen. Mrs. Dick Armacost and Mrs, Bob Waters, "During the summer months, even the rewdar blood donors forget the importance of an adequate blood supBiy. Vacation plans, family outings, ar other summer fun seem ) keep donm's busy and a 'slump" in the blood collections results." A goal of 60 units of blood has been set for this blood drive. The Bloodmobile will be held at the Council High School Gym. Appointments to donate may be made by calling either 4328 or 4827. Armacost and Waters have stressed the need for all eligible persons to donate blood during this summer drive. "Summer blood donors are important people. Everyone who has a chance to give blood has a chance to save someone's life. "" .q'his year the blood drawing is being sponsored by three local organizations. They are the Council Valley Grange. Council Community Hospital Auxiliary and G. F.W.C Worthwhile Club Hospital .... doctors and staff here are qualified and not run to another doctor just because he practices in a larger town. Several people shared incidences of how family members would have died if there hadn't been a hospital in Council. Also shared was what it was like when the hospital was closed several years ago. If the hospital closed, health in- surance premiums, would go up. In addition, employers like Boise Cascade would be adversely affected. Many people who consider moving into the Council area consider having a good hospital as one of its major assets, Mr. Hart said in conclusion that the feeling he got was the community wanted the hospital to stay open: they would like 24-hour service and they would support the administration's efforts, The addience was encouraged to go back into the community andtell people the facts as they had learned them that night. Most of all that every effort is being made to keep the hospital open. Council. Idaho Phone 253-4839 Robert& Wavah Marais SItOWTIME 8!O0 p.m. II Thursday & Friday Juh- 19 & 20 PETE;S DRAGON A Disney mus! comedy Saturday & Sunday July 21 & 22 NATE & HAYES Ad yen t u re P(; Closed tile Ilance of Juh" in 'ooperetion with the Adan Co. Fal RodeoJ II II r ..Rusty".s viewpoint by Rusty Butler Ph.D ,.- J The Wilderness Issue Heats Up Last week's visit to Idaho by Ohio Congressman John Seiberling, and Senator Jim McClure's response to that visit, point to two distinct philosophies on the wilderness issue. Rep. Seiberling. the powerful Chairman of the House Public Lands and National Parks Subcommittee, wants more wilderness added to the Idaho congressional delegations 526,000-acre proposal. In fact, he feels Governor Evans' 1,2 million-acre idea is great Senator McClure, on the other hand, believes Idahoans resent an Ohio native coming out west to tell them how to handle their affairs. "It's our land and our people that are affected by it. And while he can say. 'Let's have more,' he doesn't pay the price." Senator McClure said. In contrast, Rep. Seiberling says Idaho's pristine lands belong to the taxpayers and to future generations. He continued: "Nobody should have the right to rob future generations to maximize the profit of the current one.'" That is a curious statement. Especially coming from someone who, together with his party, have been the biggest spenders of future generations' money on social programs. Economically, Rep Seiberling and the Democratic Party have, in fact, con- sistently robbed our unborn children in order to assist the present generations. That's one white man who does speak with a forked tongue. The whole wilderness issue is an elitist program. The ordinary Joe Six-Pack and his family will never have the finances or the time to pack into the wilds. Nor will his posterity. The wilderness will only be accessible to them and millions of others fn their minds. Meanwhile, those who are financially IIIIIIIIIlIIilIIIIIIIIIIHIilIIII You Con Win $5.00! Tucked away in one of the ads in this week's Record. the name of some lucky person is printed if you find your name. you will be the winner of a $5.00 check made out to the store or business that spon- red t he a d. All the winner needs to do is: either come by The Record office or call us. and the check will be given to them to be used to purchase some item from the store t0'which the check is made out. If you happen to see the name of one of your friends, why not give them a call and tell them of their good fort une. Illllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll secure mayopt to go visit their private that all new states would enter the retreats owned by the+government), or Lion "on an equal footing with the just relax and know [hose areas are original states in all respects . W r secure from the lowly masses. Most of hatever... This is why there are few those smug people live in the east and. federal lands in the states east of the. could really care less about the Mississippi. And had the sam,: t-onomic impact we in the West are philosophy prevailed, the states in '" -the feeling. West would have few federal lands also. Besides. the wilderness issue violates the intent Of re Foundihg Fathers: In' 1787. the U.S Congress passed the Northwest Ordinance which was the beginning of our Bill of Rights. The Ordinance provides us with an excellent reference in understanding the Founders' philosophy in drawing the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. It contains the most basic statement of our rights which they wanted protected from federal |ntrusion. Article 7 of the Ordinance provides But as each state has been added to the Union, the federal government has illegally retained more and more land. Between the time of our Founders and the present, the socialist philosophy has gained control at the federal level. It says in part that private property is to be abhorred -- the central government should retain ownership. That is. private interests are: irresponsible and unresponsive to the Continued Page 5 ADAMS COUNTY REAL ESTATE Fred Gle,nser Phone: R,,n I)can Richard Anderson 208-253-4888 ' NICE COMMERCI,AL APPLE ORCHARD in Council. 1500 trees, A family business to supplement income, A beautiful area with 3 bedroom home and equipment included, Terms available a 1B%. 2.5 ACRE COUNTRY ESTATE in Fruitvde. Complete with nice improve- ments. Very desirable IDeation, $64.500. BEAUTIFUL 2 BDRM HOME with 800 ft.  river frontage, secluded. Beautiful setting, 2 car garage, $75,000. 13 ACRES ALL IRRIGATED, year round stream next m 3 bedroom home active solar heating system. 'Super location on Orchard road. Many extras for the discriminating buyer. Sl15,000.  .  r+' 80 ACRE RANCH in Indian Valley all irrigated. Cleam 3 bedroom 2 bath home. Ideal for sheep, cattle or just a showplace. Price $205,000. Would take small property in exchange. 160 ACRES, 40 acres irrigated. 100 ton hay barn, new equipment storage along paved county road. Price $125,000. Low down for qualified buyer. 10 ACRES IN THE TIMBER, has power, well and septic, camper hook-up, 18x18 barn, good access. $22,500. The Upper Country Realty % I CAMBRIDGE: Room to " ,riveD/, also very dose in. This 6 bedroom 2 barn home on 3 ..OLu r wilt finance. $60.000. ADJOINING PAYETTE NATIONAL FORES1 on East Pine - 2 bdrm house, 2 yrs. old, on 10 ac. in very rural mountainous are& $31,000. CAMBRIDGE: Beautiful older white 'stone' house with mature trees on 2 lots. 5 bdrms, 2 bath updated wiring and plumbing, good assumable. S55,000. KINCAID HTS: Approx, 8 acres w/good well and fenced, Priced to sell with low down payment and owner will carry. $22,500. BUILD YOUR OWN DREAM: Beautiful, level 20 acres irrigated I '" on paved road in Salubria. CAMBRIDGE: A retirement dream. Small older 2 bdrm. home on 1+ acre in beautiful Rush Creek, artesian well and view of Valley. Owner will finance. $30,000. FARM TO MARKET ROAD, MIDVALE: 715 acre dry farm ranch w/320 ac. under cultivation, abundant springs and grass. Owner will carry O.A.C S250,000. OLD HOMESTEAD w/barn and corrals in secluded Rush Creek area. 9 acres. Has power, timber & access across the County road from creek. Owner will finance. $38,000. 454 ACRES on Brownlee summit. Beautiful timber and lots of springs are 2 of the main attractions. Power readily availaide. Priced at only $500 per acre. ON HWY. 71 - E. Pine Creek - Frontage - 20 acres, near Brownlee Summit OTHER RECREATIONAL pieces on Pine Creek available. """ FU Located Next To Frontier Motei 0n Hwy. Cam Iidga. Idaho i[AttOI  rAary Wailers, Broker Office 257-3351 Residence 257-3851 FOR YOUR UPPER COUNTRY FARM, HOME OR BUSINESS, SEE MARY... MULLER'S REAL ESTATE + Council Otlice P.O. Box 7 253-4264 July Specials! APPROX, 10 ACRES on West Fork of Weiser River near FruiWale. Has Co. road frontage and timber. $28,000.00. Terms. APPROX, 10 ACRES, 2 bedroom mobile home. Land mostly irrigated. Excellent river bottom land. 160 ft. well. Sell $42,500 or exchange for home in Council. APPROX. 9 ACRES on U.S 95. Includes 24x64 mobile home with permanant steel roof and patio INDIAN VALLEY RANCH. 440 acres on Little Weiser Ri' "r. Includes irrigated bottom land, dry land grazing iand some dry farm land. Good 4 bedroom home and nice trees and yard. Grazing 96 pairs for summer. Owner will finance after 1/3 down. $260,000.00, FREE MACKAY BAR FLOAT TRIP for two comes with this 5 acre recreation lot on Fort Hall Hitl, Heavily wooded area ideal for summer cabin. $13,000.00, $5,000 ;down and balance to be financed by owner. APPROX. 100 ACRES with 701 alcres tillable, 40 acres irrigated. All fenced and cross fenced. Includes 50 shares of East Fork water and irrigation,system. Price $139.500. PEACEFUL PINES REC. LOT. 1 acre lot frontingon'the pond. Has access to" spring water andpower. Price SSd)50. 2 - 19 ACRE TRACTS located eas'f Councii/Pin:trees and seasonal creek. $22,500. Good terms. 15% down. APPROX. 16 ACRES, Weiser RiVer frontage. Newly remodeled 3 bdrm home in the pine trees. Has nice yard, garden, and picnic area. Also includes 1 bedroom guest cottage with 2 car garage, Was S135,000 reduced to $95,000. .... NICE OLDER 3 BDRM HOME and 30 acres with irrigation water and outbuildings. One of a kind lo- cation. Reduced price $100,000. 20 ACRES near Laffertv Campg round lust off road to Bear, $39,500.00. Terms. 210 ACRES atop Fort Hall Hill (7 miles north of Council) several good building sites. Owner will divide. $1,000.00 per acre. 6.25 ACRE BUILDING SITE IDeated mile south of Council. Good Access. Easy Terms, Discount for cash. SI.S00.00 per acre. 5 ACRE RECREATIONAL BUILDING SITE near arack. Has lots of trees, borders on ForeSt $12,500.00. Terms. 5.01 ACRES located out Hornet Creek. Would mke excellent building site. $13,500.00. Good terms. t5 ACRES Frontage on Weiser River south of Council $45,000.00. Terms or exchange. Homes & Acreage,'with Homes! 25 ACRES SECLUDED RIVER FRONT property. In- cludes some good bottbm land, very large 4 Terms Or exchange for easy access retire-,'-;-ntnm- ;,,em Council Valley. TWO BIEOROOM HOME on corner lot. includes some out nge u, buildings for storage. $32,500. Sell or eXCh eq "ty for home in Payette area. '. , , 2bath NEW 3600 sq ft. HOME Wth 3 bedrOOm Be s, family room and very comfortable livinn t1 .tiful view of Council valley, peaceful setting. t ly lItr,=d with nice garden area. Also has attached 2 car garage. Located on 5+3 acres approx. 1 mile N.E. of access. Includes 10 ares water. Wilionsior part equity for smaller home in Council or Bo,se S128,000.00. Terms available. Ranch Specials! BEAUTIFUL+i !: 20 ACRE PARCEL.. with m"e fo n+e INDIAN VALLEY 388 acres with 15 acres prime river " =:r build ng. Lots of improved dry land hay and pasture  +  ty. ' $150,000. Terms. Exchange for Utah property. 20 ACRES & DELUXE 1500 sq. ft. home with full Business Opportunities! BEAUTY SHOP & CLOTHING STORE tat in Council. Call for details. RESTAURANT & LOUNGE- two to choose from. Council or McCall lake front. Call for details. MOUNTAIN HOME MOBILE HOME PARK with mobile homes and store. Owner will exchancje for uperOountt'y real estate. Land! Land[ Land! 200 x 300 FT. PARCEL in city of Council. Corners on U.S, T, Excellent commercial IDeation. Streets on 3 sides. S35,000 00. Terms, COMMERCIAL LOCATION LOT, 75 x 135 ft $8500 5.2 ACRES with excellent view power, county road, seasonal creek, overlookmg Council. $15,80000 Terms, light basement. Has 3 bedrooms and 1t on main floor. Daylight basement has family fruit roo"n and bath with shower. ---------xSO daylight sde of basement, 22x24 seasonal creek. $129,500. Cash or Joe rea for smaller home in Treasure Valley or Cahtoma. 30 ACRES wth comfortable ranch i setting overlooking Council Valley. I r+ghts, good out buildings. Only limits. Good terms. Must see to appreciate- Great BEAUTIFULLY LANDSCAPED 1664 ,, Obile ,o,'r,e on 975 acres. Home haS' ths, snow roof and many other eUt c,ate. $76,000 4 INDIAN MFADOWS . Councd, IdahO" I-, hath home under constructiot select the colors, ;art. etc $53,000 or