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July 18, 1984     The Adams County Record
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July 18, 1984

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r by Rev. Ran Davis Council Ceagregatlmal Church Don't Just Stand There-- Do Something! "But they that wait upon the shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint." Isaiah 40:31. There is an American Indian story about a young brave who found an eagle's egg that had fallen from its nest high on a cliff. The brave took the egg and put it into the nest of a prairie chicken. The eaglet hatched and grew up with the brood of prairie chicks. All his life the eagle, thinking he was a prairie chicken, did what the prairie chickens did. He scratched in the dirt for seeds and insects to eat. He clucked and cackled. He flew short distances with a flurry of feathers only a few feet off the ground like the prairie chickens flew. The years passed and the eagle grew old. One day, he saw a magnificent bird soaring on the wind currents far above him. The bird scarcely moved its wings in flight. "What a beautiful bird!" exclaimed the eagle to one of the prairie chickens. W/bat kind of bird is it?" chicken answered. "But pay no at- tention to it, you could never be like it." So the eagle never gave it another thought. He died thinking he was a prairie chicken. The Church today is much like this eagle turned prairie chicken by its surroundings. The Church, which was created by God to soar victorious over Satan and the world, has retreated behind the walls of a building. Instead of being a light to a dark world, the Church is usually content to meet once a week to sing a few hymns, hear a passage of scripture read, and tolerate a sermon as long as it pats everyone on the back and does not challenge anyone to a deeper commitment to Christ. The Church is not dressed in white, spotless, unwrinkled garments waiting for the return of Jesus Christ. Instead, it is black and blue, not from battles with Satan, but from internal conflict. Its robes are wrinkled and soiled by the cares and values of the world. The early Church experienced daily conversions, miracles, and the leading and blessing of God in spite of the persecution it faced. Too often the Church today is content as long as the bills are paid and its members happy. Like the eagle in the Indian story, we scratch out a meager existence when "That is an eagle," the prairie we were created to soar to great Cure popular item -- the mail. Kids love to How would you like to have 2,000 visitors at your door each summer? I wouldn't either, but Harold and Dorothy Boyd don't mind. In fact -- they love It. These two wonderful people are caretakers at Victory Cove Cam- plpround at McCall. They retired in liT/, and accepted this job in 1978. They haven't regretted their decision. They are a caring, happy couple who love kids and adults. They live in Nampa, Idaho the rest of the year. He refinishes furniture during this time. The Boyds moved up May ZSth, to open the camp, even though several patches of snow remained. They pack their  wheeler, to move up in, and live in, until their cabin is ready to occupy. They had plenty to keep them busy before campers arrived on June IIM. Harold had to turn on water, dean out every faucet; valves in tanks had to be checked; new pipes replaced wor- nout ones. All cabins, the chapel and other buildings were cleaned; supplies ordered. The Trading Pest, rum by Dorothy, had to be restocked. She was thrilled to have a new popcorn machine and drink dispenscr. Last year she mid 200 cases, containing 2,400 cans of pop. Candy bars and other typs of sweets are sood sellers too. The day of the penny bars is over -- but some items can be fomd to sell, two for a aickel. These are bought by the younger campers. Dorothy keeps book for the Inter- mountain District, after camp starts. Harold says he is a "Go-For." He "goes for this" and 'T, ocs for that" every day to town. He brings back one extremely hear from home, even though only gone for a week. Campe generally start on Monday, ending Saturday. Directors, counselors and workers arrive on Sunday af- ternoons for orientation. Some weekends, camps almost overlap. Their only free time, is from Saturday noon to Sunday afternoon. Many times cabins are available for rmt to Nazarene Church members, if not occupied. An additional task for the Boyde. "Walk-ons" or visitors for a day, are made welcome by them, and given a tour of the grounds. Dorothy and Harold eat their meals in the camp dining hall, so she is released for duties, other than cooking. After labor Day, and t3 weeks of campers, it takes about four days to the camp up. A.ll buiklbqs ,are deaned, winterized, uUers elused and locked. The caretakers' cabin is shut tight for another summer. After one long look at their summer home and a view of the lake, they head for their winter home. Fond memories of new-found friends remain. "Blessed is the man that heareth Me, watching daffy at My ates." Prov. 8:34. Camp is the gate to Eternal Life for some campers, as they have found Christ as their personal Saviour wnile there. They share this happiness with the BOyds, who have watched over them, and shown love to them in a special way. After all -- that's what summer church camp is all about! COUNCIL ASSEMBLY OF ODD Pastor Gal0 Pa0e Sun0ay 9:45am hip rvices ........ I0:45am 7:00pro Nursory & Children's ChurCh ............... 11:00am Menday Women's Ministries ...... 2:00 pm We0nes0ay Home Bible Study ........ 7:30 pm 6abti.9 provme COUMCIL BIBLE CHURCH Pastor Bruce Penn S Scmol ........... 9:45am (a, ages) Worship Services ........ 11:00am heights. We get weary without as much as a battle. We faint at the slightest problem, and think it strange that anyone would ask why thousands of people would be saved a day to face persecution and death, and today in a country blessed with religious freedom the Church too frequently finds that it is losing members rather than growing in numbers Like the eagle in the story, we are content to scratch rather than soar. We do not give a second thought about becoming what God created us to be. We accept the advice of those around us who tell us to be content, not to dream dreams, have a vision of ministry, and above all -- not rock the boat or make anyone unhappy by challenging them to soar. When Christ returns, it will only be for the Church that is and does what He commanded it to do and he, not for the church that thinks it is the Church. II THECHURCHof JESUS CHRISI oF LATTER-DAY SAINI5 by Robin Lowe I Ward Conference: Council Ward held its annual ward conference during sacrament meeting on Sunday, July 15 al 9:30 a.m. Under the direction of Larry B. Hansen, Weiser Idaho Stake President, the bishop of the ward and several ward members and stake leaders were asked to speak on the theme "...when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God." --Mosiah 2:17. from the Book of Mormon. Bishop Stoker made reference to the gospel of Jesus Christ as being a gospel of love and when we love, we give service. A good example of Christlike service would he a mother and her child. Ward members were urged to not only accept callings from the Lord, but fulfill them to the fullest; and he feels that when people lose themselves in the service of others, they will find themselves. Youth Speaker Nathan Smith summed uphis talk by saying. "Service is not an obligation but an opportunity to give of yourself." Another ward member, Jay Bennion, told a personal experience wherein he was able to offer service by giving a priesthood blessing to restore health. A stake leader Patricia Fuhriman, a former Council resident, spoke about service by telling ward members that we are not asked about our capability but our dependability. She also gave this little poem: While strolling through a little town One evening about seven. I passed a church with a gleaming And a sign "Doorway to Heaven": I thought the one in charge of this Must be an up and comer, Until I saw upon the door the words "Closed for the summer." Now. Satan takes no holiday, He works from sun to sun. His calendar contains twelve months. He never misses one. You say you're tired? You're just worn out, We know, we're that way too But serve others for energy And if you feel your strength and faith Can't do those things you have been asked. Remember well God's promise-- He'll make us equal to the task; Annette Orion. another stake leader Schedule of Church Se.rvices ! MIA ................... 11:n. Sunday  .......... 10:50 am CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE . Ray HtD0erO S0ay  ........... 9:45 am MAr nin Worshlp ....... lt:am  ................. 7:30 pm Bible Slly/Prayer ....... 7:30 pm ST. JUDE CATHOLIC CHURCH Fathe Henry Stemhoff Mass ........ 8:00 a.m. TmiJay Man ........... l:30pm WOMEN'S AGW Nen-mami 3r0 Tulay of 'fl month. 7:30 p.m. at Sr Citizens . Bible sudies Evening Services ......... l:00pm NEW MEAI)IIW various ste sl groups t'ou0ho the week AS$EMILY OF GOO Ws0nesmy Pastor L moan Teen StuOy ............ 7:00 pm SnTy Sevim ...... 10 00am Evenin 9 Sices 7 COMMUNITY Tuesday COMGNEBATIONAL CHURCH ,. Youth Group 630 Rev. Ramie Davis (a0es&l;) Sunday Schoot .......... 9:45 am $1ngTime ............. 10:50am BiS . L .700pm Ttursday Childrm'sBilMeClub ..... 3:45pm Sr YothGroup... 700pro (01 12-Op) CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST M LAnEn-DAY SAINTS METHODIST CHURCH Sumay P Uev C  ..... 9.30 am SumS/ 0:00am Priesthood ......... l:am rv 1 00am Primary .......... 10:,50 am Horsey avaiIae I I CAMBRIDGE ASSEMBLY OF OOD Pastor Art Evans Sulay Scoi ....... 9:45am AM. WOrShip ...... 11:00am Evening Worship ....... 7:30Pro Tummy La0i Bible SII ...... 9:30am Weonmoay CELL Groups ...... 7:00 pm Royat Rangers ..... 7:00 p Mile11 .......... TOO pm Frlay Men's Prayer G . .8:00 CAMIRIDGE ItILE CHURCH Pasior Terry Hlto Sunclay SChI ....... 945am Bible Hour ....... 11:am YOUth MKi ....... 6:30 pm Evening Services ...... 7:30 pm Mld-wk Home Bite Studies Times and Plac vary SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTIST Pastor R*ck WlmOt Sabbatl  9 30 am WOrsh Serv,ce 11 oo am Localed on Highway g SOUth of Cambridge INiIIAN VAI,I,EY INDIAM VAIXEY COMMUNITY CHURCH PastOr Isaac War0 Sunday ool 10 1Sam WOrship Serve 11 15 am Thursday Bib Sty/Praye Winter Months 7 30 Spr,ng Summer. F a 8 00 pen MII)VAI,E BIILE MISSIONARY CHURCH FIIIST IAIqlsT CHURCH Glen R. Peck, lnglim Pastor CCh School ........ 9:45 am Worship ............ 11 00am Say Even, Bible Study ..... 700pm Youth Groul ..... 7:00 pm HOLY ROSARY CATHOLIC CHURCH F Joseph Mul SMa l:00pm We0nesOay Youth IW 4"00 II Sunday Stlool 10 00am Worip Serves t  00 am Jr Good News 7 00 Im Evenin Worsh,p 7 45 pm CHURCH OF CHRIST Minister Roy Wilson Sunday Bilge Study ..... 10:00 am Prlclling 11 00 am Evenin 0 Worship Summer .... 8:00 pm Winter 700pro Bdle Stay ....... 730pro CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST of LATTE R,.OAY SAINTS Sumy Prmthoo Mqetmg .... 9:30am Relmf Sooty .. 930 am MIA ............ 9:30 am Primary ............ 9:30 an,   ....... 10:m  ...... ll:am I COMMUNITY flAFI1ST CHURCH PaslOr Frl D. Hawkins Surrey Sclool ........ 10:00 am Worship Service .... ll:am Teen ClaSs .............. 7: Evmin9  .......... 8:00pro young People Ble Slo. 8:00 am Bible Stu0y & Prayer ..... 8:00 pm II L _ told how the Church General Authorities are extremely sensitive people who serve the Lord by having great concern for all. Many were able to observe this as the General Authorities participated in the Boise Temple Dedicatory Services. As we are called to serve, we fill the needs of others one step at a time and as we are willing and as we obey we are given the strength a.d the skills to serve. She concluded her talk by noting that we may not be up to our callings, but we grow by service. Both ward members Ned Henderson and Gloria Smith bore testimony to the truthfulness of the gospel and the im- portance it plays in their lives. Curt Oinam feels it is great when people don't have to ask others for help, but service is rendered willingly without having to ask or beg. The High Councilor traveled from the Weiser, Payette, Fruitland area to he at ward conference. The stake president then spoke to conclude the meeting He said that Council Ward has a special spirit and good leadership. He urged ward members to eliminate negative things in life as there is not a lot of time for negative things. He complimented alas Lunt on his enthusiasm for the ward music program and made the comment about music in the Church as being a challenge for some, a blessing to others, and a responsibility for all. He also complimented the Council Ward If you were to define the word, "simple," would you make it com- plicated? Many times when we are asked a simple question, our answers are long and hard to understand. Little children come to us with questions that require only a simple answer, but because we think on a higher level, we fail to see the simple, or easy answer and make our explanation hard to understand. A child may ask. "Mama, where did I come from?" Instead of a simple answer, like. "You came from Albany, Oregon" - mother may he thinking the child wants to know the '*facts of life." SimPle means easy to do, understand. use, etc. It means not complex or complicated. One example of this is: Harmonica. the name given to two simple instruments, It is played by either blowing or sucking air through boles in the top of the instrument. The harmonica or mouth organ is easy to play. It is a fun instrument, easy to learn, and can contribute much to adding melodious harmony when ayed with other instruments in s and .ru. It can also be entertaining when played as a solo instrumenl. Simple reminds me of how simple and easy God made the way for us to know Him personally. All we need to ok,. is to read His simple directions in the Bible in John 3:16. For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son. that whosoever believeth in Him. should rmt perish, but have everlasting life." This means that by believing in God, with our hearts, by" faith, we can have assurance of living with Him in eternity forever. Jesus. (l's m. made the way of salvation so simple Ihal even a child can understand. Wise That: Simple trust brings spirutual triumph Now you know the inside ory,. THE RECORD - July 18, 1984 - Page 3 for having five young people out in the mission field serving the l,ord as full- time missionaries. His comment about the Boise Temple was: with all your getting, get going to the temple Pres. Hansen concluded his talk by commenting that the Council Ward embodies the great example of caring for the others with no thought of self, assuring that blessings come when we apply the principles of the gospel to our lives, remembering always to pray. Pioneer Day Celebration - Dinner at the Slaughter Creek Campground on lst Lake, north of Council, Idaho. at 6 p,m., July 24. 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