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July 18, 2012     The Adams County Record
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July 18, 2012

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Page 2 Our leaders Dear Editor, GOP Successes: -Voted in block against Democrat proposals. None were of value to Americans. Check.* -Voted in block against Presidential appoint- ments. None were quali- fied. Check. -Threatened to filibuster any Democratic bills in Senate to prevent passage. Check. -Embarrass the President on every occa- sion, in every way. Check. -Continue to insist that Barack Obama is not an American. Check. -Continue to appeal for money, because Obama has more? Check. -Continue to insist Barack Obama is a Muslim. Check. -Insure Barack Obama is not reelected. Pending. *Item number one must be qualified. A trans- portation bill and a bill to help college students was voted for by most Republicans, because they affect crucial voting "Obamacare" is Dear Editor, It&apos;s interesting that the editor doesn't know that this guest opinion is not the first letter proclaim- ing the liberal slant by any means. I find it fascinat- ing that people on the left continue to twist the facts on Obamacare to suit their fantasy. It is in fact the biggest tax increase in history thanks to the con- voluted opinion of Chief Justice Roberts who stated "the shared responsibility payment merely imposes a tax citizens may lawfully Choose to pay in lieu of buying health insurance http:/ / sites/gracemarieturn- er/2012/07/12/seeking- to-preserve-obamacare- chief-justice-roberts-evis- Wednesday, July 18, 2012 gd42o.'s HaXUm00 should represent all the people groups. Looking over these Republican accomplish- ments has me thinking about the President of the United States. Do we want a Republican President or a Democratic President, or perish the thought, an American President? The President of this nation should represent all the people, not just millionaires, or blacks, or Christians. This is an incredibly dif- ficult task because of our political system. What is expected of Mitt Romney by the people who have donated hundreds of millions of dollars to his election campaign? What is expected of Barack Obama? The answer to the lat- ter two questions are sim- ple. People want some- thing -- lower taxes for the wealthy, elimination or more health care for the poor and middle class. Others want this nation to become a Christian or Islamic nation where a sin is a crime. Others want this nation to become more Socialist with the government acting as a parent. What will a President do or try to do? Very complex question. First he must repay his sup- porters with appoint- ments, and positions of power. Then he will try to fulfill his campaign promises, which anyone looking at our political- , divided nation knows / nearly impossible. So what will he actually do? Probably he will try to compromise which is in itself difficult to accom- plish. I look with distress, and little hope, at our politi- cal system until we have an American President ruled by his beliefs and respect for others beliefs, and a Congress ruled by the desire to serve the American public. the biggest tax increase in history the mistaken impression that they know what is best for everyone. People that cannot afford insur- race now will still not be able to afford it under this pile of garbage that nearly 70% of Americans don't want. Have you given any thought to the people that are able their own medical costs? Didn't think so because that would further dimin- ish your jaded vision of a government that covers your butt from cradle to grave on the backs of the so-called rich. Sadly that will never change because they operate under "don't confuse me with facts because my mind is made Continued cerated-it/. I find it interesting that. this disaster was sold to the public as fees and penalties, denying repeat- edly that it was a tax increase only to argue in front of the "Supremes" that it was a tax. I don't know where the editor got his numbers but I respectfully suggest that he get some new analysts.: I have yet to see any fig- ures that suggest anything but enormous increases. The projected costs have already tripled and most of this mess has yet to take effect. It amazes me that liber- als are so willing to give up freedoms and liberties on behalf of others just because they are under Steve's Automotive & Towing Professional & Complete Auto Service Thanks to all our great customers.* Your business is appreciated. Honesty Perfection @ IS our Goal 2194 HWY 95 COUNCIL, tD 253-3614 IS our Policy - up: And by the way you can only use facts that they agree with. Liberals only believe in the First Amendment if you agree with them. Bottom line: the "edi- tors note" was arrogant, The Adams County Record uncalled for and disin- genuous. Mr. Jenkins deserves an apology! On the upside, Mr. Fisk has done a bang up job expanding the paper and deserves credit for his hard work. That does not mean that he needs to add his "two bits worth" when someone exprdsses an opinion he disagrees with. C_onc_.,'/ "Obamacare" will not increase taxes for most Dear Editor, Regarding Mr. Jenkins' remark about the Obamacare tax increases falling mostly on seniors: according to the non- partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) and the Joint Committee on Taxation, the Affordable Health Care Act will cre- ate more tax breaks than tax hikes for people mak- ing less than $200,000/ year (where you would find most seniors). People making less than $200,000 will receive subsidies and credits amounting to about $343 billion over the next 7 years. Tax hikes in the form of pen- alties for those who won't buy health insurance, a higher threshold for item- ized deductions of medi- cal expenses, and taxes related to health spending accounts will amount to about $64 billion. Seniors over 65 would not be subject to the penalty and probably would not need the deductions since they would be covered by Medicare. Most of the tax/fee increases will come from: new taxes levied on drug companies and insur- ance companies, higher Medicare payroll taxes for individuals making more than $200,000/year, excise taxes on "Cadillac" insurance plans, and a 3.8% surtax on certain investment income profits for couples with annual incomes over $500,000. People making under $200,000/year would not be "directly affected by any of these. Health insurance companies are also now required to spend 80% of their premium income on customer payout or refund their customers the difference. Over $1 billion in health insur- ance rebates are expected to go out to 13 million Americans this summer. By the way, the CBO also estimates repeal of the Affordable Health Care laws would add to the deficit an amount equal to about one-half percent of GDP (about $200 billion.) Our Idaho congressmen consis- tently fudge this fact. Congressman Simpson has repeatedly misre- ported that the Affordable Health Care Act would add a trillion to the def- icit, and claims he gets that information from the CBO. If you have a computer and can type "" you can read their real figures for your- self. 77,,,, /o/7 ,7;z'va/e THE ADAMS COUNTY RECORD USPS: 005-120 Copyright 2012 The Adams County Record is published weekly at 108 Illinois Ave., Council, Idaho 83612-000R by Adams County Record Publishing Co LLC., Lyle Sail, Publisher. Periodical postage is paid at Council, Idaho. 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