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August 8, 1984     The Adams County Record
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August 8, 1984

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THE RECORD - August 8, 1984 - Page 6 VGUIDE Daytime Schedule Daytime Schedule M0nday--Friday M0nday--Friday B: CBSMORNING NEWS 7:45 A.M. WEATHER S: ,0PYRAMID 8:00 SESAME STREET 0:00 PRESS YOUR LUCK 9:00 MISTER ROGERS 0: THE PRICE IS RIGHT 9:30 OFF AIR 10:00 THE YOUNG ANO THE UNTIL 4 p.m RESTLESS 4:00 SESAME STREET 11:00 BODY LANGUAGE 5:00 MISTER ROGERS 11:30 AS THE WORLD TURNS 5:30 ELECTRIC COMPANY 12:00 CAPITOL 5:00 NIGHTLY BUSINESS 1: THE GUIDING LIGHT REPORT 2: HOUR MAGAZINE 6:30 IDAHO REPORTS 3:00 TOM&JERRY 7:00 THE MacNEIL-LEHRER 3:30 GILUGAN'S ISLAND NEWSHOUR LISTI N /-'7 KIVI Daytime Schedule Daytime Schedule Monday--Friday Monday--Friday 5:30 CNN NEWS 6:30 NBC SUNRISE NEWS AUGUST 9-10 7:00 TODAY DAYTIME & EVENING 9:00 DONAHUE 6: GOOD MORNING AMERICA 10:00 WHEEL OF FORTUNE S:30 LOVE CONNECTION 10:300 SCRABBLE 8:30 MARYTYLER MOORE 11:00 SALE OF THE CENTURY 9: SUMMER OLYMPICS 11:30 TICTAC OOUGH 11:00 ALL MY CHILDREN 12:00 NEWS 11:40 ONE UFETOLIVE 12:30 CNN NEWS 12:20 GENERALHOSPITAL 1:00 SANTA BARBARA 1:00 SUMMER OLYMPICS 2:00 ANOTHER WORLD 3:30 ENTERTAINMENT 3:00 DAYS OF OUR LIVES TONIGHT 4:00 HAPPY DAYS Ill "- 00.Library .. Bookshelt by Nancy Lakey On the new bookshelf at Council vZalley Free Library are three brand new novels. The Walking Drum is Louis UAmour's latest; it is also a departure from the western novels that won him his world-wide acclaim. The Walking Drum is an historical adventure tale set in the 12th century with Marco Poloian overtones. Elizabeth Peters has a new book out: Die For Love that lightheartedly spoofs the writers of romance. Jacqueline Kirby is the heroine, fans will remember her from The Murders of Richard lIl. Elizabeth Peters' tales are always well spun and written with a master's touch. 4:00 LOVE BOAT 4:00 THE PEOPLE'S COURT 4:30 LAVERNE & SHIRLEY p Six is the new suspense novel by 8:00 TAXI 4:30 ABC WORLDNEWS 5:00 NEWSCOPE 5:30 NBCNEWS Clive Cussler. author of Raise the 5 SUMMER OLYMPICS %%%%k%%31 530 CBSEVENING NEWS Thursday Evening 10: NEWSWATCHB 6: CHANNEL2NEW$ 6: NEWSCENTER7 ......... 8:00 WHEEL 0F FOHTUNE -- AUGUST, 10:30 SUMMER 0LYMPIC; ':" +'"'" rltter K orner j i l"-Ilursday Evening s: OUTDOOR IDAHO ening , AUGUSTg ING --'--" ---; "-a "" e  Council Veterinary llospita 7:00 MAGNUMP.I. 9: THE SINBAD VOYAGE & Evening AUGUST9 ,t':][,%%y,2rL-%%rL-__  0: SIMON & SIMON 10:00 SNEAK PREVIEWS  7: GIMME A BREAK First Aid for Horses 11: KNOTS LANDING 10:00 NEWS 10:00 ALL IN THE FAMILY 11:00 HART TO HART 12:00 MOVIE Friday Evening AUGUST 10 7 DUKES OF HAZZARD 0: DALLAS R FALCON CREST 10:00 NEWS t0:00 ALL IN THE FAMILY 1100 MOVIE Saturday Daytime & Evening 10:30 MASTERPIECE THEATRE 11:30 IDAHO REPORTS Friday Evening AUGUST 10 800 WASHINGTON WEEK IN REVIEW 830 WALL STREET WEEK 9: DINNER ATJUUA'S 9:30 THE McLAUGHUNGROUP 10: AUSTIN CITY LIMITS 11: SPECIAL CARE 11:30 IDAHO REPORTS Saturday Daytime & Evening AUGUST 11 AUGUST 11 8:30 SATURDAYSUPERCADE 1:30 CREATING ALTERNATIVE 7:30 DUNGEONS&DRAGONS FUTURES 8: CHARUEBROWN 2: THE MONEYMAKERS 8:30 RUGS BUNNY 2:30 NEW TECH TIMES 10: THE DISKETTS 3,'W MATINEE AT THE BUOU 10;30 BEN,litHE 4:30 THE DOITYOURSELF AUEN PRINCE SHOW 1100 NEW FAT AUlERT 5 FIRINGLINE 1130 CBS CHILDREN'S FILM B INGRID FESTIVAL 7:30 1984 NATIONAL HIGH 12:00 KIDSWORLD SCHOOL CHEERLEADING 12:30 INTERNATIONAL RACE OF CHAMPIONSHIPS CHAMPIONS 8: MAKING OF MANKIND 1: U,S. CLAY COURT TENNIS 9:00 MYSTERY CHAMPIONSHIPS 10: DINNER AT JUUA'$ 4: 10th ANNUAL INTERNA- 10:30 GREAT PERFORMANCES TIONAL AIR SHOW R:m NEWS 0:= LD..E.EENE'SNEW Sunday Daytime WILDERNESS 8:30 THIS IS YOUR LIFE & Evening 7.'m WATERSHIP DOWN 0: MOVIE "Anche Express" AUGUST 12 10: BARNEY MILLER 8: MISTER ROGERS t0:30 MOVIE 8:30 ELECTRIC COMPANY "'Return of the Pink Panther" 9.'W SESAME STREET 10: MISTER ROGERS Sunday Daytime 10:30 ELECTRICCOMPANT 11: THE SPOKESMAN Evening ,,:30 COLD.SOU.US & 12: gERMAN PROSOCCER 1:00 MAGIC OF OIL PAINTING 1:30 WINE, WHATPLEASUREI AUGUST 12 2: PET ACTION LINE 7:00 COS SUNDAY MORNING 2:30 THE GREAT OUTDOORS 0:00 DAY OF DISCOVERY 3: WOODWRIGHT'S SHOP O: THE WORLD TOMORROW 3:30 UNDERSAIL !1;00 IT IS WRITTEN 4.'00 VICTORY 6ARDEN 10",00 FOR OUR TIMES 4:30 THIS OLD HOUSE 10:00 KiOWORLD 5: WALLSTREETWEEK 11:00 TO BE ANNOUNCED 5:30 OUTDOOR IDAHO 1:30 U.S. CLAYCOURTTENNIS 6: NOVA 4:00 FACE THE NATION 7:00 EVENING AT POPS 4.'30 INTERACTION 8: SURVIVAL 0: NEWS 9:00 MASTERPIECE THEATRE 8: MINUTES 10: DALLAS: A STAKE IN THE 7: ONE DAYAT A TIME ARTS 7:30 GOODNIGHT BEANTOWN 10:30 OBERAMMERGAU: ITS 8:00 THEJEFFERSONS PEOPLE AND THEIR PAS- 11:00 ALICE SIgN 0: TRAPPERJOHN 11: MONTYPYTHON AUGUST 11 6: MONCHHICHIS/LITTLE RASCAL$/RICHIE RICH 7:00 NEWSCOOBYD00 7:30 PAC-MAN 8:30 THE LITTLES 9.'W PUPPY/SCOOBY Dog 9:00 SUMMER OLYMPICS 4:30 TWILIGHT ZONE 5: SUMMER OLYMPICS 10: NEWS 10:30 SUMMER OLYMPICS 12 TWILIGHT ZONE Sunday Daytime & Evening AUGUST 12 7: DR. D.J. KENNEDY- 8: JERRY FALWELL 9: EXPECTA MIRACLE 11:30 KENNETH COPELAND 10:30 TAKING ADVANTAGE 11: SUMMER OLYMPICS 4: ENTERTAINMENT THIS WEEK 5: SUMMER OLYMPICS 10: NEWS 10:30 MOVIE "Partners in Crime" 12: SOLID GOLD Monday Evening AUGUST 13 7 CALL TO GLORY 11 SUMMER OLYMPICS 10:00 NEWS 10:30 NIGHTUNE 11 TWILIGHT ZONE 11:30 MOVIE "Adventures of Nick Carter" Tuesday Evening AUGUST 14 7: FOUL-UPS 7:30 THREE'S COMPANY B MOVIE "Mac West" 10: NEWS 10:]0 NIGHTUNE 11 TWILIGHT ZONE 1130 MOVIE "Stranger at Sunrise" Wednesday Evening AUGUST 15 T: THE FALLGUY 0: WORLD'S FUNNIEST COM- MERCIAL GOOFS 7:30 FAMILY TIES 8: CHEERS 8:30 NIGHT COURT 9: HILLSTREET BLUES 10:00 NEWS 10:30 TONIGHT SHOW 11:30 DAVID LETTERMAN 12:30 CNN NEWS Part 2 AZOTURIA (TYING UP) This is a condition typically seen in unfit horses that are kept on heavy feed and grain during periods when it is not working. Soon after exercise is started the horses' muscles stiffen and become very painful. Signs may include profuse Friday Evening sweating, rapid pulse, nervousness and a very stiff and stilted gait. These signs AUGUST 10 7: THE MASTER 8: MOVIE "For Love and Honor" 10: NEWS 10:30 TONIGHT SHOW 11:30 FRIDAY NIGHT VIDEOS 1:00 CNN NEWS Saturday Daytime & Evening AUGUST 11 6 FLINTSTONE FUNNIES 630 SHIRT Tldm 700 SMURFS 830 ALVIN & THE CHIPMUNKS 9 MR T 930 AMAZING SPIDERMAN 10:30 THUNDAAR 11 BATMAN 12 BASEBALL 3 VEGAS 400 WILD KINGDOM 430 NBCNIGHTLY NEWS 5 HEE HAW 600 BARBARA MANDRELL 700 OIFF RENT STROKES 730 SILVER SPOONS B MAMA'S FAMILY 830 PEOPLE ARE FUNNY 9 THE ROUSTERS 10 NEWS 10:30 FRIDAY NIGHT VIDEOS 12 ROCK nAMERICA Sunday Daytime & Evening AUGUST 12 6:30 AGRICULTURE USA 7:00 CNN NEWS 7:30 MUSIC & THE SPOKEN WORD 8:00 HAPPY DAYS 8:30 LAVERNE&SHIRLEY 9 CNN NEWS 930 WALL STREET JOURNAL REPORT 10 NEWSCENTER7FORUM 10:30 MEET THE PRESS 11:00 NBC RELIGIOUS PROGRAM 12:00 NFL'S BEST EVER 1.' THE VICTOR AWARDS 3: THE BULL RIDER 3:30 THE CINDERELLA SEA- HAWKS 4: MUPPET SH0W 4:30 NBC NEWS 5: NEWSCOPE 10.'00 BARNEY MILLER 10:00 ALL IN TH_ FAMILY 0: HOTEL 5,30 KTVBVIEWPOINT Monday Evening 10: NEWS 6: SUMMER SUNDAY, USA 11:00 CBS NEWS 11:15 INTERACTION 10:00 NIGHTUNE 7: KNIGHT RIDER - 11:48 CHIPS 11: TWlUGHTZONE E: MOVIE 11:00 MOVIE "Little Darlings" AUGUST 13 "Stranger at My 0got" 10: NEWS B: EVENING AT POPS Monday Evening 0:--GREAT PERFORMANCES COWiL 10:30 AUCE 11 GREAT OUTDOORS 1100 VEGAS .... 11:30 'DAH0 REPORTS M noay :ven|ng0 "-7--'-- r'- 7.'M AIRWOLF 9,' CAGNEY & LACEY AUGUST 13 10:00 NEWS 7: "iV BLOOPERS 10:00 ALL IN THE FAMILY 8 MOVIE 1100 MAGNUM P.I. AUGUST 14 age 12: MOVIE B; NOVA 10: NEWS usually appear within the fir 15 minutes to 1 hour after starting work. The hindquarters tend to be the worst affected. Muscles on the horse feel tense and are painful. IF AT ALL POSSIBLE, DO NOT MOVE THE HORSE. Serious damage can be done if the horse is forced to move -- even to the stall or trailer. Provide shade if the day is hot. Call for veterinary assistance to treat the condition. HYPERTHERMIA (Heat exhaustion and Heat Stroke) Horses. like people are prone to the advese effects of exertion on a hot and humid day. The heat regulating system malfunctions and the body temperature rises. Horses are weak, dizzy and may collapse. Breathing is rapid, the horse may or may not be sweating. Taking the horse's temperature will tip you off to this problem. The temperature will be above 103 and may be too high for the thermometer to register. The most important part of treatment is to lower the horse's body temperature by whatever means possible. Hose down if at home, and in a stream and douse in water if out. Rubbing alcohol can be used too -- it feels very cool as it evaporates. Offer water and salt. Prevent this problem by giving frequent rest periods and water breaks when working on hot days, especially when the days are humid (sticky). SNAKEBITE It is the horse that is extremely curious that is likely to have the most trouble with snakebites. These horses get bitten on the nose or face and the swelling that results interfe'es with normal breathing. As breathing becomes more difficult, horses become depressed and weak. A bite to a leg is not life threatening, it causes local swelling and pain. Move the horse as little as possible. If the bite is to the nose, 2 small pieces of garden hose placed in the nostrils will help the horse breath. Follow the instructions in a snakebite kit if you witnessed the bite. Get horse to shelter and call veterinarian. Prevention of this problem is far easier than the cure. When riding, pick a path that steers clear of rocks. When stopped, tie the horse's head up. , "A SWEEP IN TIME CAN SAVI0000." Ben Franklin Knew AUgusT. .:= ID.0REPOm .o.  . ,. Evening +0, ,n ,,:. 7: CROSSROADS bowl lined with crisp salad , MOVIE greens. Combine remaining AUGUST10 And remember. "'Don't put off 10.'00 NEWS inlpredien. (Dressing is best 7: DOUBLE TROUBLE ? untd tomorrow wl-t you can do 10:00 ALL IN THE FAMILY when meiiowed l hour.) Serve 7:00 JENNIFER SLEPT HERE today," Cal| now. 11:N NEW AVENGERS over fruit. Makes 4 servings. 0:00 FACTS OF LIFE '" 1,?:00 MCLOUD 8:30 TO BE ANNOUNCED Tamarack Chimney Sweep The Pledge of Allegiance For more fine pineapple Tee-  ST, ELSEWHERE Mclntyre first appeared in a ipes. nd a stamped, self- 10:00 NEWS ---- Steve "Give every man thy ear. magazine for boys, the addressed bss size enveI- 10:00 TONIGHT SHOW but few thy voice." "---- 253-44 16 Youth's Companion, in ope to Dole, Dept. PA ]2, San 11:00 DAVID LETTERMAN Shakespeare 1892 Francisco, CA 94120. 12:00 CNN NEWS 9 VIETNAM: A TELEVISION CITRUS SALAD BOWL 10:30 TONIGHT SHOW U:_ Wood Stoves. Tuesday Evening 10: SOUNDSTAGE Pineapple 12:30 CNN NEWS WHeN I INTENTED 11:00 UNDERSAIL medium'xpefruit, .- Frank|in stove ] madc a mLstakc. ] 11:30 IDAHO REPORTS peeled, sectioned l UOOUOy iB.VUlUlng :00 AFTER M*A*S*H 2mediumorang should hae said, "A sweep in time ]':00 DOMESTIC LIFE lIJ =,11 =,.ll .. sectioned can sae mine." 0:OO MOVIE .,ay I avocado, peeled, seeded, AUGUST 14 "Tle Patrtcia Neat Story" chunked 7: THE A TEAM But instead i sasd, "'A stitch m time 10:00 NEWS CdsplP"=,+mu+ 0: RIPTIDE ALL IN THE FAMILY l/2eupdairyoureream 9:00 REMINGTON STEELE can save nmc" 11:00 McGARRETT l/4eupdieedpeeum 10:00 NEWS 12:00 COLUMBO AUGUST1S l tablespoon brown sugar 10:00 TONIGHT SHOW Wt a silly mistake. ] krmw 8: NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC ! teaapooalyg'rated 11:30 DAVID LETTERMAN chimney [ire [rom a dirty stove can Wednesday - 11: ANATOMY OF A UBEL ora.epeeI 12:30 CNNNEWS b: [,ta] And tzt'sa Iotmor CASE: BUSINESS V. THE lt4teaxpoongroundginger MEDIA I)abnutmeg  _ important than a upped seam. Evening .: JusTIN WILSON'S LOUISIANA COOKIN' Dndn ptl_e; to with weDnesDay So you make sure you have ",'our m-pmtt,  and era- Titanic. Chills, spills, political intrigue, and international espionage spice this modern-day adventure tale. My Animal Kingdom, One by One by David Taylor tells the real life ad- venture of a wild animal veterinary. BBB did a television series on David Taylor called "One by One." It is real, humorous, interesting and just plain fun. Where else, for instance, could you discover how to treat a killer whale with pneumonia, save 10,000 pheasants from starvation or cure a very con- stipated camel? For old house buffs, there is the book The Old House Book of Outdoor Living Spaces, Lawrence Grow, general editor; S. Allen Chambers, consultant. The book is studded with illustrations, photos and detailed plans. Period houses are shown along with the right kind of patio, porch, country anti-or summer house. MENASCO Jr INSURANCE 204 Lawrence Council, ID 253-4334 All Lines Of Insurance NEW HEARING AID TECHNOLOGY ANNOUNCED 1. Do you hear but do not separate words? 2. Is it hard to hear when in groups? New Developments Let You Hear Better In Noisy Places Write or Call For iniormation: DALTON HEARING AID CO. 1821 State Street Boise, Idaho 83702 (208) 342-6052 I IilillUmmlI SEND I NFORk ;-ION ON HEARI NG AI D DEVELOPMENTS TO: Name ........................................................ Address City, State, Zip ............................................... Telephone:. .................................................. TAMARACK by CHAMPION s28,900 !! ONTARIO HOMES 1260KM 99 PM WT, IfI00I NEWS SCHEDULE 6:00 - 6:45 a.m. Farm Reports __ 8:00- 8:15 Daybreak News. Local, Regional, : & National Sports & Weatier : 11:55 - 12:15 News & Farm Reports = 5:00 p.m. CBS World Tonight - _= = = HEAR T, IE DIFFERENCE "-- - "'"  7:50 Quiz daster  10:30 Gabby Gourmet- Itchen Tips with Fred Wix _ . - 11:30 & 4:30 Coors Country News- In Depm Interviews with Country Music --- Artists : =- 12:25 Health Talk = 12:30 Trading Post- Buy, Sell & Trade "__- 1:30 Mini-Concert - - 3:00- 4:00 Friday, Country Music's Top 10 -- 1 .... " - . 2.00- 3.00 Saturday, 'Weekly Country Muszc : [. Countdown " _ -!