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August 8, 1984     The Adams County Record
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August 8, 1984

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'!Below cost" timber sales on the Payette National Forest ecent at!,ention to the qu, estion of Staff Officer comments, +'m 1981 and analyzed, higher initial and mid-point , :'elow-c(mt and "deficit' timber 1982, the amount of timber harvested ::ontract ymtts a sbles nationally has influenced the and the bid price on timber sat in the tmrter trm colltrael Payette National Forest, headquar- national forests was considerably lower +th each timber sale. in McCall, Idaho. In a response to because of a prolonged slump in he 00News for Sportsme n in activities like bitterbrush planting. con struction of bird guzzlers or Idaho Fish & Game Dept. Fish & 6ome 0uestions - Recreation contract paym(mts are required, and smrter term contracts are considered The Fort s preparing a land and from the Chief of the Forest homebuilding industry. That natron- resource management plan. This rviee, the Payette analyzed its wide slump was reflected Itx, ally on the developing plan will analyze the social, tber program from 1979 through Payette's timber sales, environmental and economic effects on 1983. The. Forest found, using data "Forest management requir long- all management options (including generated from the developing Forest term investments," Allen added, timber, forage, wildlife, water, by Fred Chrlstensen Q: I read in your column that some farmers believe there are too many .,+pheasants. How absurd. I've been +hunting since I was 14 years old and never yet have seen toe. much game. What is this state coming to when farmers can't afford a little extra seed to feed our wildlife and preserve our heritage and hunting in Idaho? This brings me to my first question. Is is possible to obtain a list from Fish & Game of the farmers who think they have "too many pheasants"? Then this fall my Brittany and I could help thin the flock a little and put some meat in the freezer. My second question: How does one go about getting involved with decisions of the Fish & Game Department and helping out with conservation programs? I feel that as a native Idahoan for 30 years, the time has come to get involved with preserving and maintaimng our hunting and fishing privileges that we have and that I have enjoyed ever s I can remember.--D.W., Nampa A: Conservation officers investigate all pheasant depredation complaints and they enter activities on a daily log. When firecrackers, Zon guns or other devices are given to landowners, depredation reports are entered on the log so the Department of Fish & Game can account for costs. Records, therefore, are quite complete. Many farmers apparently do minimize pheasant depredation, or the department does not hear from them. Fair ribbons.... Jared Hill (Guinea Pig) Red K.C. Kesler (Dairy) Blue Jennifer Kesler (Dairy) Blue Pd[aria Nelson (Cdcken) Blue Secretary Books Crazy Cooks White Freaky Farmers Blue Pattern Pigs Red Krazy Kritters Red Fast Fingers Blue Rocky Mtn. Riders Red Meadows Valley Trail Trotters ......... BlGold Generics Blue Flying Needles Blue Dog Jodi Deweese Blue Veterlnary Science Casey Kesler Blue-Gold Jennifer Kesler Blue-Gold Basketball Jennifer Schwartz Blue Pam Walling Blue Linda Deeds Blue Tv, Smith Blue Christina Gray Blue Jenni for DeHaas Blue Safe Shooter Pare Walling Red 4-H STYLE REVUE Beginners ( Stitches ) LaVeUe Gardner Mlf Kesler Suzi Fujishin Renae Crossley Lauretta Yantis Intermediate (Patterns) iShore Tasa Cheverton Senior Advanced Laura Smith Becky Woods Maria Nelson Jennifer Dodge Tangi Caudill Opea Class Partldlmnts Skye Marie Hallett Laura Smith Twila Smith Fe 4-H Pm'tieipants den e Ogden Heather Ogden Award Blue-Cold Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue-Gold Blue Blue Blue-Gold Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Green Green Green 4-H DEMONSTRATIONS Home Eennomics Beginning Award Suzi Fujishin Blue-Gold Twila Smith Blue Rmi Crossley Red Junior Kristi Shore Blue-Gold Tasa Cheverton Blue Intermediate Becky Woods Blue-Gold fie Red y Safe Red Agriculture & Misceli Junior Lauretta Yantis Blue-Gold Kris Shore Blue Pa'Walling Red Intermediate Toni Elsberry Blue A SPECIAL THANKS To the follov,g for their  of the Adams County Fair & 4-H Livestock Sale: THANK YOU BUYERS: BEEF Some methods of control do help, but involve quite a bit of effort on the part of the landowner. Personally. I would like to see some research and some experimental projects on pheasant depredation control, Funds from a pheasant stamp if such a proposal were to become law -- could be used very ap- propriately for such an activity I believe there are solutions to these problems and that pheasant depredation can be minimized and still maintain a viable pheasant population. It is great that you want to become involved in preserving and maintaining bunting and fishing in Idaho The most important thing for you to do is to become informed by acquiring ac- curate information about Fish & Game operations and problems. When you are armed with this in- formation, it is then important for you to form opinions and let them be known. Actively support your positions and beliefs. Here are some ways to become involved: --Join an organized sportsmen's group. You will get more information and other opinions faster if you are a member of an active orgamzation. --Subscribe to "Idaho Wildlife," the Fish & Game magazine, and a good source of information. --Attend public hearings pertaining to vdldlife resources held by Fish & Game and other agencies. --Support Citizens Against Poaching. --If you want to become actively involved, you may wish to participate Report COUNCIL RANGER DISTRICT All campgrounds are open. Evergreen, Cabin Creek and Lafferty campgrounds have water Evergreen and Cabin Creek each have a $3.00 overnight fee. Black Lake and Kinney Point are still inaccessible due to snow. There is major logging on all roads especially the Council-Cuprum road, please use extreme caution. Sheep Rock road is closed except on weekends. Ore trucks are operating on the Kleinschmidt grade Monday through Friday. Trails are being maintained on the District except in the Seven Devils and Hells Canyon area. High lakes are open, reservoirs and streams are normal. Fire danger is increasing, he extremely careful with campfires, make sure they are dead out before lea ving+ NEW MEADOWS RANGER DISTRICT All campgrounds are now open, Grouse and Cold Spring have water, Cold Spring is a $3.00 fee campground. The Hazzard Lake Road is now open to Elkhorn There are logging trucks on nearly all roads on the District West Branch Road from Price Valley to the junction with Lost Valley-Smokey Boulder road will be closed Monday through Thursday from 6 am until 5 Boise Kenworth Sales, Boise Cascade Logging, Evergreen Wood Products of New Meadows, Weiser Livestock Commission, Western Idaho PCA of Weiser, Consumer Cooperative of Weiser, Clifford Crossley, Tim Veselka and Reed Henderson. SHEEP Shaver's of Council, Weiser Livestock Commission, Ruben's Amoco Servico, Council, Western Idaho PCA of Weiser, Idaho State Bank of Cambridge, and Idaho First National Bank d iL INE Shaver's of Cotmeil, Evergreen Wood Products of Nov/Meadows, Idaho First National Bank of Council, Boyd's Self Service, Council Veterinary Clime, Ruben's Amoco Service, Council Rexali Drug, Western Idaho PCA, Boise Cascade, Council Auto Sales, Adams County Realty. Each buyer is listed once for each animal that was bought. A special thank you to Clayton Tschirgi for auctioneering, to Adams County Commissioner Clifford Kep- pinger, to Bill Naum from Weiser Livestock Commission and to Mr. Joe Church for covering the floor and taking all of our bids, to Gem Pack of Boise for Flooring our animals, to the Idaho Statesman for supplying the beautiful Grand and Reserve Champion Trophies, to Cuddy Mountain Arabians of Council for buying the 4-H Judges lunches this past Fair Week and, last but not least -- to each and everyone of you who have supported our i984 Fair and 4-H Livestock Sale...THANK YOU ! A total of $7,963+48 was paid above floor price. f Kritter Korner e, I'ouncil Veterinar llospital Normal values for the horse AT REST: Pulse Rate -- 30-45 per min.; Breaths -- B-16 per rain. ; Temperature: 995-101.5, First Aid Kit for IIorses Bandage Materials: 6 Pampers or other disposable diapers 2 Vetrap or Ace bandages I roll adhesive tape Rubbing alcohol in plastic bottle Disinfectant in small plastic bottle Antibiotic or antiseptic ointment for small cuts & scrapes 2 small sections wide garden hose Fly wipe on rag in Ziploc bag Small salt lick (made for rabbits) Soft clean cloth in Ziplock bag Thermometer A snake bite kit should be included in your own first aid kid. With a few exceptions, much of what you know or will learn about first aid for people can be applied to horses, such as keeping the patient quiet and warm to prevent shock in case of severe injury. Using pressure to control bleeding is another example. Another example would be not moving a horse tpatient) if it appears that a bone is broken. WARNING: A horse ean be a dangerous, uncontrollably violent animal when panicked or in severe pain. You will not be of much help to your  if you are injured while trying to help him or administer aid. A 100-pound or 200-pound person cannot hope to win against 1000-pomut animal. Plan, that three of the five years reflected a positive cash flow. "Below-cost sales, where the cost to offer the sale exceeded the income received from the sale price, occurred in 1981 and 1982. The amount was a negative 1.1 million dollars in 1981 and 728,000 dollars in lg82. Positive sold sales occurred in 1979, at a plus 2.3 million dollars, in 1980, a plus 2.1 million dollars, and in 1983, a plus 118,000 dollars. Gary Allen, Forest Timber "Some timber sales are specifically designed to enhance sustained-yield management, wildlife values, water shed. or recreation. Such 3ales are intended to produce long-term benefit and may produce immediate monetary rurns which are sometimes bel, cost." To reduce the number of sales tot which the direct receipts do not recover immediate costs, the Forest is examining changes. Road costs are recrea!ion, wilderness and minerals). hnplementation of the plan will require , variety of activities, some more econol}t:a] tha} others. Allen added. "'Maximizing monetary profit ts not the primary objective of National Forest management. Con- ideration s given to the relative values of t he var+ot' resources and not necessarily the combination of uses that will give the greatest dollar return, or the greatest unit output." Craig and Edwards request moratorium on Reservoir The Bureau of Reclamation has been requested to place an immediate moratorium on any interbasin transfer or exchange of water outside the Payette River drainage, specifically Cascade Reservoir, by First District Congressman Larry Craig and Idaho State Representative Lydia Justice Edwards. Craig and Edwards met with the Assistant Interior Secretary for Water and Science, Robert Broadhent, in Washington yesterday to discuss the existing and future demands on the Cascade water supply. However, Craig said the moratorium of the sale of Cascade Reservoir water would not affect the existing ap- propriated water rights such as irrigation within the Payette River Basin. p+m. through July 31 for road con- struction. Trails are opening and some are being worked now'. Fishing is good in the high mountain lakes. Goose Lake is high, the others are normal. Fire conditions are moderate. TAMARACK by CHAMPION IT LIVINO ROOM MASTER IMNINO AREA eEOMOOM - eEDROOM s28,900 !l ONTARIO HOMES 1581 PLYMOUTH II..INqT K $6,829* *10,536" PLYMOUTH HORIZON *5 822* GET T-THEY-GO PRICES ON ALL 'B4 CHFIYSLERS AND PLYMOUTHS. OUR 5 YEAR/50,OOO MILE PROTECTION PLAN COMES WITH EVERY DEAL. L watanls On ne++i:)o,,u |rn ar outer bOOy ru$14htOtl lot 5 yea Of 50DO0 tles wh,chllvl come, fro'st on all t,v O'msl+ c,s D+Cuct+t  taa+a cars ecMae See  tot deta SIZZLING SUMMER SE!_LI4G SPREE ON  AT RYSLER. PLYMOUTH. DOOGW BUCKL UP FOR,fFETY Ne,,j m mc . Sha--,g with ng Soden Inlernalion+i Ont,io Moa..Fd, Ill 8 pjvl.  889-8989 t+ e s e_ "The first and foremost priority of the Cascade water is for irrigation and power production." said Craig. "This moratorium will not hamper or prevent the flow of water for those, currently committed purposes. It is recognized, however, that increased pressure on the reservoir's ater could cau some great difficulties in the near future. We are simply asking the Bureau to halt all future sal outside the Payette River Basin until a study on the changing needs and accompanymg water and land resource problems is completed." The Bureau of Reclamation expects the study to be finished in early 1985. Craig said it would be unwise for the Bureau to sell itself short on the x.ater resource, only to find out the reservoir cannot meet the supply demand at a later date. "It is our hope the Bureau will peer into the future before it finds out it cannot keep or meet future commitments, which would jeopardize the mam priorities of the reservoir," stud Cra g I!1111111111111111111111111111111 You Con Win $5.001 Tucked away in one of the ads in t:+; week's Rectrd, the name of some lucky person s printed. If you rind your name. you will be the winner of a $5.00 check made out to the store or + business that spon- sored the ad All the winner needs to do is: either come by The Record office or call us. and the check will be given to them to be used to purchase some item from the store to which the check is made out+ If you happen to see the name of one of your friends, why not give them a call and tell them of their good fortune Iliilllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Come to the WASHINGTON COUNTY FAIR FAIR AUGUST 5;-11 Sley, Aug. 5 9:00 .m. Closs Hote Sw 8:00 o.m+ 4-H Har Show - oil 4-H hot on grounds q:o0 Fiaish @ H+tce Show Wlnelay, Aug. 8 9:00 o,m. til' jt, dinO +ini,,:l [t HI Closed To Pubb Livestock Wei,itl 9:30 o,m. - Jtir of oft 0pe Class Home Ec mad +s & Crofts & Open Ckls Aortcultal g Horticulture Exhibn s 9;30-t:00 o.m, 4+t4 Home [ Jodgi Co,tet 7:00 p.m 4.14 . :fa Livestock Jging Contet 7:30 p.m. - St)l++ Revue m [xh+b,t Holt Thursdey, Aug. 9 Exhibit ttoll 9:oo o.m. - 1"2 noon - Check m Ope Class flowers (Use t++ [nlroe} RODEO AUGUST 9-11 t:(0 pro. - 4 p.m. - Judging of ull 0o*. Clos; Flowers Sole Born Sch +Jte CSwinel 8:00 O.m. - 12 nc,)n + wine Show ee; [Irn hule B:30 0,m - 4 p.m. - SlepShow +rg Pare hedote 7:30 p.m. - i:ry Show 8:00 p m + Radon i j i lJ BRYAN'S Bur00 er en Serving Breaidast -- Lunch -- Check Out Our Hamburgers Broasted Chicken Stuffed Potatoes Soft r,6nks- Milk Shakes