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August 15, 1984     The Adams County Record
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August 15, 1984

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r THE RECORD August 15, 1984 Page 4 GUIDE LISTINGS i-7 KIVI Daytime Schedule Daytime Schedule Daytime Schedule Daytime Schedule Monday--Friday Monday--Friday Monday--Friday Monday--Friday 5:30 CNN HEWS 6:30 NBC SUNRISE NEWS 8:00 CBS MORNING NEWS 7:45 AM. WEATHER B: ABCNEWSTHISMORNING 7:00 TODAY 8:00 $25,0100 PYRAMID 8:00 SESAME STREET 7:00 GOOD MORNING AMERICA 9:00 DONAHUE 8:30 PRESS YOUR LUCK 9:00 MISTER ROGERS 9" THE LOVE REPORT 10:00 WHEELOF FORTUNE 9:08 THE PRICE IS RIGHT 9:30 OFFAIR 9:30 LOVING 10:30 SCRABBLE 10:00 THE YOUNG AND THE UNTIL 4 pm 10:00 FAMILY FEUO 11;!]10 SALE OF THE CENTURY RESTLE 4: SESAME STREET 10:30 RYA;4&apos;S HOPE 11:30 TIC TAC DOUGH 11:00 BODY LANGUAGE 5:00 MISTER ROGERS 11:00 ALL MY CHILDREN 12:00 NEWS 11:30 AS THE WORLD TURNS 5:30 ELECTRIC COMPANY 12:011 ONE LIFE TO LIVE 12:30 CNN NEWS 12:30 CAPITOL 6:00 NIGHTLY BUSINESS 1: GENERAL HOSPITAL 1:00 SANTA BARBARA 1:00 THE GUIDING LIGHT REPORT 2:011 ONE DAY ATA TIME 2:00 ANOTHER WORLD 2:00 HOUR MAGAZINE 6:30 IDAHO REPflRTS 2:30 BOB NEWHART SHOW 3:00 DAYS OF OUR LIVES 3:00 TOM&JERRY 7:00 THE MacNEIL-LEHRER 3: LOVE CONNECTION 4:00 HAPPY DAYS 3:30 GILLIGAN'SISLAND NEWSHOUR 3:30 MARYTYLER MOORE 4:30 LAVERNE & SHIRLEY 4:00 LOVEROAT 4:00 EIGHT IS ENOUGH 5:00 NEWSCOPE 5:00 TAXi 5:00 THE PEOPLE'S COURT 5:30 NBC NEWS s:30 C.EVENING NEWS Thursday Evening 5:3o ABCWORLD HEWS s: HEWSCENTE.7 8:00 CHANNEL2NEWS 6:00 NEWSWATCH6 6:30 M*A*S'H 8:30 WHEEI. OF FORTUNE S:30 ENTERTAINMENT Th d AUGUST 16 TONIGHT urs ay Evening s:00 PAVAROTTI LIVE AT Thursday Evening MADISON SOUARE GAP.- DEN Thursday Evening AUGUST 16 11:30 IDAHO REPORTS AUGUST 16 7:00 MAGNUMP.I. 700 ANDREA DORIA: THE 8:00 SIMON & SIMON AUGUST 16 FINAL CHAPTER 8:00 KNOTStDING Friday Evening ,: .FLPRE-SEASO. FOOT- ,= ,,LLSTREET BLUES 10:00 NEWS BALL 10:00 NEWS 10:30 ALLINTHE FAMILY Pittsburgh Steelers at Dallas 10:30 TONIGHT SHOW 11:00 HARTTOHART AUGUST17 Cowboys 11:30 OAVID LETTERMAN 12:00 MOVIE 8:00 WASHINGTON WEEK IN 10:00 NEWS 12:311 CNNNEWS REVIEW 10:30 NIGHTUNE Friday Evening s:30 WALLSTREETWEEK 11"00 TWILIGHT ZONE 9:000,NNE.ATJUUA'S 1,:30 MOVIE Friday Evening 9:30 THE McLAUGHUN GROUP The Adventures of Frontier 10:00 MASTERPIECE THEATRE Freemont" 11:00 DALLAS: A STAKE IN THE ARTS 11:30 IDAHO REPORTS AUGUST 17 AUGUST 17 7:00 COMEDYZONE z''_ ... .,. i .. .. "4:30 NEWSCOPE Friday rVuIIIIly 5:oo NeC NIGHTLY NEWS 8:00 DALLAS 9.'U FALCON CREST 5:30 NEWSCE NTER 7 10:00 NEWS 6:00 NFL PRE-SEASON FOOT- ,,:30 m ,. THE FA.ILY Saturday Daytime AUGUST,7 BALL 7:00 BENSON New [:rjlanO at Wasmjion 11:00 MOVIE & Evening 7:= WEBSTER ,: C.EERS Saturday Daytime B: BLUE THU.OER .:= .,G.TCOURT 9:00 MATT HOUSTON ,0:00 NEWS & Evening AUGUST 10 10: .Ews ,o:3o TO.,G.T.OW 1:30 CREATING ALTERNATIVE 10:30 PGACHAMPIONSHIP 11:30 FRIDAY NIGHT VIDEOS FUTURES I':00 NIGHTLINE 1:00 CNNNEWS 2:00 THE MONEYMAKERS 11:30 MOVIE AUGUST 111 6:30 SAtURdAY SUPERCADE 2:30 THE NEW TECH TIMES 'Hawm 7:30 DUNGEONS&DRAGONS 3.'00 MATINEE AT THE BIJOU Saturday Daytime 4:30 THE DO IT YOURSELF 8:308:= CHARUEBuGS BUNNyBROWN SHOW Saturday Daytime & Evening 10.'00 THE BISKETTS 5:00 FIRING UNE 10.'30 BENJI/ZAX 6: THE MAKING OF MAN- Evening AUGUSTIB & 11.'00 NEWFATALBERT KIND S:00 FLINTSTONEFUNNIES 11:30 CBS CHILDREN'S FILM 7:0010i DRUM CORPS INTER- AUGUST1B 6:30 SHIRT TALES FESTIVAL NATIONALWORLD 6"00 MONCHHICHIS/LITTLE 7: SMURFS 12:00 TBA CHAMPIONSHIPS RASCALS/RICHIE RICH 8:30 ALVIN & THE CHIPMUNKS 3:00 TRAVERSSTAKES 9:00 MYSTERY! 7:011 NEW SCOOBY & SCRAPPY 9: MR.T 4:00 MORE REAL PEOPLE 10:00 DINNERATJUUA'S Dog 9:30 AMAZING SPIDERMAN & 4:30 THIS WEEK IN COUNTRY 10:30 GREAT PERFORMANCES 7:30 PAC-MAN/RUBIK CUBE INCREDIBLE HULK MUSIC 8:30 THE LITTLES 10:30 THUNDAAR 5.'00 CBSEVENING NEWS Sunday Daytime ,:00 PUPPY/SCOOBYOOO 11: BATMAN 5:30 NEWS 10:00 ARC WEEKEND SPECIAL 12:00 BASEBALL 6:00 LORNE GREENE'S NEW & Evening lO:30 AMERICAN BANDSTAND 3:00 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP WILDERNESS " 11:30 PETSON PARADE OF WOMEN'S GOLF 6:30 THIS ISYOURLIFE 12:00 BONANZA 4:011 WILD KINGDOM 7:00 NFLPRE4EASONGAME AUGUST10 1:00 WIDE WORLD OF SPORTS 4:30 NBC NIGHTLY NEWS "San Frandscovs San Diego 8:00 MISTER ROGERS 2:30 PGA CHAMPIONSHIP 5:00 HEE HAW 10:00 BARNEY MILLER 8:30 ELECTRIC COMPANY 5:00 SOLID GOLD 6:00 BARBARA MANDRELL 10:30 MOVIE 9:00 SESAME STREET S:00 ENTERTAINMENT THIS 7: DIFF'RENTSTROKES "Tail Gunner Joe" 10:00 MISTER ROGERS WEEK 7:30 SILVER SPOONS 10,'30 ELECTRIC COMPANY 7:00 T.J. HOOKER 8 BOSOM BUDDIES euna-'na"meo uo, v,., ;. 11:00 THE SPOKESMAN 8:30 THE LOVE BOAT 8:30 MAMA'S FAMILY 11:30 COLORSOUNDS 10:00 NEWS 9: BOONE & Evening 1:= GERMAN PRO SOCCER 10:15 ABSNEWS 10: NEWS 1:00 MAGIC OF OIL PAINTING 10:30 MOVIE 10:30 SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE 1:30 WINE, WHAT PLEASURE A Raisin in the Sun" 12: ROCK N AMERICA 2:00 PET ACTION LINE AUGUST 10 2:30 GREAT OUTDOORS 7:00 CBSSUNOAYMORNING 3:00 THEWOODWRIGHT'S Sunday Daytime Sunday Daytime 11:30 DAY OF DISCOVERY SHOP & Evening & Evening R.'M THEWORLDTOMORRDW 3:30 UNDERSAIL 8:30 IT IS WRITTEN 4:00 VICTORY GARDEN 10.'00 FOR OUR TIMES 4:30 THIS OLD HOUSE AUGUST 19 10.'30 KIDSWORLD 5:00 WALL STREET WEEK 7: DR. DJ. KENNEDY AUGUST 19 11:M CHIPS PATROL B:30 MARKET TO MARKET 8: JERRY FALWELL 6:30 AGRICULTURE USA 12:00 THE WALTON$ 6:00 NOVA g: EXPECT A MIRACLE 7:00 CNN NEWS 1".00 ROCKFORD FILES 7:00 EVENING ATPOPS 9:30 KENNETH COPELAN0 7:30 MUSIC & THE SPOKEN 2.'00 CBS SPORTS SUNDAY 8 SURVIVAL 10:30 THIS WEEK WITH DAVID WORD 4:00 FACE THE NATION 9:00 MASTERPIECE THEATRE BRINKLEY 8:00 HAPPY DAYS AGAIN 4:30 INTERACTION  GOSPEL AND GUATEMALA 11:30 TAKING ADVANTAGE 8:30 LAVERNE&SH1RLEY .0 CBS EVENING NEWS 11:00 MONTY PYTHOW$ FLYING 12:00 BONANZA ,: CNNNEWS 5:30 LOCALNEWS CIRUS 1: NATIONAL LONG DRIVING 9:30 WALL STREET JOURNAL 6_:00 ' CHAMPIONSHIP REPORT rATINE Monday ', ' 1:30 PGACHAMPIONSHIP 10:3010: MEET THEPREssNEWSCENTER7FORUM l:lm 7:30 Evening 5: .Ews II.'W .... 5:30 TWILIGHT ZONE 11: NFL'S BEST EVER B TRAPPERJOHN 6: RIPLEY'$ RELIEVE IT OR t2:00 FABERGEFUTURITY 9:30 CAMPAIONIMt AUGUST20 NOT 1:00 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 10:00 BA. MtU_ER 8:00 EVENING AT POPS 7:00 HARDCASTLE & McCOR- OF WOMEN'S GOLF 10:30 ALLIMTHEIFAMILY 9:00 GREAT PERFORMANCES MICK 2:00 NFL PRE SEASON FOOT- 1L'0 NEWS B:00 MOVIE BALL 11:15 INTENTION "The Main Event'* Miami at LA RaiSers tl:4S CHIPS 10:00 NEWS 5:00 NEWCOPE 10:15 ARC NEWS 5:30 KTVB VIEWPOINT 10:30 MOVIE 6:00 SUMMER SUNDAY USA "Senior Yea' 7:00 MOVIE 12:00 WHO, WILL HEAR THEIR 'Enola Gay The Men. The CRY? Mission. The Alomic BoreD'" tO: NEWS Monday Evening- ,o:3o AUCE 11:00 VEGAS AUGUST 20 Monday Evening 7:00 THE 114 VOTE 8: CALL TO GLORY 10:00 NEWS 10.'30 NIGHTUNE 11.'00 TWILIGHT ZONE 11;30 MOVIE H.tclhike! AUGUST 20 7:00 SCARECROW & MRS. KIN6 i1,'00 S.T A TIME 1t:30 qL'g0 & LACEY 10.'00 NEWS 10.'30 ALL IN THE FAMILY AUGUST 21 7.'00 AFTER M*A*S'H 7:30 DOMESTIC LIFE Sl 'MOVIE ews ALL INTHE FAMILY 11:00 MeRRETT lZ: COLUMBO 10:00 SECRETS OF A DESERT SEA 11:00 GREAT ODOORS 11:30 IDAHO REPORTS Tuesday Evening AUGUST 21 S: NOVA VIETNAM: A TELEVISION HISTORY 10.'00 SOUNOSTAGE 11:00 UNDER SAIL 11:30 IDAHO REPORTS Wednesday Evening JT 8:00 NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 9: A WALK THROUGH THE 20111 CENTURY 10:00 BREAKING UP IS HARD TO DO 11:00 JUSTIN WION'$ LOUISI- ANA COOKIN' 11:30 IDAHO REPORTS Tuesday Evening AUGUST 21 7: THE 84 VOTE 9:00 FOUL-UPS, BLEEPS 9:30 THREE'S COMPANY 10:00 NEWS 10".30 NIGHTLINE 11:00 TWtLIGHT ZONE /1 11:30 MOVIE "'Cop Ot " Wnesday " dfruit iS a staple that ties between the skin and the re looks like new bread It makes an excel- lent pudding when mixed Wil nnlit m|lb AUGUST 7: IMVOTE 9:00 THE FALL GUY 10:00 NEWS 10:30 NIGHTLINE 11:00 TWILIGHT ZONE t1:30 MOVIE "Short r;. on e hie. . erbi-proverb AUGUST 20 7: REPUBLICAN NATIONAL CONVENTION 9:00 TV BLOOPERS 10:00 NEWS 10:30 TONIGHT SHOW ,1:30 DAVID LETTERMAN 12:30 CNN NEWS Tuesday Evening AUGUST 21 7.00 REPUBUC NATIONAL CONVENTION 9: THEATEAM 10:00 NEWS 10:3B TONIGHT SHOW 11:30 DAVID LETTERMAN 12:30 CNN NEWS Wednesday i Evening  7:00 REPUBUCAN NATIONAL CONVENTION   9:00 FACTS OF UFE 9:30 JENNIFER SLEPT HER 10:00 NEWS 10:30 TONIGHT SHOW 11:30 DAVID LETTERMAN ,9','4 CMN MF * Council * Soc.i00l News * Mrs ()pal tlisa;, of Star visited last week in the home of her son and daughterdn-law. [)el and Jo I,ayman. David and Sand.,, Hoxie and son. Justin. visited his flks. Bill and I.ois tloxie over the weekend. They are also visitin Sandy's grandparents who are here from Montana with some cousins. Of course ! he biggest event in the Hoxie family this week was Brandon Michael who weighed in a! 8 pounds, lO ounces There's lots of coining and going at the Yates house, Mary Lynn's daughter, Mary Ann, left a couple of days ago, Wend will soon Ix, back from her summer in Arizona Christy and her husband will be here over the weekend The two granddaughters, who were staying with Grandma Phyllis and Grandpa ('tint have returned to Arizona. Expected at the end of the week is an exchange student. Mataio Ikeba Dorothy and Nancy Lakey took Alice back to Boise Friday Alice had been staying with Grandma ,.,ince July 25th bu! all of a sudden uanted to go see Mommy The Mahons spent 4 days at Wallowa I,ake in Joseph, Oregon. Mark and Nikki stayed to visit their Grandma. Mrs. Maxme Mahon at Elgin and her aunt. Mrs .Joan Stubblefield of Walla Walla. - Clarence and Marie McFadden were fishing at Cascade two weeks ago with Mr. and Mrs. Royal McFadden from narnpa when a freak storm dashed their unoccupied Iat against the rocks tearing out the bottom and sank it. Everyone at the campgrounds were helpful m retrieving the boat. Last week they had better luck while camping out at Bear with their children Mr. and Mrs. IRon McFadden and family" and Mr. and Mrs. Don Montgomery Their grandson. Scott. is spendinR a few days with them. Mr, and Mrs. Bob Waters spent last week with their daughter. Mary Margaret and randdaughter, Renee Draper. After visiting m Coeur d'Alene with Warren Waters and family, they were m Deer Park. Washington until VCednesday. when they went to Priest l,ake. Gardiner's Cave and on to ('reslon. British Canada: in ('ran- sbrook, toured the Railroad museum, to Fort Steele, to Radium Hot Springs for the night Friday was spent in Kootenai National Park which includes Lake l,,uise: stayed at the small Bavarian town of Kimberly and returned to the U,S on Saturday and home on Sunday All Summer-$iock r V2 Price & More 1 1 L'-:, ..... \\;Vhere Pashims <ire there Finest." The Al'Viaene Way Ontario Ladies Apparel Canyon Village 10:00 A.M. to 6:1t0 P.M. Mon, thru Sat. .......... t .... T  [ - ..... ('tara Allen's s=sler, Renata Sternu,,, frorn Peidmonl. California spent a w(k ith her the first of this month. Also vismnR were her son and wife, RobePt and l,averne Allen from Sparta. Missouri Rhonda Gilbert and grand- ms. ('ody and Jasm are in Counci] VlSilin Hussell and MaryAnn Allen and |tvs Completes 2nd term at DeVRY, member ot Presidential Honor Society id Former Council student and 1983 Cambridge graduate. Michael Shaw, son of Marilyn Shaw of Cotmeil and Orville Shaw. Deer Park, Washington, recently completed his second term at DeVRY Institute of Technology, Phoenix, Arizona where he is majoring in electronics. By earning a 4.00 grade point average again this term, Michael earned placement in the Presidential Honor Society, Michael was home recently for a 3- week break between trimesters to visit with his family and friends and to at- tend the wedding reception for his sister. Paula ,and Dean Dunham. He returned to Phoenix, July 9th where he resumed his studies. "A SWEEP IN TIME CAN SAVE MINE." Ben Franklin Knew His Wood Stoves. WHEN l INVENTED MY Franklin stoe I made a rn,.lak. 1 >,hould have said. "A ,,'atop in iiril C,ll'1%',C ITIln" lt insel l u4 "A .inch m tlm Ca ,a%C P.trtc "" What a silk imstakc t kn, a chmmev tire from a dllD. MO',C can be fatal. And that", a ]<t more lmprtanl than a ripped ,cam. So v,u make -ue x,,u hae v,ur thiml/c+%  ep! irl {lille ,%i' r;.'mellllC;. "J),tl I pill ,'if tllltll Lt!lillR,>.t }lal \\;OU <an d, i>dav. CI] n,,<. Tamarack Chimney Sweep Steve Mclntyre 253-4416 NEW HEARING AID TECHNOLOGY ANNOUNCED l. Do you hear but do not separate words? 2. Is it hard to hear when in groups? New Developments Let You Hear Better In Noisy Places Write or Call For lntormation: DALTON HEARING AID CO. 1821 State Street Boise, Idaho 83702 (208) 342-6052 -!" - : .-- .'+t{iF\\; . , [i' ( t '%.l ,%TG T(3 Name ........................................................ Address .................................................... :. City, State, Zip ............................................... Telephone .................................................... Second Annual Back To School AUCTION SALE 11:00 A.M. SATURDAY, AUGUST 25, 1984 Adams County Fair Grotmds - Fair Exhibit Building - Highway 95, North Edge Of Council FURNITURE, SPORTING GOODS. TRACTOR, GARDEN TOOLS, HAND TOOLS, MUSICAL INSTRUM ENTS Consigned by Bill Summers: ,"+Jice bedroom set w/double bed, dresser w/bevel glass mirrors, and night stand; couch, two Ul nolstered chairs, dinette set w/four chairs, old dresser, HARDWOOD SPRING SWIVEL ROCKER, (really nice chair), 15 cu. ft. chest freezer, Tappan dishwasher, Hamilton electric dryer, Kirby vacuum, dishes and cookware, radio, some nice old glassware, sewing chair, kero- sene lamp, small dresser, picnic kit, electric blanket, card tables, end tables, foot stool, and other msc. items. Consigned by A.V. Capps: BEAUTIFUL FLOWERED DIVAN, LIKE NEW, square tub Maytag wringer washer in good  condition, Singer sewing machine w/cabinet, Domestic portable sewing machine, good window mount ref. air conditioner, kitchen appliances, dishes, electric heaters, deep fryer, big fan, pole lamp, portable stereo, eight track tapes, records, FIVE STRING BANJO, LIKE NEW, w/case, two electric guitars, heavy duty tow bar, electric winch, set of good radial tires, timing light, soldering gun, big tool box, lots of tools, pickup mirrors, forks, shovels,.hand tools, brand new microscope, 4 ft. level,pipe tools, 24" pipe wrench, tubing tools, copper wire and scrap iron, bucksaw, 10 gal. crock, fruit jars, 32 v. elect, motors, Smith Corona manual typewriter, cotton scales, dairy scales, lawn furniture, sprinklers, plastic pipe, a.b.s, and black, 2x8 ft. round stock tank, like new, complete set of golf clubs, several hundred golf balls, fishing poles, reels, tackle boxes, m=sc. Consigned by Joe and Mildred Hancock: TROY BUILT REAR TINE TILLER, electric weed eater, oil stove, comb. table saw and wood lathe without motor, recliner chair, ice cream freezer, Christmas tree and ornaments, wash board, spice rack for R.V., R.V. toaster, cannisters, metal cooler, screen and heat tube for fireplace, water skiis,large glass pane, misc. dishes and fixtures, Tote Gote. Consigned By Auba Bodmer: MODEL M JOHN DEERE WHEEL TRACTOR w/elect, start, pto. plow lift, wide front, cult- ivator, and wheel weights, runs good, looks rough. TERMS: Cash or approved check day of sale. Nothing to be moved until paid for, Concessions will be served. Sale Conducted By Pioneer Auction Service. Dick ParKer, Auctioneer Georgianna Parker, Clerk Kathy Parker, Cashier Oebbie Ivey, Assistant Cashier - Janet Ivey, Mascot III I I