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August 29, 2012     The Adams County Record
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August 29, 2012

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Page 2 Wednesday, August 29, 2012 DeKnikker told no whoppers Dear Editor, I was amazed you claimed Marie DeKnikker told "whoppers" in her letter last week. If you would take your head out of your ideological sand pile and read a few of the readings Marie cited, you will discover she told no "whoppers". It is much easier to pay attention to items that makes one feel good, or you agree with, rather than face the stark, Some Dear Editor, For those blessed by not having a computer / Internet this election campaign season, I would like to offer some help for undecided voters. The following reports were published by snopes. com. This is an inde- pendent organization that is not affiliated with any poetical party. :l-heir mission is to investigate urban myths of all types, giveaways, new discover- ies, political claims and others. Snopes is very painstaking and profes- sional in their work. I spent almost a full day looking through the urban myths of Barack Obama and part of a day on urban myths about Mitt Romney. naked truth. Our country is on the brink of collapse financially though political stupidity, legally through rampant corruption, mor- ally through pop culture and ideologically through the "hate America" brain- washing of our secondary schools and colleges. Marie is an informed citizen, and if you're dis- inclined to inform your- self, you will be caught :unawares when our whole way of living collapses. No one would go wrong heeding the items she cites. Marie spends her life learning and ferret- ing out the truth, attends meetings when our elect- ed officials come to town and PAYS ATTENTION. She is an informed citizen. To discount her makes you the uninformed. false rumors and myths Note, an urban myth is something said that may or may not contain truth. Snopes evaluates and clas- sifies each urban legend as True, Partially True, False, or Undetermined. The following claims have all been judged as False: Obama is a Muslim, is a Communist, is a Socialist, is a Racist, is an Atheist, is a Radical, is Anti Christ, is not a Citizen, most campaign money is from overseas, will cause race war if defeated, not patri- otic because no salute to flag, supported by KKK, intentionally overwhelm- ing economy to destroy nation, is selling B2 bomber plans to China to balance budget, insulted American soldiers; my as my driving force. It is with a heart full of love that I wish for our God given freedom to be con- tinually enjoyed by all as stated in The Declaration of Independence! Vote Romney and Ryan for the sake of our country. T. Roosevelt: "Patriotism means standing by our country, not the president." I stand firmly behind my original letter. Freedom Works-M.Kibbe: "It is not explicitly stated that there is a death panel; but why do doctors consult the sick to determine their death choice? I am get- ting older and I want to die as God has planned. With all of the politically correct jargon, deception Mary, /_zer, d; is intended by this admin- istration. M;dca/'a favorite, Barack Obama's mother was born a male and was a transvestite. There are hundreds more of these claims that are clogging the Web every day. lust the con- stant repetition of the false urban legends (aka lies) cause the reader to doubt truth. I have not ,m.mucd the urban leg- ends about Mitt Romney, but will only say they fall far short in viciousness or volume. I suggest read- ers to add to your computer book- marks and check out not only political issues but hundreds of other items. Fed 7"zrmr a .; / , .Y_da,6o Do you operate with- out a budget? Do you give beyond your means? Dear Editor, An explanation for my delayed response to Mr. Hohs, article, Aug.16th. Each of us has three I love my freedom learning attributes, emo- tional, mentaland physi- cal, which can be in any order to determine how we function. I am physi- cal first, a practical doer. I am busy and must pon- der my answer. Second is mental, a thinker and third emotional, with love Find us on F00eb00k JEllY'S PARTS Council 253-4234 Semi-Annual Filter 8a11 Save up to 60% off on all NAPA Gold Filters 10th, 20121 Sept. 3rd thru 4NAPA) Air Filters Oil Filters Fuel Filters Cabin Air Filters ALL Included! The Adams County Record I think not! The stimulus plan does not work. I grew up during FDR's adminis- tration and this is what his Secretary of State Henry Morganthau Jr. stated: "After 8 years, there is just as much unemployment ter and courage by tak- ing away people's initia- tive and independence. You cannot help people permanently by doing for them, what they could and should do for themselves? President Gerald Ford: and with an enormous "What a big government debt to boot!" Roosevelt said, "Tax the rich!" Some pay upward to 50% in income tax. How many people got a job from a poor man? Abraham Lincoln: "You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich. You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong. You cannot bring about prosperity by dis- couraging thrift. You can- not lift the wage earner by pulling the wage payer down. You cannot further the brotherhood of man by inciting class hatred. You cannot build charac- can give, it can also take away; In expressing their love of freedom my friends, Marina Nemet wrote, Prisoner of Tehran while Maria Kollanyi's tells her story of living in Austria during Hitler's regime. Blood of Lambs, authored by a former Muslim, warns of present danger. I love my freedom and the only stimulus I want is liberty for all! Mar; a ,,,'' Letters To The Editor are continued on page 7 Death Notice Monroe Sheffield Monroe Sheffield, 72, of Midvale, Weiser. 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