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October 3, 2012     The Adams County Record
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October 3, 2012

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Page 2 Comfort food Dear Editor, The other day in the grocery store, I was try- ing to decide between the day-old bread and the fresh loaf. I was also stressed over the cheap hamburger vs. the better stuff with less fat. Maybe if I saved enough pennies here and there, I could buy some fruit. As often happens when I am grocery shopping, I began to get angry. I work hard -- 2 jobs when I can get them -- and still have trouble feed- ing my family. Then I thought about the lat- est "tax break" the Idaho Legislature gave me and I started to feel better. I thought of those earning $200,000 or more, and their having a nice meal gave me a warm, comforting feeling. After all, even though I can barely feed my fam- ily, I can afford to treat someone else to a nice dining experience. Thank you Idaho Legislators for making me feel good about my situation. Confluence of Tragedies People without hope or opportunity and people who haven't sufficient nutrition tO thrive, con- gregate all over the globe to vent their anger at their governments. They created the Arab Spring and the dqstruction of the London fires and the radical political demon- strations all over Europe. It's long past justifying the time to reminisce and total outrage, anger and helplessness. In Europe, Mercedes Benz's and BMWs are targets for vandalism by those who visualize successful people as their enemy. Unemployed Germans see very little hope of regaining employment, because Indians mak- ing, perhaps, 10% of their wages, now have their jobs. Former Carter i~', ~,,, to revisit failed, but not Administration National i~: ~:~ .; ~::'i' forgotten Security dreams Advisor Dr. ~.~,)r~i~:~' ~, :.'.~,' ~:', .x _~ " Zbianiew Brzezinski said /=7 :~" :'i~,(';~. U- ~~ :,: ~:,,~:_5 filled with ~ ~':".:.i'~, -~:~ mpmy- on--q~lorning Joe on such as a sick mother in her early forties, hoping to live long enough to see her children through high school. What she and MSNBC a couple %ears ago, i araphrasing: "if the depression and hope- lessness continues here, we will see riots on the streets of-this country, others like her accept is, alsoy at her age, homelessness, From Paul B. Farrell, instifficient food, health MarketWatch -- "My issues and chronic/per- G.O.P. destroyed the manent unemployment U.S. economy" Yes, that will be her future. What is exactly what David she doesn't understand is Stockman, President why things aren't getting Ronald Reagan's direc- better, why things are tor of the Offi.ce of worsening. Management and Budget, In other countries, wrote in a New York there have been riots; Times op-ed piece. First the common human there is the economy, societal expression of now we add the current Wednesday, October 3, 2012 Fred; there is so much Bull Soup (BS) out there -- especially in an elec- tion year -- that he may very well have picked this up from a credible source. However, the statement has no basis in fact. As a CPA with 30 years of experience I assure my readers that wealthy people wish it were true! But it is nonsense -- the only way it could theo- retically happen is if the taxpayer in question had roughly 35,000 children claimed as dependents, in which case the family would need every bit of that $77 million income (and I think they'd, get audited...). I've prepared a num- ber of returns in the income range Fred refer- ences and even though I drought and grain disas- ter and finally consider the food price inflation set in stone for next year; economists expect a 3% to 4% increasel at least. We really, need to understand this: A global depression is occurring. Neither political party can "get people back to work" as they want us to believe. Infrastructure projects will create con- struction related jobs, but there are millions more unemployed people than future jobs. Our awareness of world hunger arid home- lessness becomes magni- fied and personal when we consider the fright and pain of just the one mother, above, who fights with declining physical and mental resources to provide for her children. There won't be any life- saving surgery available for her; but there will be the pain, the blood and the weakness remind- ing her of her journey's approaching end, " i'm running as a write-in Dear Editor, During the primary election I heard from a lot of voters who desired change within the sher- iff's office and wanted to about ~,-tnose ,-,-~ that I heard froha-- fers and decided that "Adams County deserves better than what it is currently getting; they need more options during the gen- eral election. So, I have decided to run as a write- in candidate for sheriffl I am running on the same principles I ran " my primary cam- ~,- zadership, integ- "-%. dce~ Idaho is the state in the U.S. anu, dams County is our Ed ~a,,.ie~o~ ~ Meado~ home - we deserve the best in our elected off~- cials. I also look forward to speaking with voters as we work together to restore confidence in the sheriff's office. I ask you to check the box and write-in my name on the ballot Nov..6 for sheriffl Dear Editor, I enjoyed Fred Turner's 9/26/12 letter entitled "What I learned from politicians" He echoes a lot of the frustrations we all have with the Federal Robbing the Rich Income Tax system, with adjusted gross One statement he income of more than made however I need $77 million paid no U.S. to take exception to -- income tax..:' "In 2009, according toI'm not picking on Internal Revenue Service studies, those Americans Continued ~J~ The Adams County Record take advantage of every legal loophole (which I get paid for and which I might say I'm rather good at) they still end up paying a lot of tax, usu- ally (Fed/State combined) in the 40% or so range, unless the income is pri- marily long-term capital gains, in which case it can be a bit less. 5he truth is that the enactment of Alternative Minimum Tax (1969) followed by the enact- ment of Passive ActMty Rules (1986) put an end to rich folks not pay- ing tax. It may be noted that both these enact- ments designed to hit the rich very, very hard were spearheaded by Republicans with the blessing of Republican presidents (Nixon & Reagan respectively). Let's wake up! Democrats Or Republicans -- both work for the Usual Suspects. While Obama may keep us out of a major for- eign war he's taking us on the road to bankruptcy; Romney may bring pros- perity but he'll get us into a war for sure. Business as usual -- it's the 'lesser of two evils' either way; peace is of little comfort when you're broke, and prosperity means little when kids come home in body bags. The lesser of two evils is still evil -- I'm going 3rd party myself, and I'll sleep good Election night. Dear Editor, My copy of the Council paper just arrived. I so enjoyed the article about the new Community Church. It brought back so many memories. In the "old" church we tried to be the first there on Sunday mornings so Fond memories we could help ring theSo, again the article was church bell. And the joy so much fun and I relived of moving into the "new" over sixty years of the church. I started my church's contributions to teaching career there as a my life. Thank you for Sunday school and vaca- the coverage. tion school teacher. I was /_~'// (Pa/,,~r baptized there and Rev. ~ordo,~, Trumbo conducted my ~-/e_/e~a, Mo~cu.~ mother's funeral services. THE ADAMS COUNTY RECORD 5 USPS: 005-120 'Copyright 2012 The Adams County Record is published weekly at 108 Illinois Ave., Council, Idaho 83612-000R by Adams County Record Publishing Co LLC., Lyle Sail, Publisher. Periodical postage is paid at Council, Idaho. 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