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October 3, 2012     The Adams County Record
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October 3, 2012

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f~ Page 18 Wednesday, October 3, 2012 The Adams County Record Ii = ~" IYOU HAVE THE .......... ii }1 ~ " Please submit legal notices to legalsOtheadamscountyrecord corn { } 4~ PUBLIC NOTICE OF INTENT TO PROPOSE OR PROMULGATE NEW OR CHANGED AGENCY RULES The following agencies of the state of Idaho have published the complete text and all related, pertinent information concerning their intent to change or make the following rules in the latest publication of the state Administrative Bulletin. The written comment submission deadline is October 24, 2012 unless otherwise noted. (Temp & Prop) indicates the rule is both Temporary and Proposed. (*PH) indicates that a public hearing has been scheduled. IDAPA 01 - IDAHO BOARD OF ACCOUNTANCY PO BOX 83720, BOise, ID 83720-0002 01-0101-1201, Idaho Accountancy Rules. Updates incorporation by reference to the 2012 "Statements on Standards for Continuing Professional Education". IDAPA 02 - DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE PO Box 790, BOise, ID 83701 02-0303-1201, Rules Governing Pesticide and Chemigation Use and Application. Creates a license category for soil fumigant application for which a licensed private pesticide applicator may be certified and licensed. 02-0419-1201, Rules Governing Domestic Cervidae. Corrects acronym AZA to the American Association of Zoos and Aquarium; allows Administrator to grant exemptions to change of ownership tuberculosis (TB) testing requirement on a case-by-case basis. -~ 02-0421-1201, Rules Governing Importation of Animals. Corrects acro- nym AZA to the American Association of Zoos and Aquarium; clarifies that 2 different diagnostic tests for brucellosis will be performed from one blood sample; expands list of testing exemptions for Red Deer Genetic Factor (RDGF) to include any state or province that has imple- mented an approved RDGF prevention program for domestic r~crvidae; expands the tuberculosis testing exemptions to include any cervidae moving between the AZA accredited facilities and those facili- ties that have a USDA exhibitor permit. 02-0613-120~ "Rules Relating to Rapeseed Production and Establishment of Rapeseed Districts in the State of Idaho. Updates definitions and revises an outdated testing method. 02-0614.1201, Rules Governing Annual Bluegrw~cs (Poa Annua). Allows for the use of a certificate of analysis in lieu of tags when planting regulated articles; allo~vs nursery and seed inspections to be done by the Idaho Crop Improvement Association and the department. 02-0616-1201, Rules Governing Honey Standards. New chapter establishes standards for identity, quality and label- ing of honey, complaint procedures and enforcement criteria. 02-0631-1201, Noxious Weed Free Forage and Straw Certification Rules. Removes use of blue and orange color certification twine from rule; requires a forage tag date to include the year the bale was produced; clarifies when transit certificates must be issued. 02-0633-1201, Organic Food Product Rules. Defines "materials"; increases fees for registration of approved materials; provides industry with a new optional seal for promotional purposes; provides an optional registration of branded mate- rials for organic use. 02-0635-1201, Rules Governing Rough Bluegrass (Poa Trivialis). Allows for the use of a certificate of analysis in lieu of tags when planting regulated articles; allows nursery and seed inspections to be done by the Idaho Crop Improvement Association and the department. IDAPA 03 1 STATE ATHLETIC COMMISSION PO BOx 83720 BOise, ID 83720-0063 03-0101-1201, Rules of the State Athletic Commission. Clarifies require- ments for male and female combatants age 12 and under; makes all application. license, and permit fees non-refundable; requires promoters to report event results and injuries to a relevant reporting orga- nization; clarifies glove requirements for combantants; clarifies that licenses expire annually and re-issuances require a new application; increases sanction permit fee to $1,000 per event. IDAPA 07 - DIVISION OF BUILDING SAFETY PO BOx 83720, Meridian, ID 83642 07-0203-1201, Rules Governing Permit Fee Schedule. Eliminates the mandatory requirement that a re-inspection fee be charged for each trip to remove a correc- tion notice ("red tag") from a plumbing installation. 07-0204-1201, Rules Governing Plumbing Safety Inspections. Eliminates reference to a red inspec- tion tag and clarifies that unacceptable plumbing installations are now issued a "Notice of Correction"; clarifies that re- inspection fees will be assessed in accor- dance with IDAPA 07.02.03 that specifi- cally addresses these fees. 07-0206-1201, Rules Concerning Uniform Plumbing Code. Incorporates by reference the Idaho State Plumbing code published in 2012 that is modeled after the previously incorporated 2009 Uniform Plumbing Code. 07.03.01 - Rules of Building Safety 07-0301-1201, Incorporates by reference the 2012 editions of the International Building Code and International Existing Building Code that include recent amend- ments to accessibility standards in com- mercial facilities and places of public accommodation; additionally drinking fountains and service sinks would be required in businesses with an occupancy load of more than 30 persons, except for restaurants and mercantile establish- ments. 07-0301-1202, Makes amendments to the 2009 Residential Code and the 2009 EnergY Code; when a permit is purchased to perform work on "an existing dwelling that involves the exterior, electrical work, or alteration or repairs of non-combustion plumbing or mechanical work, a car- bon monoxide alarm is not necessarily required to be installed; new wood-burn- ing fireplaces must have tight-fitting flue~ dampers, as opposed to gasketed doors. 07-0312-1201, Rules Governing Manufactured or Mobile Home Installations. Changes comply with fed- era] HUD requirements for inspections of new and used manufactured and mobile home installations; inspections will be done by either the Division of Building Safety or the approved local city or county having jurisdiction; establishes fee sched- ule for permits obtained from the Division and requires city or county with approved inspection programs to establish their own fee schedule;establishes an installa- tion inspection program by local jurisdic- tions and training criteria for all inspec- tors; requires an installation tag for all new manufactured homes to track loca- tion and ownership; establishes a qual- ity assurance review process; establishes minimum r~qnirements for each installa- tion inspection. 07.07.01 Rules Governing Installation of Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Systems 07-0701-1201, (Temp & Prop) Requires a contractor to test all plastic pipe used for venting flue gases within a dwelling at 5 psi for 15 minutes to prevent potential carbon monoxide leaks. 07-0701-1202, Requires carbon monox- ide detectors to be installed in dwellings in areas where there is no local building code enforcement; provides a procedure for approval of unlisted appliances; allows Division to require tests of installations to ensure code compliance or to substanti- ate requests for altemative methods or materials. IDAPA 08 - STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION AND DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION PO BOx 83720, Boise, IX} 83720-0027 08-0110-1201, Idaho College Work Study Program. Simplifies the distribu~ tion formula used for allocation of ftmds to institutions; removes the requirement that work experience be related to the student's "field of study." 08-0111-1201, Registration of Post- Secondary Educational Institutions and Proprietary Schools. Expands the accreditation organization recognized by the Board; amends timeframe for estab- lishing the gross Idaho tuition used for registration to the tax reporting year not the State fiscal year; requires schools to provide students notification in writ- ing information on courses or courses of study that may require a clinical or internship component. 08-0114-1201, Idaho Rural Physician Incentive Program. Chapter repeal. 08.02.02 - Rules Governing Un(formity 08-0202-1203, Updates the incorpora- tion by reference of the Idaho Standards for the Initial Certification of Professional School Personnel. 08-0202-1204, Clarifies requirements for renewals of endorsements for certificate holders for Comprehensive Literacy; revis- es certain standards and endorsements to better align them with national standards and best practices; clarifies that Idaho institutions must align their educator preparation programs specifically to the Idaho Standards for Initial Ceriafication of Professional School Personnel to be approved for teacher certification; revis- es consulting teached/teacher leader endorsement to facilitate and advance best practices. 08-0202-1205, Increases the rigor and utility of teacher evaluations and adds new section specific to administrator eval- uations. 08-0202-1208, Removes 3 sections regarding the altemate route to certifica- tion process that have expired. 08.02.03 Rules Governing Thoroughness 08-0203-1205. Incorporates by refer- ence the 2012 World Class Instructional Design and Assessment (WIDA) English- Language Proficiency Standards. 08-0203-1208, Adds definitions for "One- to-One Mobile Computing Program" that establishes a mobile computing device program for high school teachers and for "Professional Development" to develop and promote effective instructional practices. 08-0204-1201, Rules Governing Public Charter Schools, {Temp & Prop) Numerous changes are intended to improve ad/ninistrative efficiencies and conform the rule to statutory changes. 08-0301-1201, Rules of the Public Charter School Commission. (Temp & Prop) Numerous changes are intended to improve administrative efficiencies and conform the rule to statutory changes. IDAPA 11 - IDAHO STATE POLICE 700 S. Stratford Dr., Meridian, ID 83642 11-1101-1202, Rules of the Idaho Peace Officer Standards and Training Council. Adds 'emergency services dis- patchers' to the definition of 'law enforce- ment profession'; an applicant being investigated by an agency with competent authority and jurisdiction is not eligible for POST certification while under inves- tigation; allows an applicant's medical exam to remain valid beyond 1 year when extended by the Division Administrator under extraordinary conditions and for good cause shown. 11-1102-1201, Rules of the Idaho Peace Ojtyicer Standards and Training Council for Juvenile Detention OjO~er~. Removes 'physical disability' as an excep- tion in minimum employment standards; removes outdated language in reference to height and weight requirements;estab- lishes the Intermediate Certificate and the requirements for achieving it. 11-1103-1201, Rules of the Idaho Peace OjD~wer Standurde and Training Council for Juvenile Probation OjO~ers. Removes 'physical disability' as an excep- tion in minimum employment standards; establishes the Intermediate Certificate and the requirements for achieving it. 11-1104-1201, Rules of the Idaho Peace Oj~wer Standards and Training Council for Correction Offiers and Adult Probation and Parole O.OT~ers. Allows an applicant's medical examina- tion to remain valid beyond 1 year when extended by the Division Administrator under extraordinary conditions and for good cause shown; allows an Idaho POST-certified correction officer or proba- tion and parole officer to transfer to an administrative position with the IDOC and retain their POST certification with certain conditions. 11-1106-1201, Rules of the Idaho Peace Offier Standards and Training Council for Misdemeanor Probation Offiers. Removes 'physical disability" as an exception in minimum employment standards. IDAPA 12 - DEPARTMENT OF FINANCE 800 Park Blvd., Suite 200, BOise, ID 83712 12-0110-1201, Rules Pursuant to the Idaho Residential Mortgage Practices Act. Adds defintion of the "Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System and Registry Policy Guidebook"; and updates refer- ences to federal laws and regulations. IDAPA 13 - IDAHO FISH AND GAME COMMISSION PO BOx 25, BOise, Idaho 83707 13-0102-1201, Rules .Governing Public Safety. Changes chapter name to "Rules Governing Hunter Education and Me'ntored Hunting" to more accurately reflect the newly established mentored hunting program; creates special authori- zation to take wildlife, describes a 'mentee' and a 'mentor' for the Mentored Hunting Program. 13.01.04 - Rules Governing Licensing 13-0104-1201, (Temp & Prop) Allows for adjustments in resident and nonresident elk tag allocation when resident demand exceeds tag availability and nonresident tags are undersubscribed; allows leftover nonresident deer or elk tags as a second tag to residents and nonresidents earlier than September 1; creates the Governor's Wildlife Partnership Tag. 13-0104-1202, Implements a one-year waiting period for antlered deer and elk for LAP hunts oversubscribed by a ratio of 2:1 or greater; caps LAP allocation to an additional 10/6 of regular controlled hunt permit levels in all LAP hunts; and defines 'designated agent(s)' as immedi- ate family, with an option that includes youth, disabled veterans, and/or direct employees as valid designations. 13-0107-1201, Rules Governing the Taking of Upland Game Animals. Removes the motorized vehicle use restrictions for these species. 13.01.08 -Rules ~ing the Taking of Big Game Animals in the State of Idaho 13-0108-1201, (Temp & Prop) Allows use of a rimfire weapon to dispatch a wolf in a trap or snare and they may be dispatched in a trap or snare outside of big game hunting hours; addresses what trap sets are legal for wolf trapping. 13-0108-1202, (Temp & Prop) Establishes the process designating any See FACXNG llll