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October 3, 2012     The Adams County Record
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October 3, 2012

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The Adams County Record Wednesday, October 3, 2012 Page 19 YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO KNOW : READ THE LEGALS Please submit legal notices to NOTICE -- TINUED controlled hunt tag to a minor child or grandchild, and exempt a disabled hunt- ing companion from possessing a valid game tag when assisting a disabled hunt- er with a valid tag taking wildlife. 13-0108-1203, (Tem .p & Prop) Establishes rules for use of new Governor's Wildlife Partnership Tags (auction controlled hunt tags) to describe control hunt use, eligihil- ity, and other limitations. 13-0106-1204, Clarifies terms used in motorized hunting rule and' provides for unit application rather than hunt desig- nation. 13-0108-1205, Implements a one-year waiting period for antlered deer and elk LAP hunts oversubscribed by a ratio of 2:1 or greater. 13.01.09 - Rules Governing the Taking of Game Birds in the State of Idaho 13-0109-1201, (Temp & Prop) Establishes a process for designating any controlled hunt tag to a minor child or grandchild; exempts a disabled hunting companion from possessing a valid game tag when assis/Ing a disabled hunter with a valid tag taking wildlife. 134)109-1202, fremp & Prop) Specifies that sandhifl crane tags must .be vali- dated by removing the notches for month and day of kill 13-0109-1203, Changes the WMA Permit marking requirement to require use of non-erasable ink and removal of notch on permits; requires that Eurasian col- lared doves be left unplucked while in the field or in transport to their final place of consumption to improve identification; allows an exception to the Hagerman WMA hunting closure for Department sponsored waterfowl hunts. 13-0109-1204, Removes the Motorized Hunting provisions from rule for these species. 13-0116-1201, The Trapping of Predatory and Unprotected Wildlife and the Taking of Furbearin9 Animals. (Temp & Prop) Allows trapping on WMAs. defines terms, sets methods of take, reporting requirements, and limits on number of trappers; amends rule to con- solidate wolf trapping rules into another rule chapter. 13-0117-1201, Rules Governing the Use of Bait And Trapping for Taking Big Game Animals. (Temp & Prop) Consolidates bear baiting and wolf trap- ping rules into one rude chapter; estab- lishes gray wolf trapping requirements and methods of take; allows the use of legally salvaged road kill as bait for trap- ping wolves; allows the use of a trapped wolf carcass without the hide attached as bait; eliminates requirements in Units 10 and 12 to remove bear baits from the field between the summer dog training season and fall season. IDAPA 15 - OFFICE OF THE GOVERNOR MILITARY DMSION - BUREAU OF HOMELAND SECURITY 4040 West Guard St., Bldg. 600, Boise, ID 83705-5004 15-0603-1201, Public Safety Communications Rules. Increases fees for services. IDAPA 16 - IDAHO DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND WELFARE PO Box 83720, Boise, ID 83720-0036 16.03.04 - Rules Governing the Food Stamp Program in Idaho "16-0304-1201, (*PH) (Temp & Prop) Establishes that the parent with the pri- mary physical custody of a child received the food stamp benefit when both parents apply for benefits. 16-0304-1202, fremp & Prop) Aligns rule to state law and federal rules; chang- es term ,guide dog' to 'service animal'; removes reference to common law mar- riage; changes operational procedures and updates the application process for screening applicants and removes requirement that an applicant must apply the office serving the area where the applicant resides. 16.o3.os - GO cn Bl litu for Aid to the Aged, Blind and Disabled infestations, and wind events; provides (AABD) protection of soils and riparian areas from "16-0305-1201, {*PH) (Temp & Prop) any ground-based equipment usage in Aligns the asset transfer penalties for steep, unstable or stream-adjacent areas; Medicaid applicants under the home and assigns responsibility to landowner for community based services (HCBS) with reforestation at time of harvest; clarifies those applicants who reside in a nursing definitions of wet areas and the associ- facility, ated equipment-exclusion areas; reduces "16-0305-1202, (*PH} Increases the PNA stocking minimums for drier, southern and RUF by the percentage of the COLA forest types; allows forest landowners to increase to more evenly divide future cost select between two options for stream- of living allowance increases between the side-tree-retention minima for Class I participant's personal needs allowance streams (shade rule). and the rent, utilities, and food. "20-0314-1201, Rules Governing 16.03.09 - Medicaid Basic Plan Grazing, Farming, Conservation, Benefits Noncommercial Recreation, and "16-0309-1205, (*PH) Implements a Communication Site Leases. (*Pit) Adds patient-centered medical home model of requirements for management propos- care by providing for the administra- als; clarifies appeals process procedures tion of the Idaho Medicaid Health Home for conflicted lease applications; broad- program, which includes Home Health ens language applicable to multiple lease Services, definitions, participant eligibility activities; removes sections regarding including coverage and limitations, pro- rights reserved to the Department and vider qualifications, procedural require- cropland lease harships claims. ments, reimbursement structure, and quality assurance. "20-0315-1201, The Issuance of "16-0309-1206, (*PH} Adds a defini- Geothermal Resource Leases. (*PH) tion of medically necessary services for Deletes sections relating to leases award- Idaho's Medicaid Early Periodic Screening ed through auctions, shut downs, sam- Diagnosis and Treatment (EPSDT) pro- piing, and by-products; removes "contract" gram. language from rule; site and condition- specific language will be negotiated with 16.03.10 - Medicaid Enhanced Plan applicants on a case-by-case basis; clari- Benefits ties the requirements and process for "16-0310-1201, (*PH) Provides a process lease assignments. for providers to report costs incurred and for the Department to determine rates IDAPA 22 = IDAHO BOARD OF based on those reports. MEDICINE "16-0310-1202, (*PH) (Temp & Prop) PO Box 83720 Boise, ID 83720-0058 Realigns rule with the Medicaid's Adult "22-0101-1201, Rules of the Board of Developmental Disabilities and Aged and Medicine for the Licensure to Practice Disabled Home and Community Based Medicine and Surgery and Osteopathic Services (HCBS) waivers that are being Medicine and Surgery in Idaho, (*PH). updated and are effective October 1, 2012. Clarifies the purpose for serving as a phy- For Idaho to maintain waiver authority sician panelist for prelitigation consider- and offer waiver benefits it must submit a ation of medical malpractice claims; clari- new waiver application for each service to ties document filing process; improves CMS and be approved, fingerprint reporting security procedures "16-0310-1203, (*PH) Implements the as recommended by law enforcement. Children's System Redesign that replace developmental therapy and intensive "22-0102-1201, Rules of the Board behavioral intervention with new benefits; of Medicine for the Registration of removes old children's developmental dis- Externs, Interns, and Re.v/dents. (*PH) ability agency services from chapter; adds Updates the registration process and Idaho Infant Toddler Program as an allow- delimits duration of registration; redefines able provider for children's DD services; terms regarding schools and training pro- removes children's developmental disabfl- grams; improves registration fee schedule ity service coordination and replaces it to minimize costs for issuance and renew- with case management to be delivered by al of registrations. the Department. "16-0310-1205, (*PHi (Temp & Prop) "22-0103-1201, Rules for the Implements new Behavioral Care Units of Physic/an ~ts. (*PH) Adds pro. in nursing facilities and intermediate care vision for a temporary license, the fee for facilities for people with intellectual dis' which may be prorated but cannot exceed abilities; continues reimbursement meth- $180. odologies and rates based on current cost reporthng years. "22-0111-1201, Rules for Licensure of Respiratory Therapists and Permitting. 16-0402,12 01, Idaho of Polysomnographers in Idaho. Telecommanicat/on Service Assistance Provides for enhanced guidance of poly- Program Rules. (Temp & Prop) Aligns sonmographic trainees via direct on-site rule with federal regulations that supervision; prohibits polysomnographic increased the eligibflity level for services technicians from applying for temporary to 135% of the federal povery guideline; permits as polysomnographic trainees; removes and updates obsolete language; requires an original and I electronic copy removes the "Link Up, benefit program of all documents in contested case pro- that is no longer available in FCC regula- ceedings, tions. "22-0112-I 201, Rules Relating to IDAPA 17 - INDUSTRIAL COMMISSION Health Care Workers. (*PH) Chapter PO Box 83720, Boise, ID 83720-0041 repeal. "17-0209-1202, Medical Fees. (*PH) Reduces the number of conversion fac- "22-0113-1201, Rules for the Licensure tors and provides the annual adjustment of Dietitians, (*PH) Adds provisons for of the medical fee schedule for physician the revocation or suspension of a license, reimbursement; creates a pharmaceutical disciplinary actions, and denial or refus- fee schedule for pharmacies and dispens- al of a new application for licensure; ing physicians; standardizes the required increases fees for initial licensure and coding sets used by providers for billing renewals. medical services. "22-0114-1201, Rules Relating to IDAPA 20 - DEPARTMENT OF LANDS Complaint Investigation. (*PH) Updates PO Box 83720, BOise, ID 83720-0050 the complaint investigation process and "20-0201-1201, Rules Pertaining to provides explanations and information for the Idaho Forest Practices Act. (*PH) those wishing to life a complaint against Recognizes all alternative conservation a licensee. measures and formal land-management agreements with US Fish & Wildlife IDAPA23-IDAHO BOARD OF Service and National Marine Fisheries NURSING Service; increases flexibility of landown- PO Box 83720 Boise, ID 83720-0061 ers and operators to perform tlmber-sal- 23.01.01 , Rules of the Idaho Board.of vage operations following wildfire, insect Nurs/n~ 23-01D1-1201, Increases required educa- tional level for new licenseeS and provides a 'grandfathering' provision; identifies both an APRN role and populatlon focus of practice; modifies several definitions to reflect these changes; eliminates a restriction on prescribing or dispensing medications. 23-0101-1202, Eliminates an ~mneees- sary restriction in a definition; adds a definition for 'nursing jurisdiction'; elimi- nates an exemption applicable to taking the licensing examination; clarifies an English proficiency requirement. IDAPA 24 - BUREAU OF OCCUPATIONAL LICENSES PO BOx 83720 Boise, ID 83720-0063 24-0101-1201, Rules of the Board of Architectural Examiners. Defines 'direct supervision' as it relates to unlicensed employees and 'responsible control' regarding architectural drawings to be sealed; addresses changes to the nation- ally adIninistered exam; removes regis- tration requirement for interns; clarifies the use of a retired or deceased formerly licensed architect in a company name and use of architect's seal. 24-0401-1201, Rules of the Idaho Board of Cosmetology. Removes the fee for permit to practice, demonstrate or teach cosmetology; changes 'student instuctors' to 'student trainees'; animals allowed in a cosmetology shop must com- ply with the ADA definitions. 24-0601-1201, Rules for the Licensure of Occupational Therapists and Occupational Therapy Assistants. Updates the Certification Renewal Handbook published by the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy;clarifies "close supervision'; removes requirement that 2 CEU's must be recommended by the Idaho Occupational Therapy Association to reflect changes in the law. 24-1001-1201, Rules of the State Board of Optometry. Updates Board pro- cedures and processes to be consistent with current industry standards. 24-1201-1201, Rules of the Idaho State Board of Psycholo~t Examiners. Sets the number of hours al~olve~---a.~ credited continuing education when obtained through teleconferences, work- shops, classes or training experiences. 24:1401-1201, Rules of the State Board of Social Work Examiners. Defines the term 'relative'; clarifies inde- pendent practice; adds section on super- vision; outlines requirements for renewal of a supervisor registration; amends inac- tive status provision; updates the exam process; clarifies appropriate relation- ships between a licensee and client. 24-1501-1201, Rules of the Idaho Licensing Board of Professional Counselors and Marriage and Family Therapists. Updates the documents incorporated by reference; clarifies required supervised experience for licen- sure and continuing education require- ments; adds a section specifying the documentation necessm3r for informed consent. 24-1701-1201, Rules of the State Board of Acupuncture. Clarifies active and inactive licensing process; create two (2), separate categories for continuing education; clarifies the release of the patient's records; requires disclosure of fees to the patient; limits activities allowed by unlicensed employeesand non-exempt individuals; provides for supervision of trainees and technicians; clarifies limits on advertising. 24-2301-1201, Rules of the Speech and Hearing Services Licensure Board. Establishes an inactive status license and fee; clarifies supervised experience requ/rement for speech-language patholo- gists and the permit requirements and See NExt PA n