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October 24, 2012     The Adams County Record
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October 24, 2012

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Page 8 Wednesday, October 24, 2012 The Adams County Record for 8 years. I am writing on behalf of the newly appointed Assessor, Robin ]ames. I want everyone to know that I fully Support Robin in her endeavor to be elected as our county Assessor. Robin has the experi- ence and knowledge that is required to do this job and do it well. Robin has extensive knowledge of every aspect of the Assessor's Office. Robin was appointed to the posi- tion of County Assessor in March of this year. Since that time Robin has shown us all that she is a wonderful asset to the citizens of Adams County. Robin's wealth of knowl- edge is irreplaceable, and her years of service with the Assessor's Office have provided her with the experience that it takes to be a knowledgeable Assessor. Personally I feel that the position of County Assessor is too impor- tant to the citizens to elect someone who does not have any experience. "[here is so much train- ing and learning involved before a person can do the job successfully. Robin has that training and is already showing us all that she can do this job and can do it very well. I am asking that you please check the box and write in Robin James as Adams County Assessor. We need her. Forest Dear Editor, Yes, the U.S.ES. is effec- tively destroying our local economy. Payette National Forest contains 2.2 million acres. This is what I have seen in 70 years. In the late 1950s we had forest to be proud of, our economy was boom- ing, lots of jobs, and we were a natural resource based economy. Lumber, Mining, Cattle and Sheep on the Forest was our economy. If a fire started it was put out immedi- ately. In the 1960s the U.S. Forest Service decided we needed a wilderness area, so the Frank Church Service destroying economy Wilderness area was cre- ated, taking 790,000 acres out of production with absolutely no-motorized travel. Then along came the road-less area meaning no new roads, no access another 650,000 acres lost to local the economy. That leaves 850,000 acres for multiple use for- est. That will never do, so the U.S. Forest Service stopped all logging, cat- tle and sheep except on a limited basis. Then the U.S. Forest Service said that this will never do, we must have a travel plan to save our for- ests. This plan allowed for 2200 miles of open road and all other roads would be closed. This figures out to 1 mile of road for every 1000 acres. Any way you look at it the local economy is still natural resource-based. If we can't log it anymore, all we have to support the economy is the beauty of our forests for camping, hunting, picnicking huck- leberry picking, or just plain Sunday drives. If the U.S. Forest service does not allow this due to road closures, yes, they are knowingly and effec- tively destroying our local economy. L*od M. agallac What does freedom mean Dear Editor, In the last 50 years or so I have seen freedom slow- ly and insidiously eroding in this Country. I have spent 26 years serving my Country in the military. In the military you expect to have regulations to cover almost any situation. It has to be a dictatorship so it can accomplish its' mis- sion to protect our coun- try. In the civilian world it should be just the oppo- site. We the people should be allowed to be as free as possible. When we have a free society it fosters innovation and the ability for everyone to strive to be the best of their ability. When we have govern- ment that wants to con- trol every aspect of our life we lose our innovation and our ability to adapt to any situation. Now we must obtain permission from the government to do almost anything. There are regulations covering almost everything in our life, i.e. seatbelt laws, tax laws, zoning laws, build- ing codes etc. No wonder there are so many people on disability and welfare. There is more freedom sit- ting around doing noth- ing than trying to fight the system. Our stagnant economy shows it as well. I know that most of these laws were passed to protect us from ourselves. I served in the military so I can be free from dic- tatorship in my civilian life. If I may paraphrase Ben Franklin: those of us to you? who give up freedom for security deserve neither. Now we have our whole political system geared to pass as many laws as pos- sible when it should be geared to eliminate use- less restrictive laws. When a population is told they don't know how to take care of themselves a dependent population will be created. This brings me to the Nov. 6th election. Let me encourage you all to vote for the individual and the Party that stands for the most freedom and the least regulations. Maybe the idea of repealing laws will become popular. Larry,/.z,/;, M;aVa/,, Zollman only candidate with Dear Editor, This isn't about me but I'd like readers/voters to know my qualifications to speak on the issues I'm about to address. The short version: 3 years US Army, 32 yrs Law Enforcement in highly active areas. In last week's "Editor's Mailbox," one couple wrote how they "felt" and "it seemed," but pre- sented no facts, relat- ing to the actions of the Adams County Sheriff's Office (ACSO) regarding an ongoing investigation by another law enforce- ment agency involving the alleged misuse of funds experience by the Adams Co. Clerk's office. They continued to embarrass themselves by promoting gossip about the internal day-to-day operations at ACSO based on totally false, fact-free information. Then there is the for- Continued 11 mer disgruntled employee opposed to electing one of the so-called "good ole' boys" for Sheriff. (If an employee anywhere wishes to keep his job, he works as lawfully direct- ed. When he moves to a position of higher author- ity, he is free to use his own ideas to improve the organization.) Lt. Ryan Zollman is the only candidate with any law enforcement experience and is ready to hit the ground running the day he takes office as Sheriff. Local taxpayers would pay salaries to Mr. Allen or Mr. Ludwig, if elected, while they are away for 10 weeks at the Academy, which includes physical drills designed for per- formance by 20 year olds, attempting to get certified. The former disgrun- tled employee touts Mr. Allen's business and management experi- ence and the need for fis- cal responsibility within ACSO. Well, folks, here's a newsflash! A law enforce- ment agency isn't a profit making business. It can only work with the funds provided by those who control the checkbook, County Commissioners (Bill Brown, transpar- ency, really?) who spend money for trash compact- ers and blacktop on back roads while the county's law enforcement and fire departments are dread- fully short on funding. That being said, if Mr. Mien was running for Commissioner, I'd back him. If self-proclaimed pillars of the community have facts about past illegal activities or wrongdoing they should have taken action to rectify the acts at the time rather than waiting to babble when election campaigns began. Before repeating stories provided by disgruntled employees, both past and present, writers to a pub- lic journal would be wise to do a little fact check- ing before opening them- selves to public scrutiny. Feel free to contact me for further civil discussion, if you wish. __' M. /z// ,'a t/a/lea/ New blood needed in Sheriff's Office Dear Editor, I'm Vern Ludwig, 55 years old and running as an Independent for Sheriff of Adams County. I'm running because I have a strong business back- ground and great leader- ship skills. The current department has not been able to stay within the budget set forth for them for several years now. We need fiscal responsibility and I am convinced that I can keep a balanced bud- get while maintaining the protection the citizens of Adams County deserve. I believe that we need fresh blood to restore the integrity and con- fidence of the sheriff's department. My maturity and leadership skills will enable me to achieve this. As a lifelong resident it really saddens me to see our current department in such turmoil. Financial problems, no transpar- ency, lack of continuity seem to be a daily prob- lem. I feel very strongly that with hard work, com- mon sense, integrity and an honest approach that we can fix these problems. I believe strongly that rela- tionships with the citizens, commissioners, and state agencies must be restored. One question that I am asked is why I should be elected sheriff without any law background? I feel that the primary duty of a sheriff in this day and age is administration. You have employees to man- age, financial responsi- bilities, meetings with commissioners and other state agencies to name a few. I have always main- tained that I would like to promote from within the department. By not bringing in more outside people the cost savings to the county will be huge. Ryan Zollman, is my pri- mary focus for the job of Under Sheriff. I believe that !f you surround your- self with good, qualified people and manage them appropriately you will see positive, effective and effi- cient results. That's what leaders doi With my busi- ness and leadership skills and his law background I believe that this combina- tion is the perfect match to run the department effectively. Both of us are committed to the area and have made it our homes with strong family and community ties. I believe that it is important to have county employees reside within the county as I will not have our tax dollars leave the county. If elected I will attend a Sheriffs School in November and plan on becoming POST certi- fied. I will be in the office daily and will patrol as time allows. If you have any questions, concerns, or just want to talk to me, please feel free to contact me at (208) -741-9303. Thank you for your sup- port! Weed Control Department Dear Editor, Certainly, there have been quite a few unusual things happening in the area lately. So the article in last week's paper is another one. I've been with Adams County Weed Control for 6.5 years. We have stayed within our budget each year, and have had ade- quate cash carryover into each new fiscal year to meet expenses. The ARRA Stimulus Funds that we have received from the BLM and USFS are admin- istered thru the Idaho State Department of funding Agriculture. The county pays the operating expens- es (wages, fuel, supplies, etc.) related to these peo- ple and their work each month. The Weed Dept. requests a reimbursement each following month from ISDA, and the courr- ty receives the reimburse- ment about 2-3 weeks later. These budgets I'm responsible for. The Weed Dept. and I are partially responsible for the State's cost-share funds (from the State's General Fund and also the USFS) for the Adams CWMA. These funds come from ISDA and go directly to an administra- tor. This used to be West Central Highlands RC&D, and more recently Adams Soil & Water District. They do not go thru the county, and you can't overspend the awarded amount. So, in these three situ- ations, to the very best of my knowledge, I see no reason or need to use any 9-1-1 funds for any- thing involving the Weed Control Department. _caee Y-./a, C_,e.;I