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October 31, 2012     The Adams County Record
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October 31, 2012

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Page 14 Wednesday, October 31, 2012 The Adams County Record I have had the oppor- tunity of working with Robin for the past 5 years. I have witnessed her integrity, high work ethic, and dedication to the task at hand. We support her in her efforts for running for this office. Get out and vote...when - you do...write in Robin James for Assessor. dr, ;sc ead CourJe_;/ Don't vote based on grudges Dear Editor, I am very disappoint- ed that some people in Adams County are hold- ing personal grudges against our county asses- sor and not voting for her because of that. It took several years for Robin James to learn the )ob, and it cost the county money to train her. Her employees support her. If Stacey Dreyer is elected, she will be start- ing from scratch, know- ing nothing about the job, plus it will cost the county a lot to train her. Please vote for Robin James. Vote for what is best for Adams County. M. 5/Tr;v~r h"a_a.~ M~dou..x5 It will cost us money to train a new assessor Dear Editor, As a taxpayer of Adams County, I find that leaders of Idaho have put forth new laws and rules that seem to have dampened Idaho's turnout in the Primary election: I, for one, am guilty. This poor turnout may have contrib- uted to people being put into office that may have not normally made it. Practically every day I hear how bad the econ- omy is and that we need to cut back on our bud- get. How about trying to be more efficient with the money we do have to work with? Why are we spend- ing taxpayers' money to train a new assessor? The one that is doing the job presently was appoint- ed by the commission- ers when Karen Hatfield retired, even though there were other experienced personnel working in the office at the time; The commissioners, who are all elected offi- cials that we have chosen to run our county, must have felt that she was the most qualified, and there- fore they appointed Robin lames to fill the vacancy. She is already trained, has experience dealing with the county and state, and most of all she is already certified. Why would we want to spend more money training someone else? Adams Colanty did it once before, putting a write-in into office, and I think we can do it again. Let's take money for train- ing someone new and use it somewhere else in the budget where it is really needed. I endorse, and hope that you to too, Robin James as a write-in for County Assessor. Inexperience will cost Dear Editor, I went to the forum held in Council last week and listened to everyone's concerns and thoughts as what needs to be done. A question was asked as to our assessments and how the process is done. If the process is not done prop- erly, and if the values are not correct, it would cost us the tax payers more money. The answer's that were given were like night and day. Robin explained in detail how the values are set and that she is an advo- cate for us. Stacey could not answer the question, she said she did not know the process but would find out how to do it. That seemed to be thb answer she gave for each question that was asked. For the little income the homeowners in Adams county make, we do not need to take a chance to have someone jeopardiz- ing what our property taxes cost. If the steps are not US done correctly and filed in the timely matter that is what would happen. The state would come in to set the value, and we would not have a chance to argue if we see incorrect informa- tion and our taxes would go higher We need some- one in there who has the experience to go to bat for the taxpayers, q-hat is why I will be writing in Robin lames for Assessor! STATE AND NATIONAL RACES Roach will served people, not a party Imagine, if you will, a representative who is not tied to any political party, is not sponsored by any big corporations or inter- est groups, believes in ethics and transparency in government, one who wants to deal fairly with issues facing our state, and will work to solve prob- lems openly and honestly. That candidate would be Mary Sue Roach running as an Independent for State Representative 9B~ She looks beyond party politics and will serve people, not a party. L~'~ Se.c~ on M,'dva/~ Let's move forward, not back Dear Editor, Bin Laden is history in the last thirty years, Elections are about and we are on the way had attempted and failed the future. The Obama out of Afghanistan. I feel resolution of Health Administration has been his efforts have set the Care/Medical costs a future in the making, course for a better future issues. Obama passed and In the past four yearson the international front, began implementing the Barack Obama has man- On the domestic frontAffordable Health Care aged crises not seen since he has made significant Act. No doubt contro- World War II and the achievements. Three versial, however, it makes Great Depression. We prior Presidents, both have exited Iraq, Osama Republican and Democrat Continued ~II the current 44 million invested into infrastruc- Obama slanders that are free-riders of Emergencyture and energy efficiency not worthy of print. Room care pay into the improvements, etc. There The deficit is a key fac- system. I'd say that is a fis- were a dozen Stimulus tor affecting our future. cally responsive mandate, funded projects on your The Bi-Partisan Simpson- Obama prevented a free Payette National Forest for Bowles Commission's rec- fall economy from "enter- a multitude of resource ommendations were killed ing a second Depression and Public use benefits, in the Senate by Paul Ryan with continuing Bush These all created localjobs. (Romney's V-P nominee). bank bailouts, the auto Obama attained these David Stockman, Budget industry loans and the achievements with Director for President Stimulus Bill. One third unprecedented hurdles.Reagan recently released of the Stimulus Bill was After his inauguration, a manuscript (Newsweek, tax cuts affecting 95% of the GOP's stated pri- October 15th) that tax payers, most of your mary objective was to detailed Romney and readers. The Stimulus keep Obama to a One- Bain Capital's involve- Bill also provided salary Term President. We ment in Leveraged Buy support and benefits to all witnessed a Partisan Outs of debt loaded com- Idaho teachers. Locally gidlocked Congress thepanies where they made the Stimulus Bill built past four years and our multi+ millions leaving a new kiln at Evergreen Representatives servedothers holding the debt Forests' mill. This greatly more as obstruction-bags at their departure. improves the possibility of ists withcompromise I have much more faith a new planer and makes becoming a four-letter in Obama protecting for more efficient and pro- word. Another hurdle that America's Middle Class for ductive use of our forest Obama faced was racism, our future than Romney. resources. McCall area I felt America had pro- Make an informed vote. benefited with approxi- gressed from this negative ,4/ Be_e~r mately two million dol- trait. However, I locally /e.~ Me_adoi,.~ lars of Stimulus money heard or overheard racial Battle for America's freedom and survival Dear Editor, American Lovers, We are in a Battle for America's Soul! As Theodore Roosevelt said: "Vote for your coun- try." This is not a battle of Republicans versus Democrats or Democrats versus Republicans. This is a battle for America's freedom and survival! In the last decades, both par- ties have been moving left passed the center on the political scale. America is standing on the brink of abyss attrib- uted to the vigorously, cleverly, insidiously plans of ruination by (Gyorgy Schwartz) George Soros orchestrated through his puppet Barack Obama, who is not a Democrat, but a Socialist. Socialism soon gives Way to Communism. Do you want to live without free- dom? George Soros has brought down many countries with his ruthless drive for sheer power. As a nonkpracticing Jew, he voluntarily seized prop- erty from the Jews, while he was in Hungary under Hitler's rule. q-he Communist Party has been working to take America from the inside out, and they are succeed- ing. We the People have not been holding our Government responsible for its actions. November 6th ts our last chance! We must not remain silent any longer. Everyone, who is eligi- ble and able, must vote. Not to vote or to vote for someone other than Mitt Romney is a vote for Obama. For the future of America, this is my plea and prayer that we remain flee! ,vlar,' I. , Obama administration is a disaster Dear Editor, Well it's down to the wire now. A couple of observations. Recently we have been led to believe that Republicans will ruin the economy. If that means ruining a democrat train wreck then I'm for that. I hope Mr. Romney can get the country back on track but it is a cinch Obama cannot or will not. His plan of robbing the rich will not solve the lack of leadership. "l-he disaster in Bengazi falls squarely in Obama's lap. The facts indicate that he killed those people as surely as if he pulled the trigger himself. He had "real time" intelligence and did noth- ing. ~Ihe most disgusting part is that he lied about it.....repeatedly. He is inca- pable of making a decision when the pressure is on. If you are comfortable with that then by all means vote for him. I am not. We need a leader who can and will make a decision. Obama has a track record of this, it is not the first time he has dithered. It is the first time the result was loss of American lives on American soil. It has been suggested that Republicans are going tO control reproductive rights. Abortion is the law of the land...peri- od. Republicans do not believe that the taxpayers -should pay for abortions or contraceptives. That falls into the category of personal responsibility not government providence. The bottom line is this administration is a disas- ter that cannot be blamed on President Bush. Then on to local poli- tics. We have been led to believe by someone who should know better that Mr. Zollman is the only choice based on his expe- rience. He ignores the fact that all of his experience has been under a poor leader with many accusa- tions of corruption and incompetence. It was sug- gested than Mr. Zollman will magically throw off all that training and take a completely new direction. That flies in the face of human nature. The fact is that Mr. Zollman is not ready for "prime time." Under the leadership of a good honest sheriff he will come around and be a good candidate in a few years. Vern Ludwig will provide that leadership. Honesty is paramount to redirect the sheriff's office. Vern Ludwig will provide that honesty. Cozo~,'/