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December 18, 2013     The Adams County Record
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December 18, 2013

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Page 2 Wednesday, December 18, 2013 The Adams County Record Dear Editor, What happened to the America that I was raised in? I'll be clearer: What happened to stu- dents saying the "Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America; each morn- ing in class prior to les- sons? I can recall that we were taught to never take our democracy, our freedoms and our coun- try for granted...a great many precious lives were given in order for us to live and think and grow as free individuals. But yet, there are some in our government who seem to be a direct challenge to a way of life that defines "American" One hears quite regu- larly the mention of "American exceptionality." We are in truth excep- tional, and I believe it in my soul. But being excep- tional is not a "some- time thing;' it's an "all time thing;' and we must work at it continually and deserve it on a minute- Race to the Bottom by-minute basis. It should be readily apparent in how our country treats the rest of the world and also in how we treat our own citizens, especially our poorest. Are we exhibiting behavior of an exception- al people to the eyes of the world when we cut food assistance to 50 mil- lion already struggling Americans; and then low- ering taxes for oil com- panies and the wealthy? Do you see a dichotomy here? Frankly, when I see selective morality, the word hypocritical comes immediately to mind. When I think of hypocriti- cal, I recall Republican President Hoover (1929- 1933) refusing to provide food assistance to starving Americans, while pouring $millions into businesses during the Depression of the 'S0s! Americans starved to death in this country back then, yes they did! Important! This state- ment is still relevant. "In the hearts of the peo- ple the grapes of wrath are filling and growing heavy, heavy for the har- vest!" (From the "Grapes of Wrath" by John Steinbeck.) In the last couple decades, America's mid- dle-class has been on a race to the bottom, gradu- ally joining the poorest income class. Truthfully, when one examines the sources of technological invention, innovation and creative thought, the ori- gins are within our mid- dle-class, not our wealthy. Remove sufficient nutri- tion, good education and an environment of pos- sibility, and America will resemble those countries with extremely wealthy and extremely poor people. There are those in Congress who believe the poor are their enemy "they brought it upon themselves." Ed Jame,gn g,.> Meado.._ Faith and skepticism Dear Editor, The devotion out of "Our Daily Bread" for December 11, 2013 was quite thought provoking to me. It seemed espe- cially appropriate to dis- cuss, considering this sea- son of remembering why Christ came to the world He created. Randy Kilgore writes: 'Tts a workplace chap- lain, I'm privileged to be in conversation with many different people. Some are skeptics of the Christian faith. I've dis- covered three major hur- dles that keep them from trusting in Christ.." "The first...isn't an unwillingness to believe that God exists; instead some doubt that they're important enough for God's attention. Second, some believe they are unworthy of His forgive- ness. People are often their own harshest judges. The third hurdle? They wonder why God is not communicating with them if He is out there." "Let's work backward through the hurdles to see what God's Word says. First, God doesn't play head games. He prom- ises that if we read His Word, He will make sure it accomplishes His pur- pose (Isa. 55:11). In other words, if we read it we will discover that God is com- municating with us. This is precisely why the Bible speaks so often of His grace and mercy toward all (v.7). His willingness to forgive surpasses our own. Once we learn that we can hear God in the Bible and once we see the emphasis on His mercy, it becomes easier to believe we have His attention when we cry out to Him." "God's story is amazing. It can give hope for all of us. Honest skepticism can be the first step to a strong faith." I add to Randy's com- ments that it would be true for many who are skeptics that they experi- enced life with their dad on this earth as some- thing less than perfect, which skewed their idea of what a father is to be like. If you had a father who was critical, con- demning, hard to please, or even abusive, you will have a hard time accept- ing that God, as a father, is good. You will not be able to accept or believe in forgiveness, because Continued II 7 RIVERS LIVESTOCK COMMISSION Check our website for details on upcoming sales. Office: 208-365-4401 1611 W. Salesyard Rd. Emmet-t, Idaho 83617 Feeder Specials Second Tuesdays in December and January Closed December 24th & 31st MI::I00IW00 J CI-IDIST00,00S For more information call 208-365-4401 your father did not offer it. You will have a hard time seeing joy in living the Christian life because you saw no joy in your father's life. Perhaps you saw a man who worked himself to death, drank himself to death, or abused others because he felt abused. Jesus said that he came to show us the Father. Take a look at Him, not who has skewed your view. 61or,'a P,'pp,'n Our children are being indoctrinated Dear Editor, A couple of weeks ago Idaho educators came to town to explain what the Common Core pro- gram out of Washington DC has in store for our children. The article this paper wrote about that meeting marginalized what I said about this program. Maybe I should spell that "progrom: Yes, I said that 'wireless skin sensors' in the classroom will collect data. But I also said that cameras and posture seats would be used, all of this to assist gathering data on each individual child, which includes: finger prints, eye scans, voice prints, DNA, facial characteris- tics and handwriting sam- pies. I also said that family information will be gath- ered and stored such as income and medical his- tory. And I suspect that in the interest of safety they will ask if there are firearms in the home. Backdoor gun registra- tion? I can only conclude that the editor of this paper printed what I said out of context to label me as a conspiracy theorist. That this government program is designed to gather volu- minous data about every child in America from age 4 to 18 is not a theory. It is in their website. It is not even a true conspir- acy, because the progres- sives doing this are doing what they do best: they are hiding the ugly part in plain sight. You just have to work at finding it. An agenda is what it really is. This agenda has many facets, but if you want to hear about another ugly side of this thing, just ask any parent who went to the recent concert at the Council Elementary School what they thought of it. It was entitled "One World" and the kids were reciting and singing about how wonderful a One World Order would be. Lets face it. Our chil- dren and grandchildren are being conditioned to accept self-imposed slav- ery. Slavery to the bureau- crat. Slavery to big gov- ernment. And here we are, paying people to indoctri- nate them to accept the concept of "world citi- zenship." Taken to logi- cal conclusion, this means the end of the country we love and the conclusion of a long downhill road we have been traveling. Eye scans and DNA informa- tion of our children? Isn't that what we collect on criminals? What are we becoming? Here I will repeat some- thing I said at that meet- ing. 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